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Here’s Why You Should Personalize Your Tinder Opening Message

Here’s Why You Should Personalize Your Tinder Opening Message

What Is Personalization On Tinder?

I’m sure there is a lot of you who already know what personalization is, but if not, it’s basically tailoring your opening line specifically for that one match.

What I mean by that is ensuring your opener is relevant to her and no one else, by making reference to something within her profile.

For example, if your conversation starter is about her photos, bio, interests, job, Spotify anthem, or anything else about her, it’s personalized.

If you are starting with a generic opener, whether that’s a GIF, pickup line, joke, compliment, or just a simple hello, that could be sent as an opener to any girl on your match list, that is not personalized.

You may be thinking “why all the fuss?” I get it, it is just Tinder. With that being said, let’s get into the reasons why personalizing your first Tinder message is so important.

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Why You Should Personalize Your Opening Line

Now look, I bet a lot of you have probably seen certain openers online that you maybe use, or maybe you feel like you just want to keep things safe with a simple hello.

 That’s fine, but the point is, effort gets results. Using this logic, a line you have found from the internet is probably going to get a better response than just a boring hello, but there are more and more guys jumping on Tinder and only so many “pick up” lines floating around on blogs and Reddit.

The point I am trying to make is you certainly don’t want a match you are really interested in, think you are really smooth with your opener, only to change her mind when she receives the same line another three times in the same night.

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So on this point, taking into account the massive amount of competition between guys seeking girls on Tinder, you need to do everything you can to separate yourself from the pack. How do you do that if all the pickup lines are taken? You personalize!

The reason it’s effective is you are being different from the boring ‘hey’ and ‘hello’ messages she would be receiving 90% of the time.

But you are also going a step above that. You are completely unique, because you have looked at her profile, and then and only then have you formulated an opener based on what you observed.

Personalize Tinder Opening Line- Boring Opening Lines Hi, Hey, Hello

So let’s break down why it’s a good idea to personalize:

  1. You are separating yourself from the boring “what’s up?” and “hey” messages that she usually receives.
  2. You aren’t copying and pasting some line from the internet that has a shelf life until it becomes lame and unoriginal.
  3. You are showing we have taken the time to look at her profile, meaning you are actually interested, and not just wanting to rush things along for “one thing.”
  4. It’s relevant to her.

So how do you personalize your Tinder opener? Good question! It’s all well and good for me to tell you to do it, but if I don’t give you the tools to do so, it can get confusing, you overthink things and before you know it you’ve gone back to your so-called “safe” opener of “hey, what’s up?”

So let’s look at the first step in personalizing your openers! Personalization involves scouring your matches profile for anything relevant to either ask about, compliment her on, make a GIF about, etc. Now, when I say anything, I mean anything.

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It could be one of her photos, something she is doing consistently in a few photos, something written in her bio, her job, her interests, a mutual friend, a random object in the background of a photo, whatever.

Honestly, as long as there is some mention of it or it’s relevant to her profile, then we have a winner! This “thing” that you settle on to help you come up with your opener, I like to call it a ‘feature.’

So moving on, the real question is what to do AFTER you have found the feature. Well, I like to break things down into 4 different categories.

These are questions, relating back to you, compliments, and GIFs. All require personalization, hence the importance of it.

Examples Of Personalization

In order to learn exactly how to incorporate personalization in all four of these opener categories as well as finding the ‘feature’, check out my free video mini-course on crafting the perfect opening line.

Most importantly, in this video, you will be able to see live examples, which I believe is the best way to learn. It also looks at what to do in the instance that your matches profile is blank. This is because it makes it almost impossible to personalize… almost.

Get it free here.

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