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eharmony vs EliteSingles | The Differences Between Elite Singles And eharmony

eharmony vs EliteSingles | The Differences Between Elite Singles And eharmony

Online dating has never been easy. From catfishing, awkward chats, and not having anything in common – everyone has their horror story. But two dating apps have begun to turn the tides.

That’s where eHarmony and EliteSingles come in. Both sites prioritize matching based on personality-driven metrics, bringing people together that share similar interests.

These sites aim at stepping away from sleazy and putting you in touch with like-minded people.

I get it. You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to try out every dating app to find the best one for you. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard of eHarmony or EliteSingles before. By the end of this article, you’ll understand exactly which site is best suited to you, letting you get on with the fun bit!

Just think, with one download of EliteSingles or eHarmony, you could be only days away from meeting the love of your life.

So, let’s jump right into the eHarmony and EliteSingles comparison, exploring features, cost, profile creation, and memberships to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time and money!

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What Is eHarmony Made For?

eHarmony is tried and tested. First established in 2000, this dating heavyweight boasts that someone finds love using their site every 14 minutes. The science-based approach pairs users on shared traits and interests, so you know you’ll always have something to talk about.

Their ‘Compatibility Matching System’ takes all the hard work out of dating. Each match is scored with a rating based on how much you have in common. 

With over 20 years of experience and a reported 2 million matches made, you can see why eHarmony is the world’s leading dating site. Give it a go, and you could be joining the 438 marriages that happen each day in the U.S. as a result of eHarmony. 

With an almost equal spread of users across the 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 age range, eHarmony has someone for everyone. On top of that, it’s free to sign up.

eHarmony vs Elite Singles - eHarmony Age Range

The majority of users listed that they’re either looking for a serious relationship or marriage. So, if you’re tired of the dating scene and just want something that works, eHarmony could be for you.

You might like eHarmony better if you are ready to settle down.

eHarmony vs Elite Singles Made For

What Is EliteSingles Made For?

Do you love your job? Do you pride yourself on your education? Are you too busy to endlessly swipe for hours a day? If you are shouting yes, yes, yes at your screen, then EliteSingles could be right for you.

EliteSingles is a fresher face on the scene, first launched in 2009. But with over 900,000 active weekly members, this site is not one to overlook! 

With over 85% of members having a degree level education or above and being 30+, EliteSingles is focused on finding professional singles. Better yet, it’s free to sign up and use.

If educated, motivated, and career-focused are ways you would describe yourself, EliteSingles is the place for you.

Based on the “Five Factor Model” of personality traits and a relationship questionnaire, EliteSingles will find others who match your interests. If your individual search preferences also work, you will match with each other. 

EliteSingles focuses on quality over quantity, the free version giving you 3-7 suitable profiles to look at each day. 

You’re busy enough already, let EliteSingles do the work.

You might like EliteSingles better if you’re an educated individual who has a passion for your work.

What Is The Difference Between eHarmony And EliteSingles? 

eHarmony and Elite Singles are two of the very best dating apps for finding serious relationships. So we know they are mostly catered towards something serious, but what makes them different?

One of the main differences between eHarmony and EliteSingles is the user base. 30 million members use eHarmony vs. EliteSingle’s smaller base of 5 million.

But numbers aren’t everything. You’re not looking for 30 million people, just that one special person.

While both sites cater to all ages, EliteSingles focuses more on the 30+ age category, while 30% of eHarmony users are between 18-25. Also, if you are very career and education orientated, 82% of university-educated members of EliteSingles might get your attention.

When it comes to time in the game, it must be said that eHarmony has been around a lot longer. eHarmony has had an extra 9 years to perfect their personality quiz, now being one of the most detailed in the business. 

Whether you decide on EliteSingles or eHarmony, these dating heavyweights have got your bases covered.

EliteSingles or eHarmony – Which One Is Better?

The only way to figure out if EliteSingles or eHarmony is better for you is to face them off against each other. So let’s dig deep into the details so you know what the right choice is for you, your goals, and your wallet.

Whether you’re going to be using the app or the desktop version more, both are essentially the same.

So keep in mind during this comparison that when I mention the ‘app’ or the ‘site’ I am being inclusive of both. If there are any differences between the app and the desktop version, they will be discussed.

If you’re the type of person that likes to figure things out themselves, you can always register to both for free and see which ones suit you best.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round One: Sign Up 

eHarmony vs. Elite Singles Sign Up Process

Great – you’re willing and ready to take the plunge into online dating. First of all, we have to get past the sign-up process. 

