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How Do You Take Good Tinder Pictures As A Guy In 2024 (Even When Alone)?

How Do You Take Good Tinder Pictures As A Guy In 2024 (Even When Alone)?

Despite living in a world where everyone carries a high-quality camera in their pocket, most regular guys still struggle to have good photos of themselves.

And while there are plenty of women getting Tinder swipes with a single mirror selfie, that won’t cut it for the dudes out there.  Unfortunately, taking solo pics is hard.

More guys acknowledge they need to put the work in with their Tinder photos, but they don’t want to ask their friends for a photo shoot. Or worse, Mom…

That leaves you to take good Tinder pictures alone. This is one of the biggest challenges for a great Tinder profile. Taking photos of yourself doesn’t feel like a very “manly” thing to do. So getting started, you’ll feel self-conscious, be low-effort and your pictures will suck. And then wonder why you’re getting no matches.

Just because we’re talking about taking photos alone doesn’t mean we are talking about selfies. We’re talking about high-quality, staged, posed, and yet perfectly natural-looking photos, taken alone. No friends needed.

If that sounds awkward to you, well, you’re in the right place. This is the ultimate guide to getting over yourself and taking the best photos for Tinder by yourself. We’ll also check out some poses that are proven to work.

So let’s get snapping.

Online Dating Profile Photo - How To Take Photos

How Do I Take Pictures Of Myself For Tinder?

Selfies are out. Your Mom thinks your baby pictures are the cutest (hint: they’re not). And you’ve got no friends to call on in your time of need. You need to take great male Tinder pictures, alone.

So you’re asking how I take pictures of myself on Tinder? Use your rear-facing camera and either prop your phone up on something or use a tripod to get the best angle. Shoot from waist height and take video or use Live Photos, and choose the best frame.

Taking tinder photos with tripod alone

To be frank, it takes a bit of practice to get over the feeling that you look like a massive dickhead. It can be embarrassing at first to set up a camera, walk in front of it, and strike a few poses, especially in public places.

But when you see the outcome – great photographs of yourself you never could have gotten otherwise – it’s totally worth it.

And trust me, it gets easier the more you practice. So let’s take a look at 7 ways you can take a hot Tinder pic, as Celine Dion would say, all by myself.

7 Easy Ways To Take Good Tinder Photos By Yourself

Selfie sticks? Self-timers? Forget it. Say goodbye to cheesy selfies, bad angles, and awkward smiles. Here are 7 ways you can take amazing Tinder profile pictures by yourself.

  1. Always Use The Rear-Facing Camera

Your front-facing camera is great for selfies, but we’re not taking selfies. The lighting is always bad, the weird close-ups mess with how you look and there’s never enough background.

Your rear-facing camera on your mobile phone, however, is great quality. These days, it most likely takes 4K video and professional-quality snapshots. So always use the rear-facing camera for your Tinder pics and the next few tips will show you how.

  1. Rest Your Phone On Something

This is the no-frills method. Prop your phone up on a water bottle, a railing, or whatever else you have. And boom, now it’s ready to take the perfect shot.

Always try to use a table, a stool, or a wall because shooting upwards from waist height is going to get you the best angles and, just maybe, make you look a little taller in your pictures.

But if you’ve found the perfect background and there’s nothing to set your phone on, you can even use the ground and angle the camera upwards.

Use rear facing camera and leaning phone against something when taking photos solo for tinder
  1. Use A Tripod

Take your selfie stick and stick it… somewhere. While a tripod might seem like a serious bit of kit, you can pick up a cheap tripod for your phone on Amazon and they can pack down super small. So if you’re taking any kind of trip where there might be photo ops, pack the tripod.

Now you’ve got a ready-made phone holder, with an adjustable height. You can choose the perfect framing of your chosen background and it looks just like someone was there with you shooting away.

Packing a tripod to take tinder photos alone
  1. Ask A Stranger To Take Your Picture

A lot of guys are uncomfortable asking a stranger to take a shot of them, especially when you’re alone and posing for dating app profile photos. But people are happy to oblige, and you can even tell them what the pictures are for – everyone and their dog (literally) is on Tinder nowadays, so people get it.

Ask tourists, security guards, or any passers-by to take a picture if you’ve found the perfect spot for a Tinder pic. Remember to give them some directions about how you want it to be framed, and explain that you’re going to be walking toward the camera or whatever other poses you’re choosing.

Honestly, when you see how great the photos come out you’ll feel great. Asking strangers for a quick favor is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and get you more confident talking to strangers. Practicing these skills is going to help your dating game in the long run.

  1. Use Live Photos

iPhones have a great feature called Live Photos which basically captures a short video clip every time you hit the shutter button. Instead of just getting one shot, you get a ton of frames to choose from and it’s incredible what a difference one millisecond can make to the next in how you look.

