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Sick of Not Getting Enough Matches on the Dating Apps?

Download My FREE, 6-Step ‘Tinder Tune-Up’ Guide & Double Your Matches Overnight!

6 Step Tinder Tune Up Video for guys

What’s the first thing a girl notices when swiping on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble & Hinge?

That’s right – how well your profile presentation is put together – or NOT!

In a split-second, she decides 3 things about you:

Whether you’re a confident, fun guy she’d like to know,

If you’re someone who she’s attracted to right off the bat, and

If your bio turns her off OR makes her wanna know more about you!

And if you fail any one of these, she’s going to swipe left faster than you can say “NEXT!” 

It Can Be Brutal, But You Really Only Get ONE (Quick) First Impression With Her!

And if you blow it, you’re done.

That’s why, in this FREE guide I’ve created just for you, I’m going to reveal exactly how to “tune up” your dating profiles – so she gets intrigued, feels something, and is curious enough to swipe right on you.

We’ll cover everything it takes, to get more interest, more matches, and start off your conversations from a stronger position.

Here’s What I’ll Share With You, So You Can Transform Your Online Dating Results Overnight:

PHOTOS – Having killer photos that elicit mystery, intrigue, and attraction are key to online dating. It’s your first and only chance to make a good impression.
I’ll show you which types of photos get the most attention, how to set up lighting, angles, and poses, and what to do to improve the ones you’ve got – using my best editing techniques.
BIO – Second most important is bio. If she doesn’t like your photos, she’ll swipe left before even taking a peek at your bio.
I’ll reveal my best methods for creating an interesting bio, that stands out (and is maybe even slightly funny) so you can reveal sides of your unique personality, and match with women who are similar to you.
PRESENTATION – This is about the overall “vibe” of your profile. Everything really needs to click, because having a bio that doesn’t match your photos, or the opposite, is a recipe for failure.
I’ll teach you exactly how to present yourself in the best, most authentic light you can – so you can start getting matches that are also likely to lead to chemistry and exciting dates with great women.

My 6-Step ‘Tinder Tune-Up’ Guide Is Totally FREE - And Also Works Great Across All Other Dating Apps!

The Tinder tune-up is a pretty catchy name if I don’t say so myself… but it’s not only for Tinder.
If you apply these techniques across your other dating profiles – like Bumble, Hinge, or others – you can exponentially increase your results!
Bumble hinge and tinder - the big 3 dating apps

These tweaks are proven by myself and my community of thousands of guys leveling up their online dating lives. 

The matches, dates, and conversations you’ll spark will compound if you use this for more than just Tinder …

… that’s my promise to you!

So leave your best email in the box below, and I’ll shoot that straight to your inbox.


Stephen Morley

Founder, Dude Hack

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