The Best Funny Tinder Bios For Guys

If you’ve clicked onto this article, I’m assuming you know the power of having a funny Tinder bio. Funny tinder bios for guys specifically is a great way to make a good first impression.

Humor helps break the ice and ease tension, and therefore it’s great to include in your tagline, as it’s literally one of the first things your potential match will see to get a gauge of your personality.

Having a funny Tinder bio also helps you stand out from the pack, as your match will end up seeing a load of boring and cliche bio lines. This article is here to give you 16 funny Tinder bio lines for you to basically steal, to ensure you aren’t being one of the typical boring guys.

The other reason I am giving you these 16 funny tinder bios for guys is that there are so many recycled tinder taglines out there. These Tinder bios are not only funny, but they are modern and not completely overused.

Before we get into that, let’s look at why it’s important for you to even have a tinder bio, funny or not. 

Why You Need A Good Tinder Bio In 2020

In this article, I briefly touched on why it’s important to include any sort of bio for your tinder profile, especially if you are a guy. But to cut straight to the point, you WILL get more matches if you have one. Simple as that.

There was a recent study that compared the number of matches a profile would get with a bio vs without one. Here are the results:

Funny Tinder Bio Examples

So we now know that Tinder bio lines are a must. In my opinion, you would be pretty stupid to not include SOMETHING. But with that being said, to be in the upper percentile of Tinder users, you would want to have the BEST Tinder bio possible.

We also know at this point that funny Tinder bios can be one of the better ways to approach it. So without any further ado, let’s jump into 16 funny Tinder bios for guys.

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1. The Mistaken Song Lyric Bio

In order to understand this, your match would have had to hear this song. Before you listen to the song, you should know it’s definitely NSFW. This bio is a fun way to show you’re a serial chiller.

2. The Nicolas Cage Tinder Bio

Everyone loves Nicolas Cage. I don’t care what you say, he’s awesome. This bio is damn random and creates intrigue from the get-go, hopefully paying off with a laugh when she realizes what it’s actually about – National Treasure.

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3. Emotional Tinder Bio

Prove that you’re pretty laid back and can make fun of yourself with this bio which at first seems a tad emotional, but will end up making her laugh.

4. Tinder Bio For The Laid Back Guy

Again show that you are laid back in a funny way. Much better than just saying ‘laid back’ in your bio.

5. Parodying A Tinder Cliche Bio

This is making fun of the cliche Tinder line I’m sure you’ve seen: “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”

6. Cursed Chain Email Tinder Bio

If you have never received an email saying “if you don’t forward this email on you will be cursed for 6 years” then you’re either too young or have never had a hotmail account.

7. Nigerian Tinder Bio

This one would be a little confusing if you had never seen The Undateables (great show), specifically this scene.

8. Parodying Another Tinder Cliche Bio

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every third person has their height listed in their tinder bio, so let’s make fun of it!

9. All Round Funny Tinder Bio

A nice genuine way to show that you will make her laugh while being okay with laughing at yourself. When it comes to funny Tinder bios for guys, sometimes being genuine and not trying too hard can be the way to go.

10. Yet Another Tinder Cliche Parody Bio

Seeing ‘in town for the week’ can be a massive turn off for people. To me, it’s saying “I’m looking for someone who’s keen for a one night stand before I pack up and leave this town”.

So let’s make fun of this cliche! She will be relieved when she realizes you aren’t one of these typical guys.

11. Showing Some Of Your Negatives Bio

A fun way to show a couple of your little quirks.

12. Belly Laugh Bio

Being around people that constantly make you laugh is awesome. If there’s beer there, then it’s even better.

13. Perfect Tinder Bio For Electricians 

THIS IS ONLY FOR ELECTRICIANS! I wasn’t sure about including this, as it could be seen as a little bit sleazy.

But if you clearly show that your job is an electrical engineer (or something similar) then it’s a cheeky and funny explanation.

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14. Musically Talented Tinder Bio

Poke fun at yourself by showing your (lack of) musical talent.

15. One More Tinder Cliche Parody

Yet another Tinder cliche. I’m sure you have come across a profile with a child in their photos, with the caption “the baby is my niece”.

Of course, if you include a photo of a baby that’s not yours, you would want to make it clear that it’s not yours. Saying this about a dog is a pretty obvious parody of this.

16. Good Will Hunting Bio

Another way to capture the reader, but then give a little plot twist in the end when they realize you’re actually talking about Good Will Hunting, which is another fantastic movie.

Funny Tinder Bios For Guys (To Laugh At)

So obviously we want our match prospects to laugh at our bio, but if they’re laughing at it because it’s so bad, then you have yourself a big problem.

If you are wondering what to avoid when it comes to your bio, check out this video about 5 common mistakes people make in their Tinder bio.

If you want to go even further than 16, then check out my free list of the 50 best Tinder bios for guys.

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