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Is eharmony Free? Or Do You Actually Need To Pay For Results In 2023?

Is eharmony Free? Or Do You Actually Need To Pay For Results In 2023?

Online dating isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Especially if eharmony has anything to do with it. This dating app heavyweight has proven time and time again that it isn’t here to mess around.

With one of the best success rates of any dating site in the world, eharmony is definitely one to give a go.

You may have heard of eharmony before and are wondering if it is a free service. Totally fair question, not all of us have buckets of cash to shell out on dating.

I’ve gone through the small print to find out exactly what you get from eharmony paid and free versions, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

I’ll even go through how to score yourself a free trial.

Let’s jump right in.

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Do I Have To Pay For Eharmony?

Well, no… But really yes. Although there are some free features of eharmony, main features like messaging are blocked off behind a premium account.

If you’ve gotten this far in the dating scene, you have probably already realized that messaging is quite a key one when it comes to chatting online. So, while it is advertised as a free site, you’ll have to throw down some money before you get to business.

Luckily for us, eharmony definitely makes sure you get a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re going to be spending money on dating, I would suggest that this is the one to go for.

It has a fantastic history of positive results, a sleek design, and a compatibility system that has been the talk of the dating scene for years. If you’re looking for a full review, I’ve also got you covered.

I’ll break down some of the main features you unlock by subscribing to eharmony premium.

eharmony logo

How To Set Up A Premium Eharmony Membership

Navigate to either the Matches, Visitors, or Messages tab on the app and you’ll see a large red and orange banner at the top. The banner will say ‘Become a Premium Member Now’, which is where you click to access the purchase plans.

This popup will tell you exactly what’s in each version of eharmony Premium. Light, Plus, and Extra all have slightly different features and prices, which will be explained to you in this window.

You can also reach this section by clicking on a feature that isn’t allowed on the free version of eharmony. When you try a premium action, the app will prompt you to upgrade to a premium plan.

You’ll also be able to see how much each of the tiers, between Light, Plus, and Extra costs per month.

Pricing Total CostMonthly Cost
6 Months $395.40$65.90
12 Months$550.80$45.90
24 Months$861.60$35.90

Can You Get Matches On Eharmony Without Paying?

Considering that you can complete the comprehensive eharmony compatibility test before you pay for the full version, you will already start to generate ‘Matches’. These profiles will be suggested to you based on how compatible you are with other personalities.

On the Visitors section (third icon from the left on the bottom of the screen), you’ll be able to see those that gave similar answers in the questionnaire. These people are compatible with you, according to the in-depth eharmony quiz.

However, while you can ‘get matches’, you aren’t able to send a message to them. Anytime you try and interact with a profile, you will get a pop-up screen that asks you to upgrade to a paid membership.

So, while you can get matches, you won’t be able to actually message until you are ready to throw down some money.

eHarmony Match screen

One small workaround to this is the fact you’ll be able to send a ‘like’ to someone. This will let them know you’re interested in them. Which sounds great, until you realize you can’t take the conversation any further.

If another account sends you a message, you will be able to see some of what they’ve said. However, eharmony blurs out most of the conversation, again not letting you chat until you pay some money.

eharmony has a clever system of giving you just enough information for you to be interested, while not letting you actually pursue anyone without moving to a paid subscription.

How To Get An Eharmony Free Trial

Although there is no ‘official’ eharmony free trial, if you look at the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to find a cheeky workaround. Let’s be real, I know you guys aren’t going to be reading the fine print, which is why I’ve done that for you.

eharmony terms and conditions details that you can cancel and refund a subscription within three days of purchase. What that means for us is that we can buy a subscription plan, chat with all our matches to our heart’s content, and then cancel before the three days are up.

This is a great way to test out the features that have been locked behind a paywall. Three days is plenty of time to generate some matches, have a few conversations, and maybe even set up a few dates.

What Is Eharmony?

How to make the most of this eharmony free trial is to set up your account completely before you begin. eharmony allows you to upload your profile pictures, fill out all questions, and complete the famous personality quiz before paying any money.

Doing this before you subscribe means you’ll be ready to jump right into the deep end as soon as the trial begins.

If you end up enjoying eharmony and are intrigued by its history of proven results, then feel free to carry on with a premium account. eharmony has paid features that make spending the extra money really worth it.

In fact, after trawling through the app after app research, I ranked it as one of the top dating apps. Trust me, I’ve tested a huge range of apps out so you guys didn’t have to, and eharmony is one of the good ones.

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