What Are The Best Dating Apps In 2020?

Whether you like it or not, dating apps are completely taking over our world. Never before has hopping online to find a fling or a forever partner been so widely socially acceptable.

So the big question is, what are the best dating apps out there besides Tinder, and which one(s) should you sign up to? Maybe you’re interested in the best dating apps for relationships.

Maybe you’re looking for dating apps like Tinder that can just be used for hookups. You probably also have questions about free or paid dating apps, or what platform they are available on.

The point is, that everyone is different, and on that note, the best dating app for you, will be different to most. Regardless of what you are looking for, I’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the very best dating apps to try in 2020. 

If you would like to see a breakdown of the top 5 dating apps for a relationship, a hook up, to see where things go, friendship or marriage, scroll to the bottom of the page where I have ranked these best apps for each type of goal. 

Best All-round Dating Apps

Best Dating App For A Serious Relationship: eHarmony

Best Dating Apps eHarmony screens

Best For: Serious daters ready to find the one

Not For: Someone not quite ready to settle down

My perception of eHarmony has dramatically changed in recent years. And if you have any preconceived ideas about eHarmony before giving it a go, get rid of them right away.

I’ve included eHarmony so high on this list because in my opinion, eHarmony has proven itself as the very best app when it comes to finding a relationship. 

eHarmony is the worlds most trusted dating platform, and there’s definitely a reason for that. The fact that every 14 minutes someone finds love means that it works.

Age Distribution:


Best Dating Apps 2020 age distribution

Made For:

Best Dating Apps - Made For - eHarmony

Platform: Web, iOS, Android


eHarmony has three different membership levels. All three of them (light, plus and extra) have the exact same features, the only difference is the price and the subscription time. eHarmony also allows you to pay upfront or in instalments as shown listed below:

    Pricing Option
    6 Months
    12 Months
    24 Months

    What Paid Membership Gets You: eHarmony’s free version comes with some pretty major hurdles. Unfortunately you are unable to freely send messages back and forth. 

    The features that unlock once you begin a membership include unlimited matches, viewing all users photos, enhanced search features and unlimited communication. 

    I feel the free version should be used to get a feel for the app and if it’s right for you. But if you’re looking for a free dating app with uninterrupted free messaging, eHarmony probably isn’t for you.

    Best Dating Apps 2020 eHarmony sign up process


    • Very easy to use
    • The highest success rate historically
    • Questionnaire takes out guess work in helping finding like-minded individuals
    • Attractive profiles and user interface 
    • Lengthy sign up process deter not so serious daters and scammers
    • If you’re not satisfied after 3 month, the next 3 months are free…


    • Above average price
    • History of not being the most welcome to the LGBTQ+ community, which has been changing in recent years
    • Heavy limitations on free version

    Most Similar To: Match, Christian Cafe

    Final Thoughts: According to eHarmony, 4% of all marriages that exist in the US today are because of eHarmony. Those stats are amazing and why eHarmony is  the best dating apps for relationships. So what that means is that if you are adamant on finding someone special to settle down with, then eHarmony’s prices seem a lot more affordable. But if you’re not completely ready to fork out some cash, just go through the personality test and have a look around the app for free, which will at least give you a feel for whether its for you. 

    Dude Hack Rating:

    5 stars - best dating apps for relationships

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    Best Dating Apps For Career Driven, Educated People: Elite Singles

    Best Dating Apps - Elite Singles Screens

    Best For: Someone in their 30’s looking for someone on a similar path.

    Not For: Someone not at a stage of their life of being career or relationship focused

    Elite Singles is all about top quality candidates looking for a serious relationship. It’s trying to move away from the hookup culture that comes along with many online dating apps.

    Related: eHarmony vs. EliteSingles | Which App Wins?

    It’s intended for a more mature audience with 90% of its users being over 30. They’re also an educated bunch with 80% having university degrees. Only hop on here if you’re serious about finding a potential partner.  

    So if you are serious about finding a serious relationship with someone who is like minded and from a similar background to you, Elite Singles is one of the most streamlined way to do that. Check it out here.

    Age Distribution:

    Best dating apps 2020 Elite SIngles Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - Elite Singles

    Platform: Web, iOS, Android

    PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
    3 Months$173.85$57.95
    6 Months$269.70$44.95
    12 Months$383.40$31.95

    What Paid Membership Gets You:  Paying allows you to send unlimited messages, view all user photos as well as be frequently suggested to other profiles. A 6 or 12 months subscription will also allow you to be able to see which users have viewed your profile, get 20 extra matches per day and leave comments on profiles and photos.

    best dating apps 2020 Elite Singles Sign Up


    • Many similar and likeminded people
    • Low chance of catfishing compared to free apps
    • Highly successful track record in matching partners
    • Fast growing


    • Reports of matches appearing slightly outside of preferred distance range

    Most Similar To: Match, Hinge

    Final Thoughts: It is proven that similar backgrounds tend to drift towards each other, Elite Singles allows you to cut to the chase. So if you’re educated, career driven, over 30 and looking for someone in the same headspace as you, give Elite Singles a try.

    Dude Hack Rating:

    5 stars - best dating apps for relationships

    Best Dating App For People Sick Of Tinder: Hinge

    Best Dating Apps 2020 - Hinge Screens

    Best For: Someone in their 20’s – 30’s looking to move on from Tinder

    Not For: Over 50’s wanting a serious relationship

    Hinge originally operated by helping users find a match that they share mutual friends with. Based on their Facebook friends Hinge will present many profiles that they can scroll down through. But it seems in recent years its algorithm has developed to work like more traditional recent dating apps.

    It’s had a recent revamp putting a heavy focus on it being an app strictly for relationships. I guess it makes sense because you probably don’t want to have too many hookups with friends of friends. It could result in a few awkward moments at the next group drinks.

