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What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work In 2024?

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work In 2024?

Speed dating might seem like a ‘90s throwback and for our younger readers, it might not mean anything at all. To me, it sounds like the sort of thing that would happen in a run-down pub on a Thursday evening.

But in 2023, speed dating is back on the menu! Yep, it’s the new speed dating feature on Bumble.

And this new-and-improved speed dating doesn’t even involve nursing a warm pint while a rotation of numbered accountants, dentists, and marketing consultants sit down in front of you. So it’s at least a little bit better than the original, and it’s a fun way to meet new people and potential matches online.

So whether you’re too young to remember this 1990s dating trend, or whether the ‘90s were a bit of a blur for you anyway, in this article, you’ll find Bumble Speed Dating explained. We’ll also have some expert tips about how to play the game and use it for more matches.

So, what is it?

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work - Bumble speed dating game

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble?

In many ways, old-school speed dating was like the original swiping, so it makes some sort of sense for Bumble to bring it back.

So what is speed dating on Bumble? It’s a game on Bumble that matches random users for a time-limited chat. The twist is, that for your three-minute conversation, you don’t get to see their pictures or profile. At the end of the chat, you will be shown the other player’s photo and you can decide whether to match.

In normal Bumble conversations, it’s only women who can send the first message. But in speed dating, anything goes and guys can make the first move as well as women.

If you match, the speed dater will appear in your “Chats” tab and you’ll be able to keep the conversation going.

So really, it’s a kind of cross between old-school speed dating and a new twist on blind dating. Instead of the old superficial swiping game, you’ll spark a connection based on a quick conversation.

And then quickly unmatch when you realize, she’s not your type at all.

Or you could give her a chance. Her Bumble conversation game was on point, after all, and those three minutes you spent talking about sharks could be the start of something magical.

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work - about Bumble speed dating

When Is Bumble Speed Dating?

Speed dating on Bumble has been designed to encourage people to carve out time in their busy schedules to invest in online dating.

So when is Bumble speed dating? Speed dating is on Tuesday from 7 to 8 pm, no matter what time zone you’re in. To play, simply tap the stopwatch icon at the top right of your screen. You can sign up in advance to be notified when Speed Dating starts, or open the Bumble app up at 7 on a Tuesday and dive in.

So if you struggle to find the time to swipe on Bumble, there’s your time to shine. For an hour a week, you can match and chat with strangers to see if there’s a spark. Personally, I prioritize my swiping for when I’m on the toilet, but you do you.

Do You Match Immediately On Bumble Speed Dating?

At the end of every speed dating conversation, Bumble will ask you two things. One, did you enjoy your conversation, and two, would you like to keep playing the game? If you say you enjoyed your conversation, it’s the equivalent of “liking” that Bumble user.

So do you match immediately on Bumble speed dating? No. Bumble will only show you your matches once the hour is up. So when you like a user you don’t match straight away.

I guess that’s because Bumble wants you to keep playing, and why not! You might even get a few more matches.

Once the speed dating game is over, Bumble will show you who liked you back. These profiles become matches just like any other, and end up in your Conversations tab.

How Do You Match After Speed Dating On Bumble?

So you’ve spent three minutes in heaven with a faceless Bumble user named Sharon. You’ve traded stories of first loves, planned your wedding, and named your kids! But the clock is ticking, and the conversation will be over soon.

So how do you match after speed dating on Bumble? At the end of the conversation, you’ll be shown the other player’s picture and asked if you enjoyed the conversation. Tap the “tick” for yes, and you will like that user. If they say yes too, you’ll match after the game.

Both users have to like each other for there to be a match, and you won’t know if Sharon matched back until the hour is over.

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work - Bumble speed dating no match

Is Speed Dating On Bumble Worth it?

So if you’ve got a need for speed that could put Dennis Hopper to shame, cancel your Tuesday plans, there’s dating to be done. However, if speed isn’t your middle name, maybe you’re not sure if Bumble speed dating is your thing.

