Funniest Tinder Conversations From 2019

So we’ve just wrapped up 2019 and you know what that means, right? It’s time to look back at all the hilarious happenings of 2019. Your new years resolutions can wait, for now, let’s take a look at the top 20 funny Tinder conversations from 2019.

Who knows, you might pick up some tips to take into 2020 to see your Tinder game pick up? Maybe that’s one of your new years resolutions? So let’s kill two birds with one stone and jump into the top 20 funny Tinder conversations from the whole of 2019.

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All of these conversations were found on the Reddit’s Tinder subreddit, you can check it out here.

1. I Think I’m In Love

2. So Fucking Fat

3. That is my favourite ride?

4. Actually…

5. Get This Man A New Spine!

6. At Least Wait A Few More Messages To Ask…

7. Woooosh

8. I Have Also Had Bad Experiences With Kiwis…

9. Red Flags Galore

10. The Tooth Collector…

11. Idk lol

12. Why Would You?

13. Minimalist

14. Match Made In Heaven 

15. A Hybrid?!

16. Try Pronounce It

17. I Don’t Think She Realises…

18. Just A Slight Flex

19. Well That Is Interesting 

20. That Opener Was Very Intrikate

So that wraps up the funniest Tinder conversations of 2019. I hope you found some inspiration in there, or at the very least, just had a good laugh. If you’ve tuned into Dude Hack in 2019, thank you, genuinely. 2020 will be a big year for us, so stay tuned in daily for new content.

If you want to take your Tinder game to the next level in 2020, check out my Tinder guide eBook: Tinder Hacked. Otherwise, see you next time dude!

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