    It apparently creates “smart matches” between people who are looking for something similar. This is because it allows users to make clear what they are “looking for” as well as a series of “prompts” of which they can choose 3. These include finishing sentences on their profile such as “the dorkiest thing about me is…”

    I personally love Hinge, and although anecdotal, I feel like I notice conversations tend to flow a little bit easier. This is mainly down to the fact that the prompts serve as conversations starters. If you want an in-depth look at Hinge and its features, check out this article on How Hinge Works.

    Age Distribution:

    Best Dating Apps - Hinge Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - Hinge

    Platform: iOS and Android

    What Paid Membership Gets You: Although Hinge does include a paid membership, you can easily get a lot out of the app without ever paying. When you do decide to upgrade to become a ‘preferred member’ you will be able to see who has liked you already, have extra preferences and unlimited likes.

    PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
    1 Month$19.99$19.99
    3 Months$39.99$13.33
    6 Months$59.99$9.99
    Best Dating Apps - Sign Up process Hinge


    • Less sleazy people than Tinder
    • Easy sign up process
    • Can easily use without spending any money
    • Advanced filtering capabilities allows you to find likeminded partners


    • Very limited barriers of entry means there are more people just looking for fling/not taking it seriously
    • Not all that different to apps like Tinder/Bumble

    Most Similar To: Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid

    Final Thoughts: If you have ever used Tinder and think it might appear to be a tad sleazy, try out Hinge.  I have found Hinge to be one of the better free apps in ways of sparking up flowing conversations with decent user activity.

    Dude Hack Rating:

    4.5 Stars - best dating apps for relationships

    Best Dating App for over 50’s: Silver Singles

    Best Dating Apps For Relationships - Silver Singles app screenshots

    Best For:  Those in their 50’s looking for dates or their forever partner

    Not For: Generally those under 50

    If you are over 50 years old and are looking to try out online dating, get onto Silver Singles right now! It is by far the best app out there for people who are in their best years. 

    The way that it works is that you’ll fill out a personality test and based on the results, Silver Singles elite matchmakers will send you 3-7 profiles daily until you meet that special someone. I could not recommend Silver Singles enough! 

    Age Distribution:

    Best Dating Apps - Silver Singles Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - Silver Singles

    Platform: iOS, Android

    What Paid Membership Gets You: Paid membership unlocks unlimited communication, read receipts on messages, being able to see who viewed your profile, being able to view your own personality test results and 20 extra ‘wildcard’ matches per day.

    PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
    3 Months$149.85$49.95
    6 Months$227.70$37.95
    12 Months$335.40$27.95
    Best Dating Apps - Silver Singles Sign Up


    • Don’t have to awkwardly field through people less than half your age
    • Sign up involvement deters scammers


    • Relatively small user base compared to other apps, but many more people in the 50+ age group than other apps

    Most Similar To: eHarmony, Match

    Final Thoughts:  If you are new to the online dating world and are maybe feeling a tad hesitant, then get started with the free version of Silver Singles.  The reason I suggest it is that everyone will be in the exact same boat as you. Silver Singles is definitely my top pick for anyone 50 or over.

    Dude Hack Rating:

    5 stars - best dating apps for relationships

    Best Dating App For A Variety Of Dating Goals: Match

    Best Dating Apps For Relationships - Match app screenshots

    Best For: A relationship seeker who is also open minded

    Not For: Someone who doesn’t like people messaging you that you haven’t “matched” with

    Match is mostly directed at those seeking a serious relationship as well as being inclusive of all dating goals. It allows users to browse profiles, but its algorithm also suggests types of profiles they may be interested in.

    The algorithm does this by monitoring your behavior, so the more you use the app, the better it gets.

    Age Distribution:

    Best Dating Apps - Match Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - Match

    Platform: Web, iOS, Android

    What Paid Membership Gets You: Match’s free version doesn’t give you the option to freely send messages back and forth. So once you decide to upgrade will unlock the ability to message anyone. There is a further paid premium tier which isn’t much expensive than below. This unlocks a monthly boost as well as other features. 

    PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
    3 Months$77.97$25.99
    6 Months$137.94$22.99
    12 Months$239.88$19.99
    Best Dating Apps - Match Sign Up Process


    • One of the largest user pools of any dating app
    • More chance of finding someone if you are looking for a relationship but also open minded



    • Much larger pool could mean it’s less pinpointed in finding someone you would like, compared to other apps
    • Higher chance of scammers getting lost in the shuffle of massive user base
    • Not much discount for the more months you subscribe 


    Most Similar To: Hinge, eHarmony

    Final Thoughts: If you’re new to the online dating game and are ready to spend some money but not fork out a premium price for other apps, Match might be the best way to get started. I believe if you’re really serious about finding love that you are better off with eHarmony, but if you’re more open minded, perhaps Match is up your alley.

    Dude Hack Rating:

    4.5 Stars - best dating apps for relationships

    Best Dating App For People Who hate swiping: Coffee meets bagel

    Best Dating Apps - Coffee Meets Bagel Screens

    Best For:  Someone who would prefer quality over quantity

    Not For: Someone who likes choosing their own matches

    Coffee Meets Bagel puts a lot of the power in the hands of the ladies. How it works is every day the guy (known as “coffee”) will receive 21 matches (known as “bagels”).

    They will either ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on their options. Following this, of the men that did express interest, the app will present the best possible matches to the ladies.

    Users are allowing someone to do the choosing for them, but on the same note, it’s a very efficient form of dating. Especially for the ladies.

    Age Distribution:

    Best Dating Apps - Coffee Meets Bagel Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - Coffee Meets Bagel

    Platform: iOS and Android

    What Paid Membership Gets You:  The paid subscription version of Coffee Meets Bagel is called CMB premium. It is extremely doable to never spend a cent, but upgrading to one of the below memberships will unlock certain features. 

    You will see things like user activity reports and get access to features like ‘skip the line’ which allows you to be suggested to more people more often. You will also receive 6000 ‘beans’ per month. If you decide to purchase more, you will receive 15% more if you are a premium member.

    PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
    1 Month$35$35
    3 Months$75$25
    6 Months$120$20
    Best Dating Apps - Coffee Meets Bagel Sign Up


    • You don’t have to upgrade to use the app


    • Easy sign up means that you will navigate through some blank profiles and possibly catfish
    • Limited number of chances per day
    • A smaller pool of users compared to apps like eHarmony, Match and Hinge

    Most Similar To: Hinge, Match

    Final Thoughts:  Coffee Meets Bagel might be for you if you want something slightly more serious, are sick of the game-like approach of other dating apps and you don’t want to spend much money.

    Dude Hack Rating:

    4.5 Stars - best dating apps for relationships

    Best Dating App For Liberals: OkCupid

    Best Dating Apps - OkCUpid

    Best For: Young and open minded liberals

    Not For: Conservatives ready to settle down

    OKCupid is a much more refined form of online dating. It allows users to be very specific in helping them find a potential partner. It works off the concept of helping users find a partner based on interests and passions.

    Users can select what they’re “open to” in terms of a relationship or hookup. Also, they have many more gender options to choose from.

    OKCupid may be the right dating app for you to use if you’re sick of endlessly swiping through people to find someone that fits your particular preferences.

    Age Distribution:

    Best Dating Apps - OkCupid Age Distribution

    Made For:

    Best Dating Apps - Made For - OkCUpid

    Platform: Web, iOS and Android

    What Paid Membership Gets You: OKC comes with two different membership types, basic, and premium. Basic allows you to see who likes you, get read receipts, remove ads and see other profile attractiveness scores.

    With the premium membership you will get the above functions as well as an additional daily ‘auto-boost’, making your profile highly viewed for a portion of time each day.

      PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
      1 Month$9.95$9.95
      3 Months$23.85$7.95
      6 Months$29.70$4.95
      1 Month$24.90$24.90
      3 Months$68.70$22.90
      6 Months$119.40$19.90
      Best Dating Apps - OkCupid Sign Up Process


      • Questionnaire and user base ensures you can find a likeminded person (if you’re liberal)
      • Less chance of someone surprising you with conflicting views down the line


      • If you’re  conservative you might not feel as welcome


      Most Similar To: Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel

      Final Thoughts:  If you’re a young, free spirited individual, OKC might be for you. It has been running for 14 years, so it must be doing something right. 

      Dude Hack Rating:

      4 stars - best dating apps for relationships

      Best Dating App For Women Sick Of Tinder: Bumble

      Best Dating Apps Screens Bumble

      Best For: Women sick of guys sending sleazy opening messages

      Not For: Men who like to break the ice with a smooth opener

      Yet another app that puts the power in the hands of the ladies. Guys have to wait until the woman sends the first line, otherwise, the match will expire within 24 hours.

      If the guy doesn’t reply to that message in 24 hours, it will also expire. Bumble’s main goal is to encourage actual conversations and also eliminate a bit of creepiness associated with some of its other online dating counterparts.

      Bumble also has expanded with more in-app options. Bumble BFF is a feature you can select to help find friends. And Bumble Bizz is a networking platform.

      Bumble is one of the most popular apps going. Its user interface and basic functions are very similar to Tinder. But the simple change of putting the ball in the court of the ladies, has secured its spot as one of the most popular online dating apps in 2020.

      Age Distribution: 

      Best Dating Apps Bumble Age Distribution

      Made For:

      Best Dating Apps Bumble Made For

      Platform: iOS, Android, Web

      What Paid Membership Gets You: Bumble’s paid membership is called Bumble Boost. You can easily get away with using the free version of the app and still get a lot out of it. But if you want to increase your chances of matches, Bumble Boost allows you to see profiles that have already liked you, extend matches for a further 24 hours so they don’t expire, rematch an expired match and even set unlimited preferences. For an in depth look at Bumble Boost and whether it is worth it, check out this article about Bumble Boost.


      The pricing below is for Bumble Boost, although you can also purchase additional Bumble Coins to purchase ’Super Swipes’ which allows you to show that potential match that you like them just a little bit extra. You can buy 1, 5, 15 or 30 coins at a time, ranging from $2.99 for 1 to $39.99 for 30.

      PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
      1 Week$10.99$47.62
      1 Month$24.99$24.99
      3 Months$54.99$18.33
      Best Dating Apps Bumble Screens


      • Option to pay once for lifetime access to Bumble Boost 
      • No more sleazy messages from guys like on Tinder
      • Very easy set up
      • Extremely popular and growing rapidly
      • More power to the ladies
      • Equal Gender distribution
      • Good variety of users intent (hook up/relationship)
      • 60% of matches end in conversation 



      • Might match but never get a chance to speak if the match expires
      • There is still a slight hook up culture associated with the app compared to apps focused on relationships like eHarmony 
      • Easy sign up could attract scammers and catfish
      • Men can’t send first message like other apps
      • 24 hours time limit might mean life gets in the way and matches accidentally expire 

      Most Similar To: Hinge, Tinder

      Final Thoughts: Bumble is one of the fastest growing apps on the market today. The simple premise of giving the power to the ladies has made quite the impression on users. If you are a younger female who has heard about the woes of online dating and wants to stay away from apps like Tinder, then Bumble is the perfect app to dip your toes into the online dating pool.

      Dude Hack Rating:

      4 stars - best dating apps for relationships

      Best Dating App For Open Minded Daters: Zoosk

      Best Dating Apps Screens Zoosk
      According to Tech Crunch, Zoosk is the number one dating app in the app store. It efficiently connects to users social accounts and offers them personalized SmartPick introductions based on their profiles.

      In its 13 years of existence Zoosk has positioned itself as unique. Rather than pigeon holing a user based on what they are looking for Zoosk tries to match users based on what they are looking for using their smart algorithm. 

      Users also have to verify their profile, so they can rest assured there are no catfish present. Singles can browse through their suggested ‘introductions’ or search people based on certain preferences like body type, religion etc. With 40 million members it may be worth the try!