Both eHarmony and EliteSingles focus on personality-based matching, meaning you’ll have to go through their quizzes.

eHarmony prides itself on the depth and specificity of its personality quiz, providing you with near-perfect matches. With detail comes length, with the sign-up quiz taking around 20 minutes.

Going through the whole sign-up process including creating a profile and completing the questionnaire are free to do on eHarmony, so if you’d just like to give it a try to go right ahead and register for free.

eHarmony vs Elite Singles - eHarmony Questionnaire

I’ve broken down the eHarmony questions into three categories – Situational, Personal, and Interest-Based.

Situational questions focus on different events in your relationship – “Which of these houses appeals to you most”. These get you to decide between a group of pictures or choices. Why? Psychology, I guess.

Personal questions cut right to your core, my particular favorite being – “Why do you think you’re still single”. Talk about not beating around the bush. 

Interest-Based questions aim to get to know who you are and what you like – “How would your friends describe you” or “What kind of music do you enjoy”.

Overall, the sign-in process was fun, but a little long. eHarmony is definitely an app you have to invest some time into at the beginning. 

eHarmony vs Elite Singles - eHarmony Sign Up Process

Instead of delving into how being picked last for your sports team impacted you when you were 8, EliteSingles have a more hands-off approach. 

While the sign-up process is still very detailed, EliteSingles mainly focuses on situations and facts. Sign up and the questionnaire is also free on EliteSingles, so feel free to go right ahead and register for free now.

eHarmony vs EliteSingles - EliteSingles Questionnaire

The EliteSingles questionnaire is much shorter, asking how you would respond and act in certain situations and pairing you up with complimentary users.

EliteSingles also asks you to disclose your job title, your education level, and how much you earn. 

eHarmony vs Elite Singles - Elite Singles Sign Up Process

Between EliteSingles vs. eHarmony, the sign-up process for both is entertaining and detailed. After all, who doesn’t love a personality quiz? 

But, if you’re looking for speed, EliteSingles is the way to go. They compress the eHarmony sign-up process into a shorter quiz. 

EliteSingles balances the depth of eHarmony with the realistic idea that people don’t want to spend too long psychoanalyzing themselves.  

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round Two: Profiles And Messaging

eharmony vs elite singles profiles and messaging (1)

Profiles and messaging are the key elements of any dating app. A profile is your first window into getting to know someone, displaying a photo, age, and location. 

Whether you’re using EliteSingles or eHarmony, the first step is uploading profile photos and entering personal details. Information like if you smoke, drink, or have kids, will all be located on your profile.

The design of eHarmony is sleek and easy to use. Their turquoise design is soothing and looks coherent throughout. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll have a bar where Matches, Chats, Visitors, Profile, and Settings can be accessed. 

eharmony vs elitesingles - eharmony profile page

EliteSingles has a darker design in comparison and is a little confusing, to begin with. On the top left tab, you can see your ‘matches’, which get updated each day.

As you only get to around 5 matches a day, the app seems much less busy than eHarmony.

eharmony vs. elite singles - elite singles app screen

Both apps have similar profile pages, containing your profile photo, age, location, and occupation. Possible questions to fill in like ‘I have a passion for…?’ and ‘Things I can’t live without’ give an insight into who you are and what you stand for.

eHarmony also gives each member a compatibility score, showing how similar you are to one of your matches. 

If you use the free version of either eHarmony or EliteSingles, profile photos are blurred out. Both apps take privacy seriously, only letting people who are actually interested in finding a date explore.

EliteSingles allows you to send ‘smiles’ and short prewritten questions and answers. eHarmony has a similar feature, giving you the ability to ‘wink’ at another user. If you want to message someone freely on either app, you’ll have to upgrade to the full version.

Overall in this section of eHarmony vs. EliteSingles, eHarmony takes the cake. The smooth design and ability to see more matches a day make it the clear winner. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, while also being nice to the eyes. 

eHarmony also has the added benefit of a compatibility score. This metric gives you an idea of how well you would get on with someone right from their profile screen. 

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round Three: Free Features

eharmony vs. EliteSingles Free Features

Both eHarmony and EliteSingles take dating seriously. They have fantastic success rates and are engineered to make dating easier. 

In fact, eHarmony accounts for 4% of all marriages across the U.S. daily. Those great matchmaking statistics are really from users on eHarmony’s paid subscription, with the free version only giving you a piece of the puzzle.

Knowing that others are invested and willing to find a partner is one of the best parts about eHarmony and EliteSingles. You can be sure that everyone on the site is committed to finding happiness. 

