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What Does The M Mean On Feeld? And How To Hide Majestic Status In 2024

What Does The M Mean On Feeld? And How To Hide Majestic Status In 2024

From swipe decks to beelines, with every online dating app, there’s a new bit of lingo to get your head around. Even though most apps rely on the same swiping and liking mechanisms, they like to pretend they’ve reinvented the wheel by giving the same features a fancy new name.

Well, the Feeld app went ahead and reinvented the third wheel, if you catch my drift. Because it’s an app for threesomes, or at least it was when it started out with the cheeky name “Thrinder”.

Nowadays it’s firmly an app for couples AND singles. But on Feeld, it can still feel like there’s a lot to learn. Switchy? Heteroflexible? GGG?

But we’re not here for a lesson in gender and sexual orientation, we’re here to find out what the big red M means on Feeld.

You’ll have seen it on users’ profiles as well as in the “Who Likes You Tab”. This is one mystery of Feeld we can unravel for you so let’s dive in.

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Feeld App Overview

What Does The M Mean On Feeld?

Swiping on Feeld raises questions for a lot of people. We could try to guess what the M stands for – masochism? Maschalagnia? None of the above!

So what does the M mean on Feeld? It stands for Majestic, which is Feeld’s premium service. If you see the red M on a user’s profile, it means that they’re a paying subscriber of premium Feeld.

That means they’re getting access to a few top-tier subscription features, like incognito mode and the ability to upload private photos that can only be seen by connections.

It might be a sign that the user is serious about making connections on Feeld, or that they’ve got money to burn. Either way, seems like it could be a good match!

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Feeld M Symbol

Feeld Majestic Membership

So the M on Feeld stands for nothing more alarming than Majestic. Paid-up Feeld subscribers get access to a few kingly (or queenly) features.

Majestic costs around $20 for one month, $40 for three months, or $100 for a year, making it pretty affordable. Here’s what you’ll get for your money.

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Feeld Majestic

Feeld Majestic Features

Many of Feeld’s premium features are shared with other mainstream dating apps like Tinder or Hinge, but there are a few curveballs befitting an app that isn’t always as straight as an arrow. Feeld’s Majestic features are:

  • Incognito Mode
  • See who liked you
  • Private photos
  • Filter the Discover feed by ‘desires’
  • Filter by ‘Recently Active’ and see ‘Last Seen’ status
  • One free ‘Ping’ per day

Incognito Mode

With Incognito Mode switched on, you will only be shown to people that you have already Liked. If you connect your Facebook account to Feeld, then you can also choose to be hidden only from your Facebook friends (although this requires that they’ve also connected their social media — and is anyone still using Facebook?).

Because of Feeld’s often intimate nature, this is a pretty useful feature if you don’t want to share your kinks with the world. But it also reduces your chance of a connection.

See Who Liked You

Most apps ask you to cough up for that ego-boosting list of people who “Liked” you and Feeld is no different. Free users can tap the heart at the bottom of their screen to enter the “Liked You” tab, but unless you’re a Majestic member you’ll only see usernames and blurred-out photos.

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Who Liked You Feeld

Private Photos

One Feeld feature that you won’t find on other apps is private photos. Private photos are Feeld profile pictures that can only be seen by your Connections (what Feeld calls your matches). Paid members can upload extra saucy pics, but choose who to share them with.

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Private Photos Feeld

Filter The Discover Feed By ‘Desires’

Another unique feature for Feeld is their ‘Desires’ list. Users can add up to ten desires, mostly sexual or sensual in nature, to their profile and Majestic members can filter the Discover feed based on these desires. Very handy if you’ve got a dealbreaker kink.

Filter By ‘Recently Active’

Majestic members can also filter Discover to see only recently active users, which Feeld defines as those who have been on the app in the last week. You can also see when a user was last online, whether that was hours, days, or weeks ago.

One Free ‘Ping’ Per Day

A Ping is Feeld’s version of a SuperLike, it immediately notifies the other user that you’ve liked them and increases your chances of a connection. Free Feeld users get two free Pings — ever. So if you don’t plan on subscribing, use them wisely!

What Does The M Mean On Feeld - Feeld Ping

Can You Hide Majestic Membership On Feeld?

If you want to up your game on Feeld, Majestic membership comes with a few fancy features like additional Pings that can help you get more matches. But paying for a dating app sometimes feels a bit like taking it too seriously, and you don’t want to advertise it to the world.

So can you hide Majestic membership on Feeld? No. There is no way to hide Majestic membership, and you cannot remove the M from your profile if you’re paying for Feeld’s premium service.

According to Reddit users, Feeld were considering adding an option to hide your Majestic status so if this is something you’d like to see, reach out to Feeld’s customer support and let them know!

Traditional dating apps don’t tend to give away your premium status, but one of the best things about Feeld is its open-minded community of users. If nobody is going to judge your freakiest desires, I don’t think anybody cares that you’re paying for a dating app either. 

Final Thoughts

That big ol’ M on Feeld is a sign that someone is paying for Majestic, Feeld’s premium service. This gives them access to unlimited likes, extra Pings, incognito mode, and the ego-boosting “Who likes you” list.

For now, Feeld’s premium pricing is pretty affordable compared to the likes of Tinder Gold and their unique features help you make the most of this pretty unique online dating site.

Feeld sells itself as an app for relationships, connections, and intimacy, and if you come with an open mind it really works for first dates in real life. But if you need more matches, don’t splash out on a paid membership before you give your profile an overhaul.

So check out my totally free profile do-over guide: introducing, the 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. Even though it says Tinder on the tin, it works for all dating apps and the profile vibe-check feature is perfect for an app like Feeld where you need to appeal to the right sort of matches to make it work.

Maybe some new photos or a snazzy bio is all you need for a match list fit for a king. How’s that for majestic?

Feeld FAQ

Using Feeld can raise a few questions, as well as a few eyebrows. Here are the answers to your burning Feeld questions.

How Does Messaging Work On Feeld?

Messaging on Feeld is very straightforward. Navigate to your Chats tab which is found under the speech bubble icon, second from the right on the toolbar at the bottom of the app. Your matches are at the top of the screen: to start a chat, tap your match’s profile picture and type your opening message.

What Are The Desires On Feeld?

Feeld’s increasing popularity is bringing a more vanilla flavor to the app, but there are still some kink-friendly features. So what are the desires on Feeld? The desires are a list of tags you can add to your profile, indicating the kind of relationship you’re looking for, such as casual or ENM (ethical non-monogamy), as well as the kind of fun you want to have.

My advice for Feeld is to be honest about your desires. You’ll get better matches and have more interesting conversations, so don’t be shy.

What Does The Last Seen Mean On Feeld?

Last Seen shows you when the person you’re looking at was last online, and it’s a Feeld Majestic feature, available to Feeld premium users. With Majestic membership, you can filter your Discover feed by “Recently Active”, which rules out anyone who hasn’t been on the app in the last seven days.

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