No more one-eye-half-closed or awkward grins. Once you know how to pose, choosing from Live Photos or an Android equivalent lets you get great, natural-looking shots that don’t seem posed at all.

Here’s how to set up Live Photos on your iPhone.

  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the three concentric circles at the top of the screen. 
  3. When Live Photos is on, the circles will be yellow.
  4. Tap the shutter button to take a photo with Live Photos.
  5. To review the photo and frames, open the photo and then touch and hold the screen to play the Live Photo.

Live Photos still works like a picture, so you’ll have to set a self-timer and jog into the shot. But there’s an even better way to take candid and comfortable photos by yourself.

Selecting Live Photo on iPhone camera app for taking tinder photos alone
  1. Take A Video

Using a self-timer, you’ll have around ten seconds to hop into the frame and let Live Photos work its magic. If you’re trying out a few poses, that’s a lot of trips to the camera. Finding the best shot shouldn’t be hard work, and if it is you’re more likely to give up before you get it.

Today’s smartphones have 4K video, taking 30 frames per second. Take a minute-long video and you’ll have 1800 frames to choose from. The odds of getting at least one good picture are in your favor!

Use your camera’s “Export frame” function to extract an image rather than simply screenshotting in the video. The chosen image should appear in your camera roll.

Taking Tinder Photos Using Video
  1. Be Prepared

Whether it’s that golden-house glow or stumbling upon a cozy coffee shop that your potential swipers are going to love, when the perfect Tinder picture opportunity arises, you need to be prepared.

That means you want to look your best – clean and groomed, pressed clothes, presenting the best version of yourself. Honestly, this is life advice as much as Tinder photo advice. Hold yourself to a high standard when you’re leaving the house.

Keeping a spare t-shirt or a hoodie in your bag also lets you perform a quick outfit change and suddenly one Tinder photo opportunity can give you a handful of pictures that look like they were taken on different days. This is a great trick for those who like to keep their Tinder pictures turning over, for that algorithm boost.

Bring a change of clothes while taking pictures for online dating and tinder profile

How Should You Pose For Pictures On Tinder?

Even once you understand how to take great pictures alone, there’s still a hurdle to overcome. If you’re anything like me, you probably feel pretty awkward setting up a tripod and filming yourself, by yourself. 

For guys, posing has negative connotations, but we’re not talking about blue steel here. I think of posing as simply standing sitting or walking a certain way in front of the camera to look better. Suddenly it doesn’t sound so bad.

Solo tinder photo pose

So how should you pose for pictures on Tinder? Walking toward the camera gives your body some natural movement while you can occupy your hands with a watch or by rolling up your shirt sleeves. If you’re sitting, adding more angles with a bent knee or elbow makes guys look more masculine. And make sure you understand which is your best side – for most people it’s their left.

You don’t need to use every pose idea in every photo. But having a toolbox of tricks and props that help you occupy your hands, get your jawline popping and land on an easy smile means that one of those 4K frames is going to come out looking dandy.

The Best Poses For Tinder Profile Photos

The average guy hates posing for photographs, but when you’re alone there’s an added layer of self-consciousness to overcome. That’s why these posing tricks are so helpful – just follow the recipe and your Tinder swipers are going to be eating up your pics.

These easy pose ideas don’t even feel like posing. And that will help your Tinder pics turn out candid, natural, and downright cool.

Tinder photo taking by myself posing on the side
  • Walking towards the camera. When you’re taking a video, walk back to the camera and glance in different directions, alternating between smiling and looking serious.
  • Fixing your posture. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your core tucked.
  • Sitting with your legs open. If you’re sitting, open your legs to look more masculine and relaxed.
  • Use angles to appear more masculine. Lean on an elbow, or bend a knee. Sharper angles create a geometry that comes across as more masculine.
  • Make your jawline pop. Clenching your jaw and bringing your tongue up to the roof of your mouth makes your cheekbones pop and your jawline stand out. It can make a subtle but influential difference in how masculine, and attractive, your potential matches perceive you.
Tinder Photo Taken While Doing Walking Pose At Wrestling Event
A standard ‘walking’ pose
  • Find your best side. For most people, their left side is their best, so turn your body 10 to 15 degrees to the right to show it off.
  • Occupy your hands. Playing with your watch or sleeve cuffs gives a natural, off-guard impression. You can keep your hands busy with a book, coffee cup, or even your phone.
  • Find your smile. If you’re going for a smile, then use what’s called a Duchenne smile. This is a smile that reaches all the way up to your eyes and wrinkles the corners. Studies have shown people perceive these smiles as more authentic – and natural.
  • Look at the ground. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, looking down gets you out of the spotlight. Look at the ground and try out a smile, then glance up at the camera when you feel comfortable.
Tinder photo solo walking and looking away from camera

Practice makes perfect with posing. It doesn’t come naturally to many people, but a few general rules like standing up straight and occupying your hands can make an immediate difference to your pictures.

