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How Does Bumble Work? 2022 Guide For Guys And Girls (With Photos)

How Does Bumble Work? 2022 Guide For Guys And Girls (With Photos)

How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble is one of the hottest online dating apps of the last few years. It’s a location-based dating and social app, which has some very unique features compared to other dating apps like Tinder.

In a nutshell, Bumble allows you to swipe or like another person. If that person does the same to you, a conversation can start. The feature that has attracted most of its users, is the fact that most of the power is handed over to the ladies.

It’s not strictly used for dating, with the introduction of Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These are in-app features used to find friends and network respectively.

How Does Bumble Work Screens

I’ve just explained the bare basics. But let’s dig a lot deeper into exactly how Bumble works.

After I do so, hopefully, you can make your mind up whether or not you are going to jump on to one of the hottest apps in 2022.

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How Bumble Profiles And Photos Work

Your Profile

Once everything is set up and ready to go, you will need to set your profile up. To edit your profile click the person icon in the top left corner of your swiping screen. Then select ‘Edit Profile’.

How Does Bumble Work - Edit Profile

This is where you add a few elements to complete your profile. I highly suggest completing all of these as it gives your potential matches more of an idea of who you are.


You are able to add a total of 6 photos. You can either import them from Facebook, take your own photo or choose from your phones library.

My Move Makers

Some of the questions you can answer include ‘Nightclub or Netflix?’ and ‘Childhood celebrity crush…’

How Does Bumble Work - My Move Makers

About Me

If you’ve used Tinder before, this is the same as your bio. Make sure you put something in here! If you aren’t sure what to pop in, check out this article on some funny Tinder bios for guys.

Work & Education

Feel free to pop in where you went to school and your job. This will be displayed to people when they come across your profile

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Basic Info

Basic info is a series of simple questions where you can select an answer that best describes you from a list of choices.

For example you can select if you drink socially, never or frequently. It helps you and potential matches find like-minded people. Filling this out could help you find someone you are more in line with.

How Does Bumble Work - My Basic Info

Connect Instagram

If you feel your six photos aren’t painting the best picture of who you are as a person and you have some cool photos on instagram that show your personality, definitely connect it.

Connect Spotify

Yet another way to help you and potential matches find someone with similar interests. Great minds think alike, so advertising some of your favorite artists can definitely help you find someone you just might hit it off with.

How Does Bumble Work - Connect Spotify And Instagram

Other Profiles

On the main swiping screen you will see profiles to browse through. You can scroll through your potential matches photos and information by scrolling up and down. A typical Bumble profile looks like this:

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Profile

Just under your potential matches profile picture you will see their ‘About Me’ section as well as their ‘Basic Info.’

If your potential match has their Instagram connected, under another picture in their profile 9 instagram photos will be shown in a grid-like below. The same goes for top Spotify artists.

How Does Bumble Work - Instagram On Bumble

Once matched with someone, you can access his or her profile and pictures by clicking on their profile picture.

How Bumble Swiping Works

Keep in mind, that the profiles you will see on your main swiping page will fall within you preferences of distance and age. You can change these in your settings.

I suggest leaving age to the highest range, as some people accidentally have their age set to 90 when they are really 24.

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Settings And Preferences

Once you’re happy with your preferences and come across a profile you like, you can go ahead and like them. There are two ways to like another profile.

This is either by swiping right or pressing the white tick at the bottom of your potential matches profile. If you aren’t interested, you can swipe left or press the white cross at the bottom of your potential matches profile.

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Liking And Swiping

If you accidentally swiped left on someone you intended to swipe right on, you can undo it. You do this by shaking your phone, which will bring up a screen like below.

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If you want to undo your left swipe, slide the toggle. You only get 3 of these every 3 hours, so be vigilant!

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Backtrack

How Bumble Matching Works

If you and someone else swipe right or like each other you will be matched.

This might be while you are swiping through profiles, or when someone you have swiped right on comes across your profile at a later time and swipes right. What happens next depends on your gender and orientation.

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Matches

How Bumble Messaging Works

If someone matches with the same gender, either person can send a message to start a conversation. Things change up quite a bit when a guy and gal match though.

The main M.O. of Bumble is that in this sort of match guys can’t message first. This puts the ball in the female’s court. When (and if) she sends a message to the guy, then and only then can he send his own message.

She would have to send this message within 24 hours, otherwise, the match would expire, deleting the match completely. The same goes for if the female was to send the first message and the guy didn’t reply within a 24 hour period.

How Does Bumble Work - 24 Hours To Message

This is what makes Bumble so popular in my opinion, as it stops ghosting and encourages actual conversations. There is an option to extend the 24 hours if you don’t receive that message from that person you’re really into, but it is a paid extra.

After you and your match have jumped over all these hurdles, congratulations, you can now message each other freely without worrying about your match expiring.

How Does The Bumble Match Queue Work?

Your Bumble match queue is the row at the top of the page on your Bumble conversations page as shown below.

Your match queue will show anyone you have swiped right or liked within the past 24 hours. These users will have their profile picture displayed with a yellow circle around it.

This yellow circle slowly starts to fade clockwise, working as a countdown of the 24 hours. You will notice an hour before the match is about to expire that there will hardly be any yellow circle left.

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Match Queue

The green circle shows you the number of people who have already swiped right on you. If you haven’t upgraded to Bumble Boost you won’t be able to view these. And the latest profile to like you will be blurred.

