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What Is The Average Age On Bumble?

What Is The Average Age On Bumble?

No one officially says it, but we all know that Bumble is basically built for people who are tired of the bros on Tinder. In fact, it feels like Bumble may have been designed as a haven for people tired of the dating battlefield that Tinder can sometimes resemble, especially as it was a former Tinder employee who set up the rival dating app in 2014.

What we do know for sure, though, is that Bumble tries to create a female-focused dating app experience and an online community that feels safer for women than many other dating apps.

Bumble is free to download and, according to consumer watchdogs, is one of the easiest apps to navigate. Plus, Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFFs, which are areas of the app for, respectively, making business connections and finding friends near you, mean that it has a wider appeal than most dating apps. If you’re new to Bumble and want to get a handle on it, I’ve written a full guide on that here.

But to get back to the question at hand, how are all these unique features reflected in the demographics that use Bumble? What’s the average age of a Bumble user?


Perhaps surprisingly, Bumble is one of only a few apps with over fifty percent of users in the 18-30 range. More specifically 25-30-year-olds make up the largest chunk of the site’s base.

There are also a very respectable number of users aged between 30 and 49, over 30% in fact. It’s the 50+ crowd who are missing out on Bumble, making up only about 6% of the female-focused dating app’s regular user base.

That’s the basics, but let’s look at the numbers a little more carefully.

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Average Age For Bumble Users

When the data is broken down a different way and using more factors, we can see that men between the ages of 25 and 34 are the biggest single demographic on Bumble. The number of women remains pretty much even from 18-34, but men seem to sign up to Bumble in their mid-twenties. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why right?

It’s the Tinder bros growing up! Or, you know, some of them growing up. Some Tinder bros are lifers, and will still be sending unsolicited pics and ‘u up’s when they’re 50. It’s a hard job but someone… actually, no one has to do it. Please, do not spend your life as a Tinder bro!

Anyway, back to Bumble’s average age. It’s higher for men than for women, and that’s probably because women quite like having power and being respected whether they’re 18 or 40. Men, on the other hand, sometimes take a little while to warm up to the idea of letting the woman make the first move.

What is the Average Age on Bumble - Bumble Users Age Range

It’s important to note that we’re talking here about the average age on Bumble. There are plenty of male users aged 18-25, and a decent number of users over 45 or 50 too.

In fact, some older people, women especially, have really taken to Bumble because of its slightly less in-your-face nature than most apps and its focus on letting women make decisions. If you’re older and want to know if Bumble could work for you, you can have a look at my guide to just that here.

So now we know about the average age of Bumble users, what else might we want to pin down about who’s swiping their way through ‘the social network by women, for everyone?

Bumble Gender Ratio

On a site like Bumble which is all about being female-focused, you would probably expect a higher number of women to use the site than me. Oddly enough that’s not the reality of things, but to a large extent, it’s not the app that’s to blame but society.

I know, society, is at it again. Basically, there are more men on every dating app than there are women (except women-only dating apps obviously, though Her does still manage to be 20% men…). The ratios of men to women vary, with a broad average of around 40% women to 60% men across dating platforms.

In terms of the apps with name recognition, Tinder is probably doing best ratio-wise, with about 55% men to 45% women. Bumble comes up behind that with 40% women to 60% men and Hinge is doing terribly with only 30% of its users self-identifying as female.

What is the Average Age On Bumble - Bumble Gender Ratio

The big primarily desktop dating sites often have a more even ratio, with eharmony coming out on top of the online dating equality Olympics with a 50/50 gender ratio.

If that kind of level playing field tickles your fancy, and you’re more in the market for a serious relationship than casual fun, then you can give eharmony a go for free using this link.

The fact that there are somewhat more male than female Bumble users shouldn’t put you off. It’s pretty likely that most of the dating sites and apps you use or have used in the past have a higher percentage of male than female users – there are just more men looking for love online.

Or possibly men join more than one dating site at a higher rate than women do. Either way, based on its gender ratio your chances on Bumble won’t be significantly lessened/improved on Bumble in comparison to other sites because a 40% women to 60% men split is very common.

What Is The Average Age On Bumble - Bumble Profiles

How Does Bumble Age Range Work?

Finally, you can of course narrow down who you see on Bumble. So, even if you aren’t in (or looking for someone in) Bumble’s biggest user demographics you can turn on filters that will allow you to see only appropriate matches.

You will be asked to enter an age range, with a bottom and top age of your choosing between 18 and 100, when you make your Bumble account. After that, you’ll only see other users within that age range.

You will also be asked to specify the gender or genders that you are interested in and the maximum distance from you that you want your matches located. Every one of the specified ages and genders within this distance then becomes a potential match. There should be quite a few whatever you choose, so happy swiping!

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What Is The Average Age On Bumble - Profile Settings

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