Yes, you can run out of swipes on Bumble. And it’s rough!

Maybe you’ve been chilling out half watching Hulu and half swiping through Bumble until… oh damn… you come across a profile that is JUST your type. You try to swipe right. Denied.

You’ve used all your likes up for today, buster. Knowing this obviously means that when you look at her profile you realise even more on what you’re missing out on. Maybe Jenny, who seems to live only a few blocks from you, is actually your soulmate? She seems funny! She has a cute dog. She works in one of your favorite bars. This could really work! If only you had the power to swipe right.

Can You Run Out Of Swipes On Bumble?

But alas. Goodbye Jenny! Perhaps I’ll see you again some time.

And actually, Bumble is one of the better apps when it comes to free swipes! When Bumble monetized their app back in 2016 they left you more free swipes than many apps (lookin’ at you, Hinge) allow their unpaying users. More on that below!

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How Many Swipes Do You Get A Day On Bumble?

As I mentioned above, Bumble are quite generous with their free likes. Every user of the basic version of the app gets 25 right swipes per day. You can use these 25 right swipes however you like, and the left swipes you take in between the right swipes won’t impact on your allowance. So, if you’re really picky you can make those 25 Likes last all day!

Remember, though, there’s no saving likes for the next day. They don’t rollover. So the dream is really using swipe 25 just before you go to bed in the evening. Obviously, it’s hard to space them out perfectly, though. Actually, if you managed it you would be somewhere between superhuman and terrifying.

Obviously, dating apps put a limit on swipes in order to persuade users to cough up for premium services. All Boost and Premium Bumble users get unlimited swipes.

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When Do your Likes Refresh On Bumble?

Pretty much all dating sites with limited likes refresh your likes every 12 or 24 hours. In Bumble’s case, it’s every 24. As Bumble is oh-so advanced and well designed, your swipes will reset precisely 24 hours after you hit your limit.

So, if you hit your limit at 4pm on Tuesday (those after lunch blues at work… don’t pretend you never swipe under your desk!) then you will get more swipes 24 hours later, at 4pm on Wednesday (just in time for Tuesday’s slump! You really should try to avoid carb heavy work lunches. A meatball sub is not your friend, no matter how much you want it to be).

There’s no way to hack the system and get more likes prematurely, but you can maximise the power of your right swipes. Activity peaks around 6pm most days, and is also 20-40% above usual levels during storms, blizzards and other events that keep a lot of people indoors and bored. So you know. Maybe try not to do all your Bumbling at work. You would probably make better choices if you were concentrating anyway! If you only have 25 likes, you better make every single one count. And if you want more than 25? You’re going to have to pay!

How To Get More Likes/Swipes on Bumble

The only way to get more likes on Bumble is to pay for Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium. Both options get you unlimited daily likes, and both can be signed up to for a monthly fee. Premium is the… well… premium service.

It’s more expensive and it gets you more additional features, including Beeline, backtrack and a whole lot more. If you want to know more about either paid option for Bumble, have a look at my article on how Bumble premium works.