While it is recommended that you upgrade to one of the paid versions of each of these apps to have a fuller experience, there are also plenty of free features. 

eHarmony Free
  • Registration and profile creation

  • Send winks to other members

  • View other members' profile

  • Add profiles to favorites

  • Browse matches outside of your preferences

Elite Singles Free/Basic
  • Register and create profile

  • Complete personality quiz

  • See quiz results

  • Unrestricted messages

  • Upload photos

  • Send winks

Both apps allow you to customize your profile with a bio of answers and several profile photos. This means you can get set up with an account for free and test the waters without spending a cent.

You’ll be able to see profiles recommended to you from the offset.

On eHarmony, messaging is limited to ‘winking’ at another user in the free version. EliteSingles offers a similar feature, in the form of a ‘smile’. 

Where EliteSingles pulls ahead for free features is the ability to send prewritten messages to people you are matched with. Although you don’t have the message freedom that a paid subscription allows, you can still have a conversation and begin getting to know someone. 

Questions are fairly basic, asking about music taste and if they are more of a dog or cat person. But sometimes an icebreaker really does come in handy. 

When comparing EliteSingles vs. eHarmony for free features, EliteSingles does have the upper hand. Both sites allow you to set up an account and have a look around.

Still, not being able to message your matches on eHarmony makes EliteSingles the easy winner here.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round Four: Paid Memberships

eharmony vs. EliteSingles Premium

You’ve set up an account, had a play around with the features, and found some people you want to get to know more. Now what? 

If you’re going to be paying, you’ll want to know which is better between EliteSingles and eHarmony regarding paid features. Of course, you want to get maximum bang for your buck.

Upgrading to premium in either eHarmony or EliteSingles will unlock a whole range of features. 

eHarmony Premium
  • View all user photos

  • View whose favourite list you've been added to

  • See who viewed you

  • Unrestricted messaging

  • Anonymous browsing

  • Matches outside of preferences

Elite Singles Premium
  • Detailed analysis of personality test results

  • Matches to premium members

  • See who visited your profile

  • Unrestricted messages

  • Access to other user photos

  • Leave comments

The most important of these is messaging. After upgrading, both sites now allow you to message other profiles directly and strike up conversations. 

Upgrading also allows you to see all the photos on someone’s profile, giving you a better idea of how someone looks.

eharmony vs elitesingles - Elitesingles quiz results

One of the coolest features of EliteSingles premium is that you get a detailed analysis of personality test results.

They break down what you have in common, points of interest, and overlapping ideals using their “Big 5” Personality Dimensions Analysis. This can be a great conversation starter, as you have few shared interests to get you going. 

These personality results are premium features on EliteSingles, while eHarmony includes this as a ‘Compatibility’ score present in both free and paid versions.

eharmony vs elitesingles - eHarmony compatibility score

Premium on both apps also allows you to see who has visited your profile. This can point you in the right direction to who might be interested.

eHarmony takes this one step further, allowing you to create a ‘Favorites List’ of compatible matches. You’ll also be able to see when you’re added to someone else’s favorites list.

If you’re added, that might be a good sign that they’re waiting for you to reach out.

The winner of eHarmony vs. EliteSingles here is without a doubt eHarmony, the inclusion of more features means your money goes much further.   

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round Five: Cost

eharmony vs. EliteSingles Cost Comparison

Getting straight to the chase, EliteSingles wins this round. Simply because, well it’s cheaper. 

As discussed, you pay for what you get. Because eHarmony and EliteSingles are at the top of the list when it comes to quality, that means you should expect to pay a decent amount of money.

But when you compare that price to these sites’ track records and the likelihood of you finding your significant other, perhaps the prices won’t seem all that bad.

Both offer different membership pricing based on the length of membership, with longer memberships earning higher discounts. EliteSingles memberships are paid upfront (with payment plans on the way apparently), whereas eHarmony membership costs can be paid in one lump sum or installments of 2,3 or 4 payments. 

First, let’s take a look at eHarmony’s pricing:

Pricing Total CostMonthly Cost
6 Months $395.40$65.90
12 Months$550.80$45.90
24 Months$861.60$35.90

eHarmony Premium Light Membership (6-Month Membership)

The equivalent of $65.90 per month.

eHarmony Price 2020-payment-options-for-light-2

eHarmony Premium Plus Membership (12-Month Membership)

The equivalent of $45.90 per month.

eHarmony Price 2020-payment-options-for-premium-plus

eHarmony Premium Extra Membership (24-Month Membership)

The equivalent of $35.90 per month.

eHarmony Price 2020 -payment-options-for-premium extra

Key Takeaways:

  • Saving of slightly above 30% when choosing Plus (12 months) over Light (6 months)
  • Saving of 45% when choosing Extra (24 months) over Light (6 months)
  • Memberships start from an equivalent of $35.90 per month up to $65.90 per month
  • No overall financial difference between which installment plan you choose (1, 2, 3 or 4 installments)
  • Memberships include access to both eHarmony website and the app

One other important thing to note is that eHarmony will sporadically offer discounts up to 50-60%. The only way to see if there is currently a discount being offered is once you’re done signing up and completing the questionnaire.

