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What Is Tinder Vibes? The Complete Guide To Tinder Vibes 2023

What Is Tinder Vibes? The Complete Guide To Tinder Vibes 2023

Those that have been on Tinder recently may have come across a new feature. Instead of swiping from profile to profile, you might have stumbled across the ‘Vibes’ screen.

The cringe name aside, this new feature allows you to check to see if you ‘Vibe’ with a person before your match.

This feature is a new form of connecting, giving you something in common more than just like the other person’s photos.

But people all over the Internet are wondering, what exactly is Tinder Vibes? Let’s jump into walking you through this new feature.

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What Is Tinder Vibes?

With similar timing to the release of other new features such as video chat and Tinder Platinum, Vibes is a new feature that Tinder has released as of November 2020.

Although not available all around the world, Tinder Vibes has already begun to be tested out by specific audiences in the U.K., U.S.A., and Australia.

tinder vibes homescreen

Tinder Vibes is a scenario-based game in which Tinder gives you a question and you select from one of four answers.

Everyone who is online during the Vibes screen will be asked the same question.

If someone you’re matching with also selects the same answers as you, your communal answer will display on their profile.

This, to use Tinder’s vocabulary, will show that you guys ‘Vibe’.

This new feature for Tinder gives profiles one more thing that they can learn about a possible match before hitting that notorious Right Swipe.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to talk about your similar answers upon creating a match.

How Do I Answer Tinder Vibes?

During the swiping process on Tinder, now and again a ‘Vibes’ screen will pop up. This will look different from user profiles, often being shown on a chromatic background.

The catchphrase for ‘Vibes’ is ‘Vibe. Swipe. Match.’

Underneath the introduction to Vibes, you’ll be able to click ‘Start Vibing’ to begin going through Tinder’s prompts.

Tinder will present you with a question like ‘This weekend lets with a blank space to fill in your answer. There are four answers you can choose from.

To this question, possible answers are ‘Go hiking’, ‘Hang out on Animal Crossing’, ‘See a movie, and ‘Share funny TikToks’.

tinder vibes - I'm here for...

Questions seem to be based on attitudes to dating or personal preferences for dates.

For example, two other questions I’ve come across on Tinder Vibes are ‘My go-to first date plan is…?’ (to which you could answer ‘coffee’, ‘rooftop bar’, ‘picnic in the park’, or a ‘virtual happy hour’) and ‘I’m here for?’ (to which you could answer ‘A good time, not a long time, ‘New Friends’, ‘Dating’, ‘Virtual Hangs’).

Each time the vibes screen comes up you will be asked to respond to three questions. Anyone online at roughly the same time as you will be asked the same questions.

If a person clicked the same answer as you, it’ll display on their profile when you swipe to their profile – letting you know if you ‘vibe’ or not.

This situational-based matching is reminiscent of the eHarmony personality quiz, which is known to be fantastic at pairing with like-minded people.

If you’re looking for a dating app that has a higher success rate than Tinder, I’ve written a full review of eharmony for you to check out.

Tinder Vibes Settings

How Does Tinder Vibes Change My Matching On Tinder?

The Tinder Vibes gives another element to look at when viewing someone’s profile. Alongside their photos and bio will be any matched responses to the ‘Vibes’ question.

This will let you know if you and the person you’re looking at share similar ideas about dating and preferences for what you’re looking for on Tinder.

A few matched responses can be a good indication that you will pair well with the profile you’re looking at.

Also, Tinder Vibes gives people who match something in common they can talk about right from the start.

If you’re not too sure what, to begin with, once you’ve matched with someone, commenting on your shared ‘Vibe’ could be a good shout.

How Do I Enable Tinder Vibes On My Profile?

On the main page of Tinder, press your profile icon in the top right of the screen. This will take you to your profile screen.

From there, click ‘settings’ and scroll down. About halfway down your settings screen will be a tab called ‘Vibes’. Click this and click the button that says ‘Participate in Vibes’.

How Do I Disable Tinder Vibes On My Profile?

If you’re looking to disable vibes, use the above process to navigate to your profile settings. Once you click on the ‘Vibes’ tab, you’ll be able to click ‘Participate in Vibes’ to turn it off.

Tinder warns that if you turn off participating in Vibes, you will no longer be able to pick vibes and they won’t come up in your swiping anymore. Not only that but your previous Vibes won’t be displayed on your profile.

You also won’t be able to see the ‘Vibes’ that anyone else has added to their profile.

Deactivating Vibes won’t make a huge difference to your overall swiping and won’t impact who comes up on the app. You’ll still be able to see and match people who are using Vibes, you just won’t see what their responses were.

Tinder Vibes Settings

Final Thoughts

Tinder’s new ‘Vibes’ feature is a nice addition to the platform. You’ll know a tiny bit more information before you decide to Swipe Left or Right on someone.

Who knows, this titbit of information telling you you’re slightly compatible with someone could be the thing that pushes a Left Swipe toward a Right.

Although new to Tinder, this feature of dating sites is definitely far from new. Sites like eHarmony and Zoosk have been making use of compatibility scenarios for years.

All in all, Tinder’s new ‘Vibes’ feature doesn’t seem to be that much of a game-changer.

Although it is interesting to have a little bit more information about someone before you match with them, it won’t make a huge impact on your decision.

But, if you’re looking for that extra bit of knowledge about someone before your match, make sure to enable Vibes and get swiping today!

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