Honestly, walking toward the camera is the ultimate pose. You look natural and ooze an open body language that makes her want to get to know you.

How To Take A Good Photo For Tinder

We’ve covered how to take pictures by yourself, and what you should be doing in your photos. And that means we’re halfway to a camera roll of incredible Tinder pics.

Now it’s time to talk about everything else. Lighting, background, contrast, cropping. Who else should be in your photos and who definitely shouldn’t be? These hard the hard and fast rules for your online dating pics.

Tinder photos posing for guys

10 Rules For Perfect Tinder Profile Pictures

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Tinder for hookups or looking to find The One. Or whether your pics are taken at the library or Lollapalooza. There are some rules for taking a good photo for dating apps that apply to everyone. Here’s what makes a good Tinder picture.

  1.  Have Some Variety Across Your Tinder Photos

A potential match wants a glimpse into your world. If every picture looks like it was taken in the same 15-minute period, it’s a right swipe. Have a few different backgrounds, and if you’re taking lots of photos in one place change up your outfit.

  1. Be The Focal Point Of All Your Photos

You should be the focal point of every picture – get centred in the photo and ensure that the eye is drawn directly to you.

Tinder photos taken by myself being the focal point
  1. Look Your Best – Well-Dressed And Groomed

It should go without saying, but so many guys get this wrong. You should present a well-dressed and groomed version of yourself. That means pressed shirts, styled hair, and a clean look.

  1. Background Matters

When you start taking Tinder profile pictures you should develop a sixth sense for a good background. Look out for street art, fancy coffee shops, or just a nice old tree! 

If it’s a busy space, try to crop to keep distractions at a minimum. A dog taking a dump in the corner can ruin the vibe.

Indoors, keep the background clean and tidy. When she looks at your photo, she should want to be in the room with you. Your background should draw her in, not put her off!

Tinder photo for guys with cool background
  1. Find Good Lighting

Good lighting helps you glow. If you’re outdoors, the golden hours of dusk and dawn are a photographer’s best friend. Indoors, overhead lights make you look washed out while warm lamps and fairy lights help you look your best.

  1. Include Your Hobbies And Lifestyle To Show Who You Are

She might never even read your bio – let your photos tell a story of who you are. Whether you’re the bookish sort or an all-out athlete, include a few pictures of your hobbies and lifestyle to get her interested.

  1. Limit Group Shots

I’m okay with one or two group photos to provide a kind of social proof that you’re a cool and friendly guy, but it should be very obvious who you are in every photo. That means group photos come toward the end of your pictures, and if you’re not standing out in them then delete it.

  1. No Pictures Of The Opposite Sex. At All.

Group photos = you and the boys. There should be no pictures of the opposite sex in your Tinder pictures, period. No exes, no sisters, not the girl you grew up living next door to. Your Tinder matches don’t want to guess your relationship with her.

There’s one exception to this rule: your adorable grandmother is good to go. But are you seriously going to leverage old Agnes for swipes? You are?!

  1. No Sunglasses

Tinder’s own research shows that you’re 12% less likely to get a right swipe if you’re in sunglasses. People need to see your eyes to make a connection. If you’re following my instructions, you’re taking your pictures in the golden light of the dawn, so what do you need sunglasses for anyway?

  1.  Edit Your Photos

Editing your photos isn’t about changing the way you look – we’re not airbrushing any acne or going for anime eyes. But every modern smartphone provides a handful of helpful editing tools. Cropping your photos helps cut out any distractions and adjusting the exposure and structure helps the colors come to life.

Is One Picture Enough For Tinder?

Still wondering, is 1 picture enough for Tinder? No, absolutely not. Even 3 pictures aren’t enough. Aim for at least four, and ideally five or six.

Women should get a well-rounded sense of who you are, when it comes to your Tinder photos. Choose a variety of pictures from different locations and include at least one full-body shot.

Should I Put Shirtless Pics On Tinder?

Should you put a shirtless pic on Tinder? Yes, you can get away with a shirtless pic on your Tinder profile. This is one I’ve changed my mind on. I think that in the right context, a shirtless photo is fine but it can’t look like a needless flex.

So maybe you’re on a hike or at the beach, and you look like you just wanted to cool off. That’s fine. Indoor shirtless pics will make you look like a douche.

Is it ok to have a shirtless photo on tinder? Shirtless tinder photo at the beach

Wrapping Up

Great photos for an online dating profile are specific. Before you try this, there are likely no good pictures in your camera roll. And as a man, you have to work even harder to make a great first impression.

Using tripods and Live Photos for taking a photo by yourself gets you great pictures without looking like a douchebag that lives in front of the mirror.

With great photos, you’re over the first major hurdle for getting more right swipes on Tinder than you know what to do with. But you still need a great bio and a profile that gives off the right vibe for your matches. Check out my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a total profile do-over!

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