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What Happens If Someone Reports You On Hinge?

What Happens If Someone Reports You On Hinge?

So, I have never been reported on Hinge. Shocker, I know! So, I have to look around and use some logic to work out the answer to the question, ‘What happens if someone reports you on Hinge?’

Of course, we can work backward. We can look at what happens when you report someone on Hinge, for example.

Reporting on Hinge is simple. When someone reports you, they click on the three dots on your profile and hit report. They then have to say why they reported you, though the options aren’t particularly specific.

If you report someone from your matches, they will immediately be deleted from matches. Otherwise, you won’t see them again in your feed.

Hinge users can also email support about profiles they can’t find anymore, or profiles that seem to have been deleted, with the user name and details of someone they want to report (if they can remember them).

What Happens If Someone Reports You On Hinge - Hinge Reporting

If someone deletes you as a match, you’ll never see them on the site again.

And apart from that, Hinge has had few glitches that have resulted in loads of matches being deleted amongst other things.

So, if everything goes a bit sideways on your Hinge account, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been reported and/or blocked!

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Does Hinge Take Reports Seriously?

It can sometimes feel like you’re shouting into a void. Like we’re all shouting into a void. So it’s reasonable to ask, ‘Does Hinge take reports seriously?’

This is especially true in the context of a worrying number of revenge reports, and the growth of online dating generally.

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In Hinge’s own words, the company cares a lot about the effectiveness of its reports system. In their FAQs, Hinge assures their users by saying, ‘We take reports very seriously.

The more details you can provide, the quicker we can identify and investigate the profile or user in question.’

They go on to explain what happens when someone is reported and note how serious reporting is, saying, ‘Reporting is an anonymous and permanent action.

You will not see their profile again, nor will they see yours.’

So, it seems that Hinge does take reports seriously. Anecdotal evidence backs this up, with people who are blocked from Hinge finding getting back on the app extremely tough.

Can You Get Banned On Hinge?

We all mess up sometimes. I guess either you’ve messed up, a friend has messed up, or you need to report someone who may well have messed up – that’s why you’re searching ‘Can you get banned on Hinge’ right?

Categorically, yes, you can get banned on Hinge.

You will have in some way violated the Hinge terms of service, according to their site.

You won’t be told exactly why you have been banned, and Hinge won’t respond to inquiries.

What Happens If Someone Reports You On Hinge - Report Notification

Suffice to say, Hinge employs real, human moderators to look into these things so you shouldn’t ever be banned unless you really have violated the terms of service.

Being deleted on Hinge is permanent, and you won’t be able to open a new account. So, be sensible! And tell your friends to be sensible too.

If you need to know the basics on Hinge to make sure getting banned never happens, though, here’s my article on how Hinge works.

Why Do You Get Banned On Hinge?

Okay, so we’ve established that you can get banned on Hinge. But why does it happen? What do you have to avoid doing?

And on top of that, what’s a good reason to report someone else? Well, this is what Hinge themselves have to say.

The Hinge terms of service are the bible on this.

In short, though, if you lie about who you are (even in a minor way), try to mess with or subvert the Hinge algorithm, use the platform for harmful or nefarious purposes, forge anything, break an NDA on the site… actually it’s a lot.

What Happens If Someone Reports You On Hinge - Hinge App

Read the terms of service! It’s clear though: don’t lie, take advantage, or be a dick. Then you should be okay!

Of course, my hope is that you’ll never need to use all this info. I mean, I hope you don’t ever have to ban anyone from Hinge or get banned yourself.

But at least now you’re armed and ready! If you’re worried about Hinge, though, maybe you should rethink your dating app choice?

The best way to do that is to take my quiz on the subject.

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