      Age Distribution:

      Best Dating App Zoosk Age Distribution

      Made For:

      Best Dating App Zoosk Made For

      Platform: iOS, Android, Web

      What Paid Membership Gets You: Like some other apps on this list, Zoosk is very limited when it comes to its free version. Without upgrading you are unable to send messages to users. With its free version you can browse profiles and send flirt pings. If someone sends you a flirt ping you will only be able to reply if you are upgraded.

      PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
      1 Month$29.99$29.99
      3 Months$59.99$19.99
      6 Months$74.99$12.49
      Best Dating App Sign Up Process Zoosk App


      • You can send digital gifts to users
      • You can fill interests for different categories 
      • Most profiles are mostly verified
      • High member activity
      • Massive user base


      • Need to pay to use basic features
      • Limited number of smart picks

      Most Similar To: Match, Plenty Of Fish

      Final Thoughts: If you are open to a hook up or a relationship, or anything in between, Zoosk may be for you. Its massive user base and tenure alone are reasons to give it a go. If spending money isn’t an issue. With that being said, even though Zoosk has a fairly good track record, I do believe apps further up on this list cater to the same target audience as Zoosk, arguably a bit better. 

      Dude Hack Rating:

      3.5 Stars

      Best Dating App/website for a hookup: Adult Friend Finder

      Best Dating Apps Adult Friend Finder Site
      Best For: Those looking for a casual hook up

      Not For: Someone who wants something more than a fling

      Adult Friend Finder has been around for years, providing a non-judgemental platform for people to find hookups and flings. 

      Adult Friend Finder is for singles, swingers, those in open relationships, or basically anyone looking for short-term and casual fun. 

      Adult Friend Finder is predominantly a website, although there is an android app version. I suggest using the website version mostly, but I had to include it on the list of best apps because when it comes to finding a hook up, Adult Friend Finder is the best.

      A lot of people tend to jump to the conclusion that popular dating apps like Tinder are strictly for hook ups, which is less and less the case as years go on. So if you are strictly looking for some casual, no-strings-attached fun, then get straight to the point and give Adult Friend Finder a try. 

      The site and app includes adult chat rooms, adult videos, live member webcams and many more features in the hot and steamy department. 

      Other than just the type of user it attracts, Adult Friend Finder is one of the best dating sites/apps because of its extensive features. 

      The site mostly works using a point system, making the site a fun, game like approach. These points are used to view users naughty videos or gain access to particular areas of the site. 

      Best Dating Apps Adult Friend Finder Made For

      Platform: Web, Android 

      What Paid Membership Gets You: 

      The great news about Adult Friend Finder is that you can access quite a lot of the site/app without spending any money at all. Although, paying will definitely unlock some “naughty” features. The standard messaging, replying and visiting profiles is doable without upgrading, but it has a cap on how much you can do. 

      Although, it is clear that if you are a male seeking female companionship, it is a standard to upgrade to a paid membership. Mostly because this gives you absolute freedom and due to privacy issues, women can be turned off profiles that aren’t upgraded. 

      The features that unlock once paying include being able to view blurred raunchy videos of users, unlimited messages and viewing private albums.

        PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
        1 Month$39.95$39.95
        3 Months$80.85$26.95
        12 Months$239.40$19.95
        Best Dating Apps Adult Friend Finder Sign Up


        • You can rest assured that everyone on the site is looking for the same thing
        • Lots of users
        • Many unique features and entertaining compared to other dating apps


        • Some escorts using the site
        • Can’t view everything without paying

        Most Similar To: SugarDaddie.com, Tinder

        Final Thoughts: Plain and simply, if you are strictly looking for a hookup, don’t even bother on Tinder, go straight to a place where everyone is looking for the same thing. 

        Dude Hack Rating:

        4.5 Stars - best dating apps for relationships

        Best Dating App For Friendship and dating: Skout

        Best Dating Apps Screens Skout

        Best For: Someone looking for friends/connections

        Not For: Someone just looking for a hookup/not open to friends 

        Skout puts more focus on friendship or just making “meaningful relationships.” Users like or dislike profiles like Tinder, but profiles are presented in a grid for users to view.

        Users can match with people locally or anywhere else in the world. It’s been around for ages and seems to be a little bit of an amalgamation of many popular dating apps and social platforms, rather than focusing on one core idea.

        Give it a try if you’ve tried out all the other dating apps and are focused more on finding friends, and maybe something more.

        Best Dating Apps Made For Skout

        Platform: iOS, Android, Web

        What Paid Membership Gets You: You are able to upgrade to a paid membership on a monthly basis. What makes the membership of Skout stand out from the crowd is its standard, one size fits all payment structure of paying for one month at a time. 

        When you upgrade you are able to message members directly to their inbox, your chats will be at the top of users inbox, you will see insights on potential matches and have no ads. The app also includes credits that you can purchase at any time which you can use to unlock certain features. 

        PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
        1 Month$9.99$9.99
        Best Dating Apps Skout Sign Up Process


        • You can meet people worldwide
        • You can broadcast yourself live
        • If you’re open to friendships as well, Skout is perfect



        • Accounts of some fake profiles 


        Most Similar To: Bumble BF

        Final Thoughts: Skout is targeted towards creating connections. Whether that leads to friendship, a hook up or a long term relationship, well that’s up to you and your match. So if you’re a little more open minded, give it a go. 

        Dude Hack Rating:

        3.5 Stars

        Most Straight Forward Dating App: Plenty Of Fish

        Best Dating Apps Screens Plenty Of Fish

        Best For: Someone who wants to message whoever they want in a large user base

        Not For: Someone who has privacy issues, or doesn’t like people messaging you that you haven’t already expressed interest in

        Plenty Of Fish is one of the most popular dating apps in the world with roughly 70 million users. It’s a very traditional form of online dating with profiles being public, allowing anyone to spark up a conversation.

        No gimmicks, rather just straightforward online dating. POF tends to lean more towards relationship-focused dating with bios usually being much more in depth. If you are someone that doesn’t like random people sliding into your DM’s, this probably isn’t for you.

