What Is A Fake Tinder Guru?

Have you ever come across a blog or YouTube channel and heard some Tinder advice and thought “that really works?” Well, you’re not alone. This happens a lot more regularly than you would think.

This is because ‘Tinder’ is a highly searched keyword and there are plenty of douchebags out there that decide to make some click bait articles or videos for you to watch, hoping to cash in.

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It reminds me of the guy who’s made millions online, and he’s going to teach you how to do it as well after going for a drive in his Lamborghini.

The reason I say that (very sarcastically), is more often than not, that guy hasn’t made millions, the lambo is rented for the day and he’s hoping that you are gullible enough to believe him and buy into his crappy product.

The same goes for people giving Tinder advice. They show off some success and try to convince you to buy into it, usually to sell some sort of product. I know, I know, pretty rich coming from a guy who has an eBook and courses all about Tinder…

I’m definitely not trying to say I’m the perfect expert, but my products are formed from several years of first hand experience. These dudes I speak of think they can manipulate their way into making a quick buck.

This is something that really pisses me off, especially when I genuinely want to help people. This is why I call them the “fake gurus.” Because they strive to be viewed as gurus, when in reality, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Do I Have To Be An Alpha Male To Be Successful On Tinder?

The reason I bring this up is so many of these so-called experts, are telling all guys that they need to be an alpha-male to have success on Tinder.

The problem with this is the fake guru’s perception of what an alpha male actually is. Generally, it will get confused with something along the lines of “you need to be aggressive, you need to go after what you want, you need to be a man!”

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It wasn’t until I started doing coaching for my friends that I realized how these douchebag gurus have planted this idea in a lot of guy’s heads.

Before we really get into things further, let’s clarify one thing. If you are actually an alpha male, awesome! There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. On the flip side, if you’re not an alpha male, that’s totally fine too!

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself the typical alpha type, and despite every bit of advice you’ve most likely heard elsewhere, this is not a bad thing whatsoever! In fact, knowing this about yourself is a great thing. It means you’re self-aware and true to yourself – very attractive qualities.

Should You Take Advice From Fake Tinder Gurus?

Another issue is that these so-called gurus have infected a lot of guy’s ways of thinking, by showing screenshots or examples of women reacting favorably to sleazy, rude or overly forward moves.

This is something I feel so strongly about, because these douchebag gurus send hundreds, if not thousands, of these lines to women, and their success rate is abysmal. All you will see is the final product.

Being a jerk to women online will rarely work in your favor. For normal guys like me who don’t look like a Calvin Klein model, it’s not the way to go.

Plus, even though the fake guru received a good reply to post on their YouTube channel it certainly doesn’t mean that they actually met up. Even if they did, trust me, they got lucky. They would have had way more ongoing success if they weren’t a douche.

Certain “pick up techniques” did the rounds over the last 20 years telling guys to point out girl’s flaws or inadvertently be kind of a dick. News flash guys, times have changed!

Also, I don’t know about you, but being a douchebag and pointing out women’s flaws doesn’t work for me. You definitely don’t have to be this guy to make an impression.

If you are this guy, then I’m not going to be the one to tell you to change, but… come on man. If deep down, you know you aren’t a jerk, then using these “techniques” isn’t the way for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Listen To These Douchebags

Just because you saw some sleazy pick up line work for some other guy on the internet somewhere, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Period.

The reason behind why some guys think this is the best way to go is to apparently stand out from the crowd. This couldn’t be more wrong. If every guy decided to try to be like this how are you going to stand out?

The point I am getting at is I strongly urge you to immediately stop this way of thinking. The thinking of, “I need to be X, in order to be more successful with women”. These gurus rely on you feeling that way, which is how they take advantage.

Being comfortable and confident in who you are, is one of the most attractive qualities out there, arguably more than washboard abs in that selfie in your mum’s bathroom mirror.

Don’t listen to guru’s, or anyone for that matter who tells you to be something you’re not. They haven’t figured out how to be truly happy themselves.

Examples Of Douchebag Fake Gurus

I’ve handpicked a couple of videos of these fake gurus I speak of. I’ve found them on YouTube, and when I watched these videos I cringed a lot. Some are definitely worse than others.

Don’t be fooled by their confidence, I have seen first-hand guys acting like this, and also acting like respectable men, and without a shadow of a doubt, I know which one works better. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself though.

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