So is speed dating on Bumble worth it? Yes, it’s fun and makes a change from swiping. And if you have an hour to kill on a Tuesday night you have nothing to lose trying Bumble’s speed dating. But depending on where you live, you might not find that many participants so be prepared to sit around and watch the clock.

Speed dating is a really fun idea, and I’ve definitely got some good matches out of it. More importantly, because of the “blind dating” style format, they’re matches that I might not have had otherwise.

And Bumble speed dating is totally free, so at most, it’s going to cost you an hour of your life. Which you would probably have spent swiping on Bumble anyway, right?

But speed dating can also be frustrating if you’re not being matched to chat with users, or the chats are dropping out right away. There are however a few things you can do to boost your chances on Bumble speed dating.

So let’s dive into some tried and tested tips to have better conversations on Bumble’s speed dating and, hopefully, get a few interesting matches too.

6 Tips For Bumble Speed Dating

Bumble Speed Dating is fast, furious, and pretty fun once you get into the swing of it. But if you spend 30 seconds typing out “Hi, how was your day” at the start of every convo, you’re going nowhere fast.

Instead, get ready to have a quick-fire conversation, keep it interesting, and get those matches at the end.

1. Have An Opening Question Copied And Ready To Paste.

Guys, this is speed dating here. Emphasis on speed. Unfortunately, some of your matches are going to be impatient and if you take forever writing out an opening question, they’ll move on to the next one.

Because of the rapid-fire nature of Bumble’s speed dating, you don’t have to be too personalized. I have an opening with an icebreaker question ready to go. Something like “what’s the worst first date you’ve ever been on?” or “what are your biggest green flags” gets the conversation off to a lively start.

Have your own answer prepared when she inevitably asks “and what about you?”

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work - finding people in your city Bumble speed dating

2. Avoid “Filler” Comments.

Bumble speed dating can be a little bit cut-throat. Everyone knows there’s always another match waiting around the corner, so you have to keep the conversation engaging at all times.

That means you can never reply “lol” or “cool”. Every message you send needs to respond more meaningfully and pose a new question or talking point for her to engage with.

3. End Every Conversation With A Call To Action.

Conversations can only last a maximum of three minutes, so have your call to action (CTA) ready to go. Finish your chats with something like “Don’t forget to swipe right” or “See you on the other side: swipe right!” It can help seal the deal.

4. Be Patient.

In my experience, speed dating gets a bit busier in the second half of the hour, from 7.30 pm to 8 pm. So don’t give up if you get off to a slow start.

What Is Speed Dating On Bumble And How Does It Work - join Bumble speed dating

5. Use A Spotlight To Jump The Queue.

Spotlight, a paid feature, boosts your profile in your area for 30 minutes and it works during Speed Dating to move you up the queue and match you with a user sooner. Because — inevitably — there are more guys entering the Speed Dating game than gals, the dudes can expect to watch the clock while waiting for a match. If you’ve got some Spotlights, try one during speed dating for more matches.

6. Have A Great First Photo On Bumble. At the end of every conversation, your random chat partner will see your Bumble profile picture and be asked if they enjoyed the conversation. I don’t care how witty your banter is, if you have a bad picture, you’ll miss out on matches.

So take the best photos for Bumble and choose a perfect “first” photo for your matches because it might be all they see. I recommend a head-and-shoulders-style profile picture where your face is clearly visible, and a smile doesn’t hurt either.

Final Thoughts

Bumble’s Speed Dating is an engaging new feature, and it mixes up the daily swiping game. Sure, it has the odd glitch, and in lower-populated areas with fewer Bumble users, it can be a bit of a ghost town.

But it’s also a fun way to meet new matches and have a short conversation without the looming specter of physical attraction!

What’s more, the fastest-finger-first conversational approach keeps you on your A game. After a few rounds, you’ll have honed your instinct for a witty response and a killer CTA, which can help you build your Bumble profile and have better conversations with your matches.

And if strengthening your profile sounds good, check this out: my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. Even though it says Tinder in the title it has tons of tips applicable to Bumble, from photo improvements to prompt and bio optimization.

Your Bumble profile won’t help you with speed dating, but you can be sure as heck she’s checking you out after you match. So don’t let her down!

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