        Best Dating Apps Plenty Of Fish POF Age Distribution

        Made For:

        Best Dating Apps Plenty Of Fish

        Platform: iOS, Android, Web

        What Paid Membership Gets You: POF’s paid membership unlocks certain features such as read receipts, showing up first on its Meet Me section, ability to upload more photos, see exactly when someone last viewed your profile and no ads. 

          PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
          2 Months$38.70$19.35
          4 Months$51$12.75
          8 Months$81.40$10.18
          Best Dating Apps Plenty Of Fish Sign Up Process


          • You can get a lot out of the app without spending money
          • Recent makeover
          • Very large user base
          • Large variety of user intent



          • Because its free with large user base there is potential of  scammers, inactive users and potentially escorts

          3.5 Stars

          Best Dating App For music Lovers: Tastebuds

          Best Dating Apps Screens Tastebuds

          Best For: Music lovers looking for a partner with similar taste

          Not For: People who aren’t exactly passionate about music and are just looking for a date

          Tastebuds is all about matching users with people who share a similar music taste. It’s also a great way for people to discover new music.

          Users can search people who also like similar artists or be suggested people based on their favorite artists. Basically what that means is that its algorithm will aim to match you with likeminded individuals. If you’re a music lover, find that special someone to visit gigs with.

          It may sound like a niche app that would have a fairly small user-base, well within the last month (August, 2020) there have been almost 1.5 million messages sent on the app world-wide. That means that user engagement is high!

           Age Distribution:

          Best Dating Apps Tastebuds Age Distribution

          Made For:

          Best Dating Apps - Tastebuds Made for

          Platform: iOS, Web

          What Paid Membership Gets You: Tastebuds paid membership is called ‘Backstage Pass’ and like many other apps on this list, you are fairly limited without upgrading. Without upgrading you get limited chances to send messages per day, which is probably the biggest limitation. Some of the other features that unlock include unlimited messaging, no ads and being able to view other profiles anonymously. 


            PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
            1 Month$10$10
            3 Months$19.98$6.66
            6 Months$30$5
            Best Dating Apps Tastebuds - Sign Up process


            • If you are extremely passionate about music and want to find someone with similar tastes, Tastebuds can help you cut right to the chase



            • Need to upgrade to backstage pass in order to get the most out of the app
            • Not just for dating, a lot of people looking for friends to attend gigs etc
            • Music matches aren’t always in the same location


            Most Similar To: Bumble, Hinge

            Final Thoughts: Although Tastebuds premise is fairly simple, a lot of users are jumping on to give it a try. A fact I also can’t ignore is the high user activity. This could allude to the fact that Tastebuds allows users to have a perfect icebreaker, jumping straight in to talking about their interests, rather than how their day was. So if you love music and want someone to share in on that love, check out Tastebuds. 

            Dude Hack Rating:

            3.5 Stars

            Best Dating App for successful Individuals: The Inner Circle

            Best Dating Apps Screens Inner Circle

            Best For: Highly successful professionals who are looking for people in similar situations

            Not For: Basically anyone else

            The Inner Circle is all about quality, not quantity. You could say that, or call it the Tinder for highly successful people. The Inner Circle describes itself as a selective app that matches users with like-minded and similarly successful people.

            Even though that sounds quite pretentious, the emphasis seems to be on people that are educated, career driven and have their life together. It connects users LinkedIn account, so if you want to get involved be sure that your profile picture on there isn’t too embarrassing!

            Apparently there’s quite the waiting list, as candidates are screened before joining. Although according to recent accounts in August 2020, it seems that verification is much quicker. Its interface is more similar to Facebook than Tinder, allowing users to browse profiles, rather than swipe.

            The whole sign up process isn’t exactly easy. It is designed that way to deter unwanted people. Your authenticity as well as integrity are assessed before being verified. Because it is an exclusive app, that means people get turned away, so be prepared for that being a possibility.

            Age Distribution: 

            Best Dating Apps Inner Circle Age Distribution

            Made For:

            Best Dating Apps Made For Inner Circle

            Platform: iOS, Android, Web

            What Paid Membership Gets You: The Inner Circle will only really work for you if you pay. Yes, you can browse profiles, upload your own photos and browse events, but in order to actually send a message or attend any of those events, you will need to be a paid member. The membership is very straight forward with one weekly option.

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Week$5$20
              Best Dating Apps Inner Circle Sign Up


              • Great user interface
              • Very easy to use
              • Strict security features keeping unwanted people out



              • Need to pay in order to message anyone
              • Quite pricey
              • Can be rejected upon sign up
              • Could have many arrogant users

              Most Similar To: Elite Singles

              Final Thoughts: I personally believe that if you are at the top of your professional game and want to find someone else highly successful then perhaps give The Inner Circle a go. Although, if you are thinking about spending the money, I would personally go with Elite Singles which ends up being a similar price (if you go for a 12 month membership) but has a wider user-base and more user activity. 

              Dude Hack Rating:

              3.5 Stars

              Best Dating App For Missed Connections: Happn

              Best Dating Apps Screens Happn

              Best For: Someone looking for a missed connection

              Not For: Someone who worries about personal/location security

              Were you too afraid to say hello to that cute girl and regret it like crazy? That’s where Happn comes into play. It was founded on the idea of missed connections. It tracks users location and presents profiles they have been in the same vicinity as.

              Unlike Tinder Places used to do, it doesn’t show the exact location they’ve passed by each other, so they don’t have to worry about a match showing up at their favorite coffee place. There are even added features like the ability to send voice messages.

              Age Distribution:

              Best Dating Apps Happn Age Distribution.png

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps Happn Made For

              Platform: iOS and Android

              What Paid Membership Gets You: The good news with Happn is you are able to get away with not spending any money. If you upgrade to Happn’s premium subscription you will be able to send 10 Hellos per day, have more privacy setting and remove ads. You can also purchase Happn Credits to unlock other features. Happn only gives you one option for membership which is to pay monthly. 

