Everything To Know About Linking Tinder With Instagram

What’s your Instagram?

If you’ve being using Tinder for more than a few months, I would be very surprised if you haven’t been asked the above question.

These days, Instagram is completely intertwined with Tinder. Being arguably the most popular social media platform for Tinder users, of course we have to pay attention to it.

Even if you are like me and a bit of a social media novice, there are still tips we can pick up that translate from Instagram to Tinder. For example, scoring a great photo to use on your Tinder is basically the same with Instagram.

Also, it can’t hurt to have a badass Instagram when a match inevitably asks for it. So, that’s why I decided to sit down with a social media marketing expert to find out 5 tips you should be incorporating to immediately stand out on Instagram and Tinder.



Ethan McGrath is the Founder and Director of Evolve Networking, and soon he will give away some insider secrets to boost your social media presence. Before we get to that, let’s answer a couple of quick questions.

Should You Connect Your Instagram To Your Tinder?

A successful Tinder profile should always be linked with your Instagram account. Statistically there are more men than women using Tinder, they have a much larger pool to choose from. This means that you have to compete with a lot of guys.

Standing out in any way possible is highly important! So if you have some good Tinder photos, but then also a few extra fun, and attractive Instagram photos (which Ethan will help with soon) your match has more to work with.

When we compare this to the thousands of typical guys profiles I see, trust me, doing this will help you make more of an impression.

Another obvious perk of having your Instagram linked is that it enables women to verify that you are in fact real. As I explained in this article, there are many fake Tinder profiles out there.

Plus, your match may have heard some Tinder horror stories, so verifying your identity but also giving a clearer look at who you are can put your potential match at ease, especially when it comes to meeting you. So gentlemen, Link that instagram.

Should You Include Your Instagram Handle In Your Bio?

The simple answer? No.

If you’re not exactly sure what I mean, when you choose to link Tinder and Instagram, your match will be able to see about 30 of your latest Instagram posts, but she won’t be able to actually open up your profile to follow you.

As I stated in this article about Tinder Bio Do’s and Don’ts, including your social media handle of any sort in your bio is a no-no. You’re not on Tinder to get followers. Plus, in my opinion, it looks a little ‘try hard.’

Also, these days a lot of people are catching on that people will include their Instagram handle purely to gain more followers and have no interest in dating. When you can include most of your Instagram photos on your Tinder profile anyway, the only reason someone would typically include their Instagram handle would be to go follower fishing.

So get rid of it! In my opinion, the same rule applies to giving out or asking to swap Instagram handles way too early in the conversation.

Rather, wait until your match asks for it organically. If you follow Ethan’s tips and have an awesome Instagram but only give access to your match once she asks, she will be so much more impressed with your modesty than you flexing your awesome Instagram all over your profile. So, as much as you might want to once your Instagram has blown up, don’t include it my friend!

5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram From A Social Media Expert

Hi, My name’s Ethan McGrath, director of Evolve Networking. At Evolve we help individuals and Business’s grow their social pages tenfold. But today I have been invited by Steve to discuss what makes an amazing Instagram profile, specifically if your Tinder match was to look at it.

If anything, you will pick up a few tips on how to improve your photography game with some basic tips, but I’m confident if you apply the five tips I’m going to discuss today, you will have no problem boosting those matches! 

Choosing Your Style

This element, to me, is probably the most important of all. Choosing your style is basically answering the question: “what do you think this guy is like, based off only his photos?” Your style really tells the potential date scrolling through your images who you are long before you meet her.

If you’re a surfy guy who loves the ocean, you will run mostly light colours, images by the beach, at cafes, surfing etc. If you’re a businessman choose images at dinner, business meetings etc. What I’m really trying to get at here is simply keep it consistent.

You don’t need a flashy new camera, but hell, just take a couple extra shots of yourself when you’re looking good doing the things you usually do. If you are really stepping out of your comfort zone here don’t be alarmed, small subtle changes are easy. Post exclusively neat clear photos from here on out and maybe consider deleting some of the old ones.

Running The Geotag

If you take a photo somewhere, just tag the location! This does three things, shows you travel, shows where you live and shows us that you like to go out and do things. If you haven’t, start doing it and put yourself on the map. 

Plus, as a bonus, adding the geotag may help you pick up a few extra likes and followers for users searching by location.

Optimising Post Times

This is a simple solution to maximise how much attention your photos receive. And a little trick all the influencers use. Navigate to your profile on Instagram and change your account to a business account.

Then navigate to ‘analytics’ and ‘view audience’. Instagram will measure your audience and tell you exactly when to post. If this is too much work for you, just stick to 9am or 7pm posting. 

Image Selection

This exact same concept applies to your Tinder. Be picky with your photos.

Because I don’t know you, and I don’t know what you look like, I can’t tell you which photo you look best in. But I sure as hell can tell you what not to post. So here’s a list of photo no no’s:

  • SHIRTLESS TENSING – trust me it will get you nowhere, everyone else is trying to do it, stand out. If you’re hell bent on having a shirtless photo, make sure you didn’t take it, and make it look as natural as possible.
  • YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS OUT DRUNK– it comes across sleazy and you looking tanked isn’t exactly attractive.
  • NIGHTCLUB – same as above, it’s just a turn off and a bad look
  • WITH YOUR EX – Girls don’t want to see this, they will instantly compare themselves to your ex.
  • STANDING IN FRONT OF A CAR– She isn’t going to care and its painting too much of a photo of you.
  • PHOTOS OF ONLY A CAR – Again it’s just too much.
  • BLURRY/BAD QUALITY IMAGES– Seems obvious, but keep your images clear.

Social Media Dominance 

Social media dominance is really for those who want to go above and beyond. It’s about having a very strong social media presence with a good amount of followers. Whether that includes slipping into some DM’s or not, is up to you.

It might sound a bit cheesy, but the truth is, if you have more followers and a more stylish Instagram, you have a higher chance of making an impression. Over on our site, we provide a service that gets you exactly that, so head over and check us out here.

How To Connect Your Instagram To Tinder

Okay that wraps it up from Ethan. As he mentioned, if you want some social media dominance but are too lazy to do it yourself, or just want an expert to take the reigns for you, check out Evolve Networking’s affordable packages to help your social media presence skyrocket at EvolveNetworkingGC.com.

But you may also be wondering how you go about actually connecting your instagram to your Tinder. It’d quite simple. Once you have Tinder downloaded, click on the button saying ‘Edit Info’. Once you have done so, scroll down until you see ‘Instagram Photos’ and click on ‘Connect’. A screenshot example is shown below.

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