What Is Tinder Places?

Earlier this morning here in Australia I went to my favorite local café which makes the best coffee in the world. While I was walking in to sit in my usual spot, I saw an absolutely beautiful woman get up and leave.

By the time I could even process the idea of getting up to talk to her, she was gone… A few weeks or months ago I would have no way to get in contact or say hello to this girl, besides running down the street after her or getting my stalk on… Neither of which seemed like good options at the time.

Luckily, I didn’t have to resort to being a complete creep and just pulled out Tinder Places.

Tinder Places is a feature that helps you discover people who hang out in the same places you’ve been hanging out. You can view and swipe on Tinder users who have visited the same locations that you have. Finding common ground with someone on Tinder is what we all hope for, and now with Places, you can easily find someone who shares similar interests or likes to go to the same spots as you.

How does Tinder Places work?

First things first, to get started you need to opt in. This is easily done by clicking the pin next to the Tinder flame towards the top of the swiping screen. Once you’ve done so, opt in by clicking “Turn Places On.”

Once Tinder Places has been turned on it will then and only then start to process the spots you visit. So to get things rolling… Start going places! After you’ve visited a new place you will be able to view all the other Tinder users who have also been there.

For example, let’s say you’ve just visited your favorite hiking spot. Afterward, you’ll have the chance to swipe on other people who have also hiked there (obviously great minds think alike, right?).

They will also be able to see that you have been to that location as well. The beauty is, if you match you don’t have to talk about the weather, you already have an icebreaker and something in common!

You may have noticed I said after you have visited your favorite spot. This is because Tinder cuts out some of the potential creepiness by only allowing you to view visitors to that spot once they’ve left. So no “I’m watching you” messages…

Worried about your privacy?

To keep an accurate list of your places, Tinder will have to monitor your phone’s location even when not using the app. To some, this sounds a little intrusive. But rest assured your match won’t be able to track your every move.

If you’re worried that your match will be able to see you going to embarrassing locations, or will rock up at your house one day, don’t fret, Places only registers social and public places.

If you happen to live near one of the spots that show up in places or happen to work there, Tinder has you covered as well. You can simply delete certain spots easily so that your profile no longer shows to potential matches. But keep in mind, you will no longer be able to see users who have visited either.

How do I delete a Place?

It’s pretty damn easy. You can choose however many places to turn on or off as you’d like. In fact, if you’re praying that cute girl from the bowling alley shows up in Places, you can turn off every single other place if you want!

I’ll show you how. There are two ways to do so. First, you can simply swipe the selected place to the left and select “remove.”

The other way is to go into your settings and click on “Manage Places.” Next, select “Edit” in the top right corner, which will allow you to select as many Places as you would like, then simply press “Delete” in the bottom right corner.

Alternatively, if you are really freaking out about your privacy, or have had an unpleasant experience with Places, you can easily put a stop to the whole feature. This won’t be permanent as you can get it back whenever you want.

To turn Places off, simply go into your settings, click on “Manage Places” and once in there, slide the red toggle to the left. A confirmation message will appear asking if you really want to delete it.

To turn it back on you can go into “Manage Places” and click on the red button that says “Turn Places On.”

Another thing to note is that your existing matches, or anyone you’ve swiped left or right on, won’t be visible in Places.

On the same note, your matches will not be able to see you in places, so they definitely won’t be able to track you down if that’s something you’re worried about.

Is Tinder Places available in my city?

Unfortunately for some, Tinder Places is still in the testing phase and not available in all cities worldwide. The good news is Tinder is working out all the loose ends to ensure the feature is awesome before rolling it out to the rest of the world.

Tinder is continuously adding new cities as well, so keep your eyes peeled when Places is available in your city.

The cities that Tinder Places is available are:

Melbourne, Australia

Perth, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Brisbane Australia

Buenos Ares, Argentina

Los Angeles, California

Santiago, Chile

Do Tinder Places expire?

Yes, they do. You will have to start swiping on your potential matches within one month (28 days to be exact) of visiting that place; otherwise they will be gone forever!

Unless you go to that place again of course… I believe a month is enough time for you to see if the people that have also visited that place tickle your fancy, right?

How to use Tinder Places to your advantage

We are still in the early days of Tinder Places, but in my opinion, the biggest advantage is the potential icebreaker it gives you. If you’ve been using Tinder for a while you would know that sometimes it can be tricky to get conversations off the ground, especially if your match has plenty of other people talking to them.

But with a match from Tinder Places, right off the bat you have something in common. Hopefully leading to an engaging conversation right away.

Instead of just saying “hello” in some way or another like all the other boring people, you can easily start off on the right foot by mentioning or asking about the spot you’ve both been.

If you’re unsure how to construct a good opening message, you can always check out my free video course on sending the perfect opener. Check it out here.

Why did Tinder create Tinder Places?

In my opinion, Places exists so that Tinder can wipe out any potential upcoming competition with the announcement of Facebook Dating, which seems to work off similar principles.
Even if it is to wipe out Facebook Dating before it could even get off the ground, Tinder Places is a fun extra feature that will be available in all locations soon. Hopefully helping people get out and about and meet some similar people whilst doing so!

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