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Month$19.99$19.99
              Best Dating Apps Happn Sign Up.png


              • Means that the lost connection might not be forever lost
              • Can get away not spending any money ever



              • If you’re in a low-population area there won’t be many users
              • Limited profile information


              Most Similar To: Bumble, Hinge, Badoo

              Final Thoughts: Really the only time you would use Happn is if you make eye contact with that cute girl or guy and hate yourself for not saying hello. Other than helping you connect with these missed out opportunities, Happn is a pretty standard dating app. 

              Dude Hack Rating: 

              3.5 Stars

              Best Religious Dating Apps

              Best Dating App For Christians Looking For Love: Christian Cafe

              Best Dating Apps For Relationships - Christian Cafe app screenshots

              Best For:  Christian people of all ages looking for a relationship

              Not For: Non Christians, or those looking for a fling

              If you’re Christian, you should really give Christian café a go. It’s a Christian app owned by Christians, so rather than another being another money grabbing dating app, Christian Café knows what its users want.

              Christian Café is still a niche dating app, yet it touts an impressive 2 million users worldwide, most of which come from the US.

              Christian Café tends to lean more towards finding a serious relationship and even marriage, but there is also the ability to look for fellowship, support or guidance.

              Christian Café also has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any inappropriate behavior. This includes suggesting a fling or anything not in line with the Christian way of life. This is a great thing as it can give you that extra sense of security knowing that you are strictly surrounded by like minded Christians looking for the same thing as you.

              Age Distribution:

              Best Dating Apps Christian Cafe Age Distribution

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps - Made For - Christian Cafe

              Platform: iOS, Android, Web

              What Paid Membership Gets You:  Christian Café is one of those apps that is fairly limited before upgrading, including being able to freely send messages back and forth. Upgrading allows you to freely send winks (a way to show your interest) and emails as well as clearing any photos and/or contact information from your match that might be blurred.

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              10 Day Free Trial
              2 Weeks$34.97$69.94
              1 Month$44.97$44.97
              3 Months$69.97$23.32
              6 Months$109.97$18.32
              Best Dating Apps Christian Cafe Sign Up Process


              • Very easy sign up process
              • You can use for the trial, get email addresses of users you fancy and then stop paying
              • Strict guidelines means no unwanted people looking for the wrong things
              • Strictly likeminded people
              • One of the only places to be certain everyone is Christian
              • Owned by Christians that understand you


              • Pretty unattractive user interface, especially on web
              • Have to pay for number of months upfront, can’t pay monthly
              • If you are strictly looking for a relationship, you may run into some users who are rather looking for fellowship, support or advice

              Most Similar To: eHarmony, Match 

              Final Thoughts: Christian Cafe is like that restaurant that looks ugly from the outside but makes the best food on the street. Although the app doesn’t look very pretty, it works. In my opinion Christian Café is the best faith based, Christian app out there today.

              Dude Hack Rating:

              5 stars - best dating apps for relationships

              Best Dating App For Jewish People: JDate

              Best Dating Apps Screens Jdate

              Best For: A Jewish person looking for dating of any kind

              Not For: Someone non-involved/not interested in Jewish faith and culture

              JDate is a very popular and tenured dating site for Jewish people. It is open to non-believers, but they do have to state if they are open to converting to Judaism or not. It’s a much more traditional user interface and idea, as it has been around since 1997.

              It’s similar to some of the above apps in that it will offer up several tailored suggestions per day, based on users interests. On top of that, singles may perform their own searches with many options.

              JDate has been the cornerstone of online Jewish dating for years now. Give it a go if you want to find a Jewish partner (and preferably you’re Jewish).

              Age Distribution:

              Best Dating Apps Age Distribution Jdate

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps Jdate Made For

              Platform: iOS, Android, Web

              What Paid Membership Gets You: Without JDate’s premium membership you will be fairly limited. You will really only be able to message other users if they are premium themselves, which most of the user-base is, so it’s not all bad. But if you want full access you will have to pay some money. The features that will unlock include being able to read and respond to messages from anyone, browse profiles anonymously, hide online status, get read receipts and view all of the photos on a users profile as opposed to just one on the free version.

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Month$59.99$59.99
              3 Months$134.97$44.99
              6 Months$179.94$29.99
              Best Dating Apps Jdate Sign Up Process


              • Responsible for 52% of all Jewish marriages that started online
              • Includes events to meet Jewish singles
              • Easy sign up
              • US based customer care available 7 days a week


              • Can’t contact all users without paid membership
              • Easy sign up means people might not be taking it seriously
              • No way to screen if all users are jewish
              • Search filters are limited

              Most Similar To: eHarmony, Hinge

              Final Thoughts: If you are Jewish and your faith is important to you definitely give JDate a try. But even if your faith isn’t your whole world and just are looking to date some like minded people with a similar background, JDate can be the perfect place for it. JDate’s user base also has a relatively larger older demographic (even though there are plenty of younger users), so if you are over 40, Jewish and looking for a date, then look no further than JDate.

              Dude Hack Rating:

              4.5 Stars - best dating apps for relationships

              Best Dating App For Christians wanting to date: Christian Mingle

              Best Dating Apps Screens Christian Mingle

              Christian Mingle is for people wanting to find like-minded believers ready for a serious relationship. It strives to help users find love in a Christian focused relationship over anything else.

              With a more traditional dating interface, users can filter their searches by a few factors such as denomination. If your faith is extremely important to you, it might be a good place to start. 

               Age Distribution:

              Best Dating Apps Christian Mingle Age Distribution

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps Christian Mingle Made For

              Platform: iOS, Android, Web

              What Paid Membership Gets You: With Christian Mingle’s free version, you are quite limited to only sending ’smiles’ which is Christian Mingle’s way of showing your interest, without being able to send a message. You are also able to view profiles, see who has liked you and like others. But once you upgrade you are able to send and receive messages freely, hide profile from potential matches, browse profiles anonymously and hide your online status. 

