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How Much Does Elite Singles Cost? Memberships & Cost Explained 2023

How Much Does Elite Singles Cost? Memberships & Cost Explained 2023

Elite Singles has been taking the world by storm for the last few years. It’s a place where like-minded, driven individuals can be connected for dating or relationships.  

Elite Singles is also rapidly growing with over 381,000 global members joining monthly!

It is also part of the same parent company as other successful niche dating apps, such as Zoosk, Silver Singles, and Christian Mingle.

There is no denying that Elite Singles is the best dating site or app for educated and career-focused individuals.

But the real question we came here for is what Elite Singles costs, which membership is right for you, and whether or not upgrading is even worth it.

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Is Elite Singles Free?

Elite Singles is free to register and use. You will be able to register, create a profile, complete the personality test and start browsing profiles.

But, Elite Singles does in fact offer a paid membership which will allow users access to certain functions unavailable on the free version.

Elite Singles Cost - Web Sign Up Screen

So, yes, Elite Singles is free, so go ahead and register and complete your personality test for free now. This will also allow you to get a feel for whether the dating site is right for you or not.

EliteSingles Cost (Current U.S. Pricing)

Elite Singles gives you the option of upgrading to three different membership tiers. Very recently these options changed by dropping in price slightly, so if you see any websites listing Elite Singles pricing as more expensive than below, those will most likely be redundant.

Access to features is consistent amongst all 3 membership options, the only difference being the total cost you pay, as well as the length at which you opted to sign up.

Memberships range from 3 to 12 months and start at an equivalent of $31.95 per month to $57.95 per month.

Please note that as of 26th August 2020 all memberships are now paid upfront, i.e. if you opt for a 12-month option, you will have to pay the total of 12 x $31.95 upfront.

Yet according to the Elite Singles website, monthly payments will soon be available.

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Elite Singles Membership Options

PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
3 Months$173.85$57.95
6 Months$269.70$44.95
12 Months$383.40$31.95

Elite Singles Cost – Takeaways:

  • Save 22% when you chose the 6-month membership over the 3-month membership
  • Save just under 45% when you chose the 12-month membership over 3 months
  • Both Basic and Premium include app
  • No pay-by-the-month option

Do You Need To Pay For Elite Singles?

Nope. You never have to pay for Elite Singles if you don’t want to, but the real question is if you should. As I briefly mentioned, you will be quite limited if you decide to never throw down any of your hard-earned dollars.

The features that will be unlocked once you decide to upgrade are quite necessary in order to communicate with other profiles freely.

With Elite Singles Basic (free version) you will be able to complete the personality test & see results, upload photos, get matches and send smiles & likes. Although, as you can see below, user profile pictures are blurred.

Elite SIngles Cost - Matches View

Elite Singles Premium (What It Comes With)

Detailed analysis of personality test results: When you are a basic member you will be able to see your personality test results but only once you upgrade will you be able to see a deep breakdown of what those results mean for you and your dating style.

Matches to premium members: You can now match with other premium members, where you couldn’t on basic. 

See who visited your profile: Now you have the ability to see everyone who has been checking you out.

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Send and receive messages: with premium memberships, you will have completely unrestricted messaging, unlike with basic.

Access to other user photos: As seen above, photos are fairly blurred with Basic, so now you will be able to view all user photos.

Leave comments: Now you can leave comments and photos and such.

Elite Singles Free/Basic
  • Register and create profile

  • Complete personality quiz

  • See quiz results

  • Unrestricted messages

  • Upload photos

  • Send winks

Elite Singles Premium
  • Detailed analysis of personality test results

  • Matches to premium members

  • See who visited your profile

  • Unrestricted messages

  • Access to other user photos

  • Leave comments

How To Upgrade To Elite Singles Premium

Compared to other apps like eHarmony, which has a very extensive sign-up process, getting started on Elite Singles is fairly straightforward.

Whether you upgrade to a paid membership or not, Elite Singles is always free to register. Once you have registered and completed your personality quiz, you will be displayed your membership options. 

You may decide to purchase or keep using the free/basic version. You can always upgrade at another date by navigating to ‘Elite Singles Premium’ from your app or web platform.

Elite Singles Cost- App

When you are displayed the premium membership option screen there is a slight chance that Elite Singles will be running a promotion or discount at the time. You will only be shown the discount once you complete registration and the personality quiz, so to see if there are any current discounts in your area, sign up for free and complete the quiz now.

Elite Singles Free Trial

Much like trying to find out when there are any discounts running, accessing a free trial can be tricky.

With Elite Singles, basic members are sporadically given the opportunity to have free communication. As mentioned above, you are quite limited when it comes to communicating with other members before upgrading.

But every now and then, Elite Singles will offer free communication days or weekends. You will only be informed of this inside the app or website once you are registered, so in order to see if there is currently a free communication day, you will have to take 5 minutes and complete the registration.

Elite Singles Free Trial Hack

According to Elite Singles Terms and Conditions, you are offered a 3-day cooling-off period. That means that you are able to receive a full refund within 3 days of purchasing.

In a perfect world, that would give you the chance to try all of the features that Elite Singles Premium members get access to, ask for a refund within the appointed time, and get your money back, seeing if the app and its features are right for you.

One thing to note (in the fine print) is that Elite Singles can refuse this if you have in fact started to use the services, i.e. sending messages. So keep this in mind before starting.

Elite Singles Cost - Cooling Off Period

What I would recommend is to get started with the basic/free version and upgrade once you feel it’s right for you. Knowing that you do have a cooling-off period should put your mind at ease too.

So maybe once you join, have a look at all the features and your matches before sending any messages. Only do so once you a certain you don’t want to take advantage of the cooling-off period.

Why Is Elite Singles Expensive?

Compared to other dating apps, Elite Singles isn’t a rip-off, but it’s not cheap. The reason for that is it works.

The reason paid dating sites and apps (compared to others like Tinder) are so successful is because the payment deters people who may not be taking things too seriously, or potentially are even scammers/catfish.

On top of that, you can rest assured that all the people on these sites are just as serious as you, with no time wasters.

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This is apparent in the site’s success. Over 2000 relationships start on Elite Singles every single month.

So even though paying some money might not be something you planned on doing when it came to online dating, I implore you to look at it as a good thing. There’s a reason it’s for the “elite”!

Is Elite Singles Worth It?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that people with similar backgrounds and goals tend to form successful relationships. That’s why Elite Singles was created.

The cost is substantial, but you are paying for what you get, remember that.

So if you are someone who takes your career seriously, is college-educated, and is over 30, you fit the exact demographic that Elite Singles is made for.

Elite Singles Cost - Who Is Elite Singles For:

If that’s you, but you’re still a little unsure, go ahead and register, complete your personality test and browse some profiles with no pressure.

I’m confident once you get a feel for the other members and see some attention from the active user base, you will come to the conclusion that Elite Singles is definitely right for you.

I mean, when it’s all said and done if you did end up meeting the love of your life but you spent some money to do so, I’m sure you would have no regrets.

Final Thoughts

The reason Elite Singles is one of the worlds leading dating apps really comes down to its effectiveness in matching like-minded partners from similar backgrounds. Who knew such a simple idea would be so effective?

So if you are someone who is ready for something with a bit more substance and is sick of weeding through plenty of people that might not be up your alley, register for free and start browsing profiles right now.

If you are looking for a serious relationship (or even marriage) and aren’t exactly sure yet what dating app is best for you, get started on my list of the 9 best dating apps for serious relationships in 2023.

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