Match queue works by positioning the match that is soonest to expire to the left, followed by your green circle of people who have already liked you, and then every other match after this.

Keep in mind, you have more than 24 hours to find these profiles that have liked you as well. So don’t get too stressed about not finding them. You will eventually if you keep swiping through profiles.

How Bumble Verification Works

A great feature that isn’t included in many other dating apps, like Tinder, is the option of verifying your account. This basically means that the risk of getting catfished is minimized on Bumble.

Potential matches will see the little blue tick that you are verified and have zero paranoia that you aren’t who you say you are. So, in my opinion, it’s a step you should definitely take.

How Does Bumble Work - Verify Your Identity

The way it works is Bumble moderators will screen a selfie or photo of you and compare it to your other photos to verify it’s actually you. If they have any suspicions your profile might include fake photos, the profile will be immediately deleted.

In order to verify your own profile, click on ‘Edit Profile’ and then ‘Verify Your Account.’ You will then be prompted to upload a new profile picture for the Bumble team to complete the process.

You can do so by importing from Facebook, taking a photo or choosing one from your phone’s camera roll.

Once you do so, you should receive a confirmation or rejection message. If all your photos are actually you, you have nothing to worry about.

I highly suggest that guys definitely verify their account. All guys that I’ve spoken to report more matches once they did so.

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How Does The Bumble Algorithm Work?

  • The most right swiped users and people who have swiped right on you already will appear in your swiping screen first
  • Bumble doesn’t learn your swiping patterns and will simply display a wide variety of people
  • Swiping right on everyone will hurt your chances as Bumble might flag you as a bot, or someone using the app wrong, making you essentially invisible to other users
  • You don’t have to constantly be active for other users to view your profile. On this note, if you are planning on taking a break from Bumble you should ‘pause’ your account
  • Deleting your account won’t give a negative hit to your score if you wanted to reset in the future

How Bumble Boost Works

Bumble Boost is the paid premium version of Bumble, giving you access to more features and more opportunities. Bumble Boost is mostly made up of three extra features. These are:

1. The BeeLine

Just like the Tinder Gold ‘See Who Likes You’ feature, BeeLine allows you to view users who have already liked you.

2. Rematch

If you are unable to extend your 24 hours as shown in ‘BusyBee’ below, then you can take advantage of rematch! So many times I have logged into Bumble, seen a  girl who messaged me, but I just haven’t opened the app and she’s gone!!!!

But with “rematch’ you can do exactly what the name suggests… Second chances are great. 

3. BusyBee

BusyBee allows you to extend the 24-hour limit an unlimited amount of times, giving matches more time to send that first message.

How To Set Up Bumble Boost

Just remember that this feature is paid. In order to activate it, either click on the green circle with blurred profiles on your swiping screen or click ‘Get Bumble Boost’ on your profile screen.

This will bring up the screen for you to choose a payment plan that works for you.

How Does Bumble Work - Bumble Boost

The above prices are in Australian dollars, to check the price in your country follow the above steps.

How To Cancel Bumble Boost – iPhone:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Select iTunes and App Store
  3. Click on Apple ID
  4. Click on view Apple ID
  5. Click on Subscriptions
  6. Press Bumble from the list
  7. Press “cancel subscription”

How To Cancel Bumble Boost – Android:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Press on “Boost Subscription”
  3. Press cancel

How To Download Bumble

Bumble is available in the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

Bumble is completely free to download. There are paid options we will address soon. I recommend you get a feel for the free version before you consider paying for any extras.

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Once you download the app you will be prompted to connect either your Facebook account or your phone number.

Connecting your Facebook is quicker as it will auto-fill your name, age and some photos (which you can change).

How Much Does Bumble Cost? (Current U.S. Prices)

PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
1 Week$10.99$47.62
1 Month$24.99$24.99
3 Months$54.99$18.33

How Does Bumble BFF Work?

Bumble isn’t strictly used for dating, with the introduction of Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These are in-app features used to find friends and network respectively.

There isn’t all that much difference when it comes to BFF, just that you’re looking for a friend instead! Swiping, matching and Bumble’s algorithm will work much the same, only now you are scrolling through people who have also opted to try and find a friend.

Bumble BFF might sound a little awkward to some, but according to some Bumble users I recently spoke to, it actually works in the ways of finding a buddy.

Bumble BFF works by entering the Bumble settings and selecting ‘choose mode’. Your mode will most likely still be set to ‘date’, but you can change to ‘bff’ or ‘bizz’. 

Once you select ‘bff’ you can now switch off (or leave on) ‘date’ if you would prefer to not have your profile shown to others looking for a date.

How Does Bumble Bff Work

How Does Bumble Bizz Work?

Bumble Bizz works much the same as Bumble Date and Bumble BFF. The only difference is that you’re looking for a mentor or networking opportunity.

Like Bumble BFF, you can opt to just be shown to others looking for on Bumble Bizz, and be excluded from Bumble Date.

So if you’re someone who wants to network in your area, what do you have to lose?

Bumble User Demographics

Age Range Of Users:

How Does Bumble Work - Age Range of Users

Who Is Bumble For:

How Does Bumble Work - who is bumble made for?

Final Thoughts

So that’s how Bumble works. The best way to really see how it works is to download it for free and try it out yourself. What do you have to lose?

If you are still tossing up what dating app you should use, check out our article on the Best Dating Apps For Every Type Of Dater.

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