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Month$49.99$49.99
              3 Months$104.97$34.99
              6 Months$149.94$24.99
              Best Dating Apps Christian Mingle Sign Up


              • Over 9 million users worldwide
              • Nicer looking than Christian Cafe
              • High class security
              • Growing numbers



              • Messaging not free
              • Even though app is nicer looking than Christian Cafe, there are still functionality issues
              • Web/desktop version is much easier to use than the app


              Most Similar To: Christian Cafe, eHarmony

              Final Thoughts: Christian Mingle is the most popular dating site and app for Christians in the world. Yes, it is popular, but is it the best for finding love? I personally believe that Christian Mingle is more for Christians just starting out in their dating game, whether that’s because you are fresh out of a split, or are looking to start dating again. Christian Cafe is more for people looking for love and to settle down. 

              Dude Hack Rating:

              4 stars - best dating apps for relationships

              The Best Halal Dating App For Muslims: Muzmatch

              Best Dating Apps Screens MuzMatch

              Best For: Muslims wanting to date

              Not For: Non-Muslims

              Halal, free and fun. Muzmatch prides itself on being the place where single Muslims meet. With over 500,000 Muslim members in 190 countries, it’s a great place for Muslim users to find people that share their faith.

              It offers a similar function and user interface to Tinder, asking singles to like or pass on others. It offers a couple of cool features with safety being a top concern. Users can keep photos hidden until they decide, plus they need to verify their profile with a selfie, SMS confirmation and a GPS location check.

              Like a few of the apps already discussed, singles are rewarded for good behavior, earning profile badges if they receive positive feedback. For that extra peace of mind, users can include a chaperone (known as a Wali) in their conversations.

              Age Distribution:

              Best Dating Apps MuzMatch Age Distribution

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps MuzMatch Made For

              Platform: iOS, Android

              What Paid Membership Gets You: Muzmatch is an app that you can get quite a lot of use out of without ever upgrading. Its free version includes sending messages, exploring profiles and sending invites for conversations. Paying for a premium account will allow you to Instant Match, set Premium Preferences, have Unlimited Swipes and block ads. Muzmatch allows you to purchase additional credits which can be used to “Instant Match” with someone as well as other features. 

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Week$4.88$21.15
              Best Dating Apps MuzMatch Sign Up


              • Perfect place if you are strictly looking to date another Muslim
              • Easy Sign Up
              • Includes a Chaperone feature which can help users feel safe on dates
              • Easy to use app



              • No website
              • Fairly lower user base compared to more popular, non-niche apps


              Most Similar To: OkCupid, Hinge, eHarmony

              Final Thoughts: Muzmatch is the worlds leading Muslim dating app. So if you’re Muslim and you’re looking to date another Muslim, do I really need to explain further why you would try Muzmatch?

              Dude Hack Rating:

              4 stars - best dating apps for relationships

              Best Gay and Lesbian (LGBTQI+) Dating Apps

              Best Dating App For lesbians looking for a serious relationship: her

              Best Dating Apps For Relationships - Her app screenshots

              Best For: Any womxn wanting a serious relationship

              Not For: Straight women or lesbians just looking for a hookup

              HER is a dating app for a wide range of people “from lesbians to queers, bois to femmes, trans to fluid and everything in between.” It has over 3 million users and promises a safe and supportive community. It’s not only a dating app but also a social platform.

              It allows users to get involved in community discussions as well as attend events. On the dating front, its UI is similar to Tinder in that users can either like or pass on a profile, with many preferences in their settings.

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps - Made For - HER

              Platform:  iOS, Android

              What Paid Membership Gets You: HER is thankfully an app that you can use for free without much friction. I suggest just starting here as you can easily send messages without upgrading. The features that do unlock once you upgrade include seeing who likes you, seeing who is currently online, unlimited swiping, rewind, changing location and read receipts.

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Month$14.99$14.99
              6 Months$71.99$11.99
              12 Months$89.99$7.49
              Best Dating Apps - Her Sign Up Process


              • No messages from heterosexuals or couples looking to spice things up
              • If you’re a little bi-curious and would feel uncomfortable saying so on a more traditional app, HER means you will be surrounded by strictly like-minded people
              • Rather than being inclusive it is strictly for lesbians
              • Easy sign up
              • Events are an extra way for you to connect



              • Quick and easy sign up process means more potential of scammers/catfish

              Most Similar To: Zoe, OkCupid, Hinge 

              Final Thoughts: HER is the best dating app to help womxn find love. The fact it’s an easy to use app with the addition of live events makes HER pretty awesome. Whether you are bi, bi curious, queer or lesbian, definitely give HER a go if a serious relationship is what you’re looking for.

              Dude Hack Rating:

              5 stars - best dating apps for relationships

              Best Dating App For Lesbians wanting to see where things go: Zoe

              Best Dating Apps Screens Zoe

              Best For: Lesbian/queer/bi womxn open to different dating types

              Not For: Straight women 

              Zoe is another dating app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. It has a simple user interface to Tinder allowing users to swipe left or right on profiles. The main difference is it includes a personality test, which gives users a compatibility-rating % with other users.

              Where it mainly differs from HER is that Zoe is targeted towards Lesbians looking for dating or a hook up. HER is about serious relationships. 

              Zoe also includes a series of questions for users to answer in their profiles such as Zodiac sign and Alcohol. It isn’t trying to strictly be a dating app, encouraging users to try it out even if they’re looking for a friend or just a chat.

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps - Zoe Made For

              Platform: iOS, Android

              What Paid Membership Gets You: Zoe is yet another app that you can access most of its functions without upgrading. Upgrading to Zoe’s paid membership will unlock features such as seeing who has liked you and setting advanced filters.

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              1 Month$19.49$19.99
              3 Months$45.99$15.33
              12 Months$134.99$11.25
              Best Dating Apps - Zoe Sign Up Process


              • No messages from straight people or couples
              • Very easy sign up
              • Free version doesn’t give you many limitations
              • Nice user interface
              • Can switch features on and off easily
              • No-pressure community to find dates with other lesbians



              • Must use Facebook to sign up
              • Easy sign up means potential catfishing or scammers
              • Less people using the app than HER


              Most Similar To: HER, Bumble, OkCupid

              Final Thoughts: If you are lesbian, queer or a little bi curious and aren’t quite exactly sure what you’re looking for, give Zoe a try. If you are looking for a more serious relationship, HER might be more up your alley.