Once you do so you will see at the top of the memberships screen an offer for a discount.

So if you want to check if eHarmony is currently running a discount in your area, register for free and complete your quiz.

EliteSingles Premium

PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
3 Months$173.85$57.95
6 Months$269.70$44.95
12 Months$383.40$31.95
  • Save 22% when you chose the 6 month membership over the 3 month membership
  • Save just under 45% when you chose the 12 month membership over 3 months
  • Both Basic and Premium include website and app usage

With the cheapest EliteSingles membership being $4.05 cheaper than eHarmony’s, it’s initially pretty clear who the winner is when you are looking at the big picture.

But I do like the fact that eHarmony offers installments, which could be a little better for some folks who would prefer to hold onto the cash flow. So this one is tight, but overall the winner is EliteSingles.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Round Six: Success Rate And Reviews

eharmony vs. EliteSingles Success Rate and Reviews

Everyone entering the dating scene has heard the awful statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. That’s pretty shocking and somewhat depressing! But that doesn’t always have to be the reality.

Couples that met on eHarmony have an average divorce rate of just 3.86% according to an interview with Bloomberg. 3.86%! Down from 50%! That’s on top of the fact that 71% of women and 69% of men meet their spouse within a year of using eHarmony. 

If eHarmony is anything, it’s reliable. One user described the app as ‘Life-changing’, writing in their App Store review: 

eharmony quiz logo

“This was the perfect way to get to know similar people. They match you up with people you are compatible with and ultimately led me to meet my fiancé. We have been together for 3 years and have a baby daughter.

I couldn’t be happier. It was recommended to me by a friend who met her husband the same way.”

But, with over 2,000 couples pairing off each month, EliteSingles also provides a consistent stream of happy relationships. Their algorithm focuses on connecting you with around 5 like-minded people each day.

Focusing on quality over quantity, EliteSingles works to find someone right for you. 

One of the happy couples, Honor, and Edward, reflected about their time on EliteSingles:

Elite Singles App Logo

“Members of EliteSingles are serious about finding real relationships, generally highly educated, and successful. They know what they want in life and love. After my experience meeting my partner, I would definitely recommend online dating for friends and family!”

While I’m sending warm regards to Honor and Edward, it is hard to deny that eHarmony has a better track record!

There is a reason eHarmony is the #1 dating site in the U.S. Study after study shows that eHarmony ranks highly for matching quality and durability of those matches.

 Honestly, they had me at 3.86%!

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles Final Round: Overall 

After weighing up each category, the face-off comparison between EliteSingles and eHarmony is split right down the middle at 3-3. But weighing up which categories came out on top, it was an easy choice to award eHarmony as the overall winner.

eharmony vs. elitesingles overall winner

Having 20 years of experience, countless positive reviews, and a hard science backing, eHarmony came out on top. One mark against them was the long sign-up personality quiz.

But you’ve got to remember that you’re looking for the ‘one’ here! Surely you can spare a couple of minutes!

Even when we look at the numbers game, eHarmony dominates with over 6x the users. That’s 6x the chance that your perfect match is out there waiting.

But don’t count out EliteSingles just yet! EliteSingles is fantastic if you fit into the 30+ and educated demographic. They employ a personality-based system that has proven matchmaking capabilities. Also, it’s a breeze to set up, only taking a couple of minutes. 

The comparison between EliteSingles vs. eHarmony also showed that EliteSingles has better free features. If you’re not looking to spend any money, there’s no harm in throwing out the net with EliteSingles.

There’s a lot of people out there. But online dating has begun to bridge the gap, bringing people closer than ever. 

If you want a site with a history of success to help you shortcut past awkward dates, flat conversations, and boring connections, then eHarmony is the dating app for you. 

Final Thoughts

Both EliteSingles and eHarmony are fantastic dating sites that do have something for everything, but this comparison has proved that eHarmony’s tenure and success rate give it the edge.

But remember, they are both free to register and use. So why not sign up for free on both, complete the quizzes, check out some profiles, and figure out which one serves you best.

Or, if you are ready to go ahead and spend some money, I would personally get started with eHarmony.

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