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How Many Users Are On Feeld in 2024? Are There Bots & Fake Profiles?

How Many Users Are On Feeld in 2024? Are There Bots & Fake Profiles?

If you keep your fingers on the pulse in the online dating world, you’ll have noticed one app beating particularly hard. Yes, it’s Feeld.

And if your own dating life needs a defibrillator to bring it back to life, then now might be a good time to sit up and take notice. What was once a very niche dating app is having a moment and more people than ever are finding relationships, connections, and intimacy on Feeld.

How Popular Is The Feeld App - Feeld Dating App

Feeld started life as 3nder (pronounced thrinder), before a lawsuit loomed, and really was putting the three in Tinder. Originally built to help couples find a third partner for a threesome, it quickly branched out into a sex-positive haven for couples and singles alike.

But whether you’re hooking up, looking for ENM relationships, or good old-fashioned monogamy, an app is only as good as its users. So let’s find out: how popular is the Feeld app?

How Popular Is Feeld?

If you’re tired of Tinder or bored of Bumble, then it’s time to switch to an up-and-coming dating app with an open-minded community. But while ghosting is a big problem on the most popular dating apps, sometimes an offbeat app can feel like a ghost town.

So how popular is Feeld? Feeld is pretty popular as of 2023: it is the sixth most popular dating app in the United States by download and there are over 2 million connections made on Feeld every month. While it has fewer users than Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, if you’re in a populated area you’ll find plenty of matches on Feeld.

There definitely aren’t as many users on Feeld as there are on the big three dating apps, but if you’re in a big city then you’ll find that the Feeld app is pretty popular. By downloads, here are the most popular dating apps in the United States.

  1. Tinder
  2. Bumble
  3. Hinge
  4. OkCupid
  5. Badoo
  6. Feeld

Coming in sixth on the list, the app originally known as Thrinder isn’t yet challenging Tinder for online dating supremacy. But Feeld is looking like the mullet of the dating app world: it’s on trend for 2024. And like the mullet, you’ll find Feeld is business at the front and party at the back, too.

How Popular Is The Feeld App - Feeld Popularity by Region

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How Many Users Are On Feeld? Feeld Statistics and Demographics

If you’re thinking of playing the Feeld (so to speak), let’s take a look at some Feeld statistics that illustrate just how popular the Feeld app is.

  • Feeld boasts that it has over 2 million users worldwide, with a large portion coming from the US
  • 2 million connections are made on Feeld every month
  • 30 million messages are sent on Feeld every month
  • Around one-third of Feeld users are in a couple
  • Feeld has 20+ gender identities and sexuality options
  • Almost half of Feeld users identify as queer
  • But that means half of Feeld users are heterosexual
  • And two-thirds of Feeld users are single

While Feeld’s user base is definitely less straight, more kinky, and more coupled than Tinder, the majority of users are straight and single. Feeld is an open-minded community, but there’s something for everyone on there. Vanilla remains a popular flavor on this popular dating app.

How Popular Is The Feeld App - Feeld App No Match

Are There Fake Profiles On Feeld?

Fake profiles are an inevitable hazard of the online dating world and sometimes it feels like Tinder has more catfishes than a Mississippian fry-up. But what about Feeld?

So are there fake profiles on Feeld? Yes, there are fake profiles on Feeld and you’ll encounter suspicious blank profiles occasionally. Fake profiles are often trying to scam you out of credit card or cryptocurrency details, so don’t give out any personal information to someone you’ve just met online.

In fact, this is another sign that Feeld is growing in popularity as I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in catfishes and bots on Feeld. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Blank profiles. Most Feeld users are open about their interests and desires, so a blank profile is an instant red flag.
  • One repeating picture. Many fake profiles feature one attractive picture and little else. Don’t be fooled.
  • Asking for cryptocurrency information. Hacking into crypto accounts is a common scam in online dating these days.
  • Terrible grammar and spelling in chat. Both bots and hackers are notorious for their faulty English. If something feels off, trust your gut.
  • Moving off the app too fast. Scammers are interested in getting your email address and phone number, so if they’re trying to move off the app in the first few messages it’s likely that they are a fake account.