              Dude Hack Rating: 

              3.5 Stars

              Best Dating app for gay guys: Grindr

              Best Dating Apps Screens Grindr

              Best For: Gay guys looking for fun and dates

              Not For: Gay guys looking for something more serious, straight people

              Grindr is the world’s largest networking and dating app for gay, bi, trans and queer people. It works off a similar model to Happn in that it works off users device location services and shows other users close by, with a series of filters to use.

              In its inception, it was mainly used for casual and quick hookups, but in recent years it has also opened its doors wider to more monogamous relationships.

              Made For:

              Best Dating Apps Grindr Made For

              Platform: iOS, Android, Web

              What Paid Membership Gets You: Grindr allows you to access most of the app without upgrading including messaging. When you upgrade you allow more capabilities such as ads being blocked, selecting more “tribes”, viewing more matches per day (600) and an unlimited amount of Blocks and Favourites. 

              PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
              Xtra Membership
              1 Month$13$13
              3 Months$28.20$9.40
              12 Months$62.40$5.20
              Unlimited Membership
              1 Month$41.11$41.11
              3 Months$61.17$20.39
              12 Months$176.46$14.71
              Best Dating Apps Grindr Sign Up


              • Easy to meet singles nearby
              • Over 6 million users
              • Free version is mostly used among users
              • Anonymous if you would prefer
              • You know what other users are most likely there for



              • If you want more than a hook up you are limited
              • App can glitch
              • So many users looking for the same thing you can get lost in the shuffle or just feel like another number


              Most Similar To: OkCupid, Bumble

              Final Thoughts: Grindr has been the old faithful for gay hook ups for years now. If you’re gay and looking for some fun, why are you still reading this and why haven’t you downloaded Grindr? If you are looking for something with a little more substance you would be better off using one of the more popular dating apps like Hinge, or even Bumble, which recently purchased Chappy, a gay app directed at finding a serious relationship.

              Dude Hack Rating: 

              3.5 Stars

              Best Dating Apps For Different Dating Styles (ranked)

              Best Dating App For a Relationship

              Best Dating App to See Where Things Go

              1.HingeBest Dating Apps Hinge logo
              2.Matchbest dating apps match logo
              3.BumbleBest Dating Apps App Bumble
              4.Elite SinglesBest Dating Apps Elite Singles Logo
              5.OkCupidbest dating apps OKC logo

              Best Dating App For a Hookup

              Best Dating App For marriage

              Best App For Friendship

              1.SkoutBest Dating Apps Skout App logo
              2.BumbleBest Dating Apps App Bumble
              4.Christian CafeBest Dating Apps Christian Cafe logo
              5.HERbest dating apps her logo

              Other Noteable Dating Apps

              Best Dating App For Ladies Wanting Full Control: Crush

              Best Dating Apps Screens Crush

              Crush is another dating app rising in popularity and will surely make an impact into 2021. It puts most of the power in the hands of the ladies, by giving them the final say.

              Users swipe through profiles just like they would Tinder. The only difference is the woman will get to ask a question, the guy must answer and if she likes the answer she can unlock the match and start talking.

              If she doesn’t the two are unmatched. Crush is very similar to bumble but takes the ball even further into the ladies court.

              Paid or Free: Free Platform: iOS and Android

              best dating app for when looks don’t matter: LoveFlutter

              Best Dating Apps Screens Flutter

              Loveflutter has been dubbed the “quirky” Tinder. The simple rundown is potential matches pictures are blurred but their bio and twitter timeline is visible.

              Users can like or dislike and then unlock their pictures. It also allows users to promote places that they can suggest for a first date. If looks aren’t everything to you, then why not try it out?

              Paid or Free: Free Platform: iOS, Android

              Best Dating App for people That have a very specific taste: badoo

              Best Dating Apps Screens Badoo

              Some of you may have never heard of Badoo, but it is one of the world’s most popular dating apps with over 400 million users. It is different to Tinder in the fact that users don’t swipe through profiles.

              Rather, they upload a photo of a celebrity or someone else that’s their type and the profile works its magic to help try to find potential matches that are their taste.

              Although it is supposed to be more tailored to users personal preferences, they will have a smaller number of potential dates to choose from. It’s an interesting concept that you should try out.

              Paid or Free: Free, Paid Premium Version Platform: iOS

              Upcoming Dating Apps

              Facebook Dating

              Facebook Dating is not yet available for many people, but going into 2021 expect it to hit your news feed. As I wrote about in this article, once opted in Facebook Dating will give users daily suggestions of other singles.

              Keep in mind, it’s technically not an app, rather an extra feature within Facebook, like ‘marketplace’. Users can either express their interest in other singles, look through upcoming events or browse groups they are joined to view other like-minded singles. 

              Facebook appears to be putting a heavy focus on separating itself from apps like Tinder, and being the go-to place for serious relationships.

              Facebook Dating has been launched for testing in Colombia for over a year, and there is no word of a release date for the rest of the world. But if all goes smoothly in Colombia, expect Facebook Dating to be hitting your country soon.

              Update: As of August 2020, it appears Facebook dating is still in development. Will we ever see Facebook Dating officially launch in the States?


              Final Thoughts

              The massive selection of dating apps can sometimes make it tough to pick which one is right for you. Online dating shouldn’t be a stressful thing, so if you are really worried, maybe try out a couple and see which one suits you best.

              If you really don’t know what you are looking to get from online dating, try some of the free dating apps and that should soon help you form your opinion. Regardless of what app you’re going to settle on, or whether you’re even using Tinder now, all of them require you having an about me or bio section.

              Having a good bio can be the difference between being successful on a dating app or not, so make sure to download my free list of the 50 Best Online Dating Bios for you to copy.

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