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Everything you need to know about Bumble, one of the hottest online dating apps.

Does Anyone Still Use Bumble in 2022?

Since 2012, when Tinder first introduced that satisfying swipe into our lives, it feels like we’ve gone through new dating apps faster than a girl will swipe left on a guy who immediately compares himself to The Joker.  The world of online dating moves at an unbelievable pace, changing the way we meet new people …

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Is Bumble Only For Heterosexuals?

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Bumble, it’s that the girl has to message first (and if you don’t know that, it may be worth checking out our guide to exactly how Bumble works). However, for all you armchair philosophers out there, this poses an interesting question. What happens then if you’re both girls? …

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What is Bumble’s New Night In Feature

Bumble has had a few new features for 2022, including Video Notes, 360 Video, and most excitingly, ‘Night In’. But what is Bumble’s new Night In Feature? Basically, it’s the women-first swiping giants’ attempt at jumping on the ‘virtual dating’ bandwagon. And if we’re honest, pushing that wagon and getting it genuinely rolling. Bumble launched …

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