Of course, because some Feeld users are revealing intimate details in their bios, you’ll encounter imaginary names on Feeld more than on other apps, where you’re often required to reveal your true identity.

That means that a fake name (or single letter) or a single picture aren’t always red flags on Feeld, whereas it would be an instant left swipe on Tinder or Bumble. But if a conversation with one of these profiles feels wrong, I recommend that you disconnect immediately.

Fake profiles can be annoying, but they’re pretty easily spotted. Simply swipe right and move on.

Is The Feeld App Any Good?

While Feeld’s kinky origins may put off the more straight-laced among us, this is increasingly an app for anyone interested in connection, and tired of the traditional swiping game.

So is the Feeld app any good? Yes, Feeld is growing in popularity and has an open-minded, emotionally mature community of users. The app can be a bit glitchy, especially the messaging feature, but has some unique features and it really works for meeting people and getting real-life dates.

Feeld’s messaging problems can actually be turned to your advantage. Because messaging is slow and glitchy, in my experience, Feeld users are ready and willing to switch to another app.

My theory is that Feeld’s designers are secretly aware of the hurdles for getting someone’s number in online dating, and deliberately make messaging unwieldy to help you turn your matches into real-life dates!

But I’ve found the best thing about Feeld to be its users. There’s less ghosting and because of an increased openness about desire and sexuality, Feeld conversations often feel more meaningful. Not every match leads to a date, but more conversations move off the app and into the real world.

Is Feeld Popular In The UK?

Feeld was founded in Bulgaria and it definitely has a European free-love vibe going on. Its popularity varies somewhat around the world, and it’s currently taking off in the UK.

So is Feeld popular in the UK? Yes. Downloads tripled in the UK between 2020 and 2023 and in 2024 there are now 1.6 times as many active users on Feeld. In the UK, Feeld is the fifth most popular dating app by download – beating OkCupid into the top five.

In fact, the Times recently described Feeld as bringing kink into the mainstream in the UK, and that’s definitely not a newspaper known for its liberal values.

How Popular Is The Feeld App - Feeld Usage Rank

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As you can see, Feeld’s popularity is growing around the world. We all knew the Netherlands was full of kinky freaks, but Feeld’s popularity is penetrating (excuse the pun) into traditionally prudish markets like the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, too.

Is Feeld Free?

Sounds good right? Any catches? Whenever you’re signing up for a new dating site, the paywall looms large. Some sites like Tinder give you enough to get dates for free, while others seal messaging behind a locked door and charge you for the key.

So is Feeld free? Yes, Feeld is completely free to download and you can build your profile, give ‘Likes’ to other users, match, and message without subscribing to Feeld’s premium service.

Of course, like every other dating app out there, Feeld has an upgraded version. Premium Feeld is called Majestic and it’s similar to other paid dating app upgrades. With Feeld Majestic, you get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • One Ping a day (Feeld’s version of a SuperLike)
  • Incognito Mode
  • See people who liked you
  • “Private” photos
  • Enhanced filtering by desires
  • See when users were last active
How Popular Is The Feeld App - Feeld Majestic Membership

Feeld’s Majestic membership will cost you around $20 for a month, $40 for three months, or $100 annually, putting it on the cheaper side of a dating app upgrade.

Like all premium online dating services, it can definitely help you get more matches, especially through Pings and seeing who liked you. But before you splash out in the hope of more connections, remember that taking better dating profile pictures won’t cost you a cent.

Wrapping Up

Feeld’s popularity is growing and it’s definitely not just for unicorns and kinksters anymore: it’s equally worth checking out for a college student hunting for hook-ups as for a middle-aged woman looking for something mature.

Of course, you’ll get no results if you don’t have a killer profile and while the Feeld crowd might be a little less superficial on average, you still need great pictures and a strong bio to get people interested.

My 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up is designed to give you a total profile overhaul. Even though it says Tinder on the name it works perfectly for an app like Feeld with a slightly old-school UX. And the overall profile vibe check will help you tailor your profile to find matches that work for you.

Maybe it’s time to play the Feeld?

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