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Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Is Online? Or When They Last Viewed You?

Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Is Online? Or When They Last Viewed You?

Bumble is a great app if you’re looking for something a little less ‘every man for himself’ than Tinder but aren’t ready to put on your slippers and join a really serious relationship-focused app like Eharmony (though if you are, don’t be shy, Eharmony has an incredible success rate so you won’t be looking for that serious relationship for long. Go on, read my guide and have a think…).

But Bumble is far from perfect, despite an upcoming IPO at a rumored $6 billion, and one of the more annoying things about the app built by a woman for women is that it’s pretty opaque about user activity.

On many other apps, inactive profiles are either flagged or mothballed and you can see when another user is online, sometimes even when they last were.

It’s common knowledge that Bumble doesn’t mothball profiles as quickly as other apps, but does Bumble tell you when someone is online and using the app?

Unfortunately, no, Bumble doesn’t show when a user is online or when they were last online. It’s for a good reason though – tracking when users were online was reportedly used by stalkers when it was available.

I think we can all agree that stalking is bad. If Bumble is showing you a profile, that does mean they have been active in the last 30 days.

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Bumble Snooze

After any longer profiles are hidden from other users until their owners log back in. Snooze is a new Bumble feature, which I will explain in more detail later, but if you want to pause your own Bumble usage for a while (like you have to stop looking at your damn phone and get some work done, or you’re going on holiday and don’t want to be swiping instead of enjoying yourself) then you can hit Snooze for a specific amount of time or indefinitely and your profile will remain intact.

Launched in 2018, Snooze claims to be aimed at those taking a digital detox which at this point feels like a cute notion. Still, the mode is useful for all sorts of things! I’ll get into it a little more in a bit. But first a couple more Bumble questions.

Does Bumble Show Inactive Profiles?

As I said above, Bumble doesn’t show inactive profiles but the site doesn’t deem a profile ‘inactive’ until it has been all dust bunnies and tumbleweed for a full 30 days.

Arguably, that’s a long time to wait to find out whether the girl you are now pretty sure is your soulmate is going to swipe right back, and/or to wait for a message back from someone who seems to have straight-up ghosted you.

That being said, if you’ve been told that your spouse is on Bumble and had screenshots to prove it, then it’s important to know that the ‘it’s an old profile babe, I haven’t used it for years!’ excuse is definitely not true.

There isn’t much information on when the 30-day limit for inactivity came into play on Tinder, but I suspect that it was within the last couple of years. Before that, I remember the app being full of clearly long-abandoned profiles, and Reddit corroborates that.

So if you’ve been off the apps for a while and are considering Bumble, it has improved! As you’re in the market though, why not have a gander at my rundown of the best dating apps? It might help you narrow things down!

How To Tell If Someone Is Snoozed On Bumble

You will be able to tell a user has snoozed if, within an active chat, you can see a message saying your match is ‘taking a digital detox’.

Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Looks At Their Profile - Snooze

Does Bumble Send Read Receipts?

Ah, the humble read receipt. Whoever invented it was a genius and a total assh*le.

It plagues us in our working lives, forcing us to drop everything and reply to stupid work WhatsApp group chats at all times of the day, and it plagues us in our personal lives, too.

Bumble doesn’t send read receipts. Message delivered just means that the message has successfully landed in your match’s inbox, not that they’ve opened it or seen it.

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