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Is It Worth Paying For Eharmony In 2023? Or Just A Waste Of Time?

Is It Worth Paying For Eharmony In 2023? Or Just A Waste Of Time?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and really commit to online dating in order to find a serious relationship, you probably want to use the best dating site possible.

Maybe you just got out of something long-term (or you got out of it ages ago but just recovered), or maybe you’ve been playing the field and jumping from app to app for the last few years. Either way, something has to change.

You have to commit to finding something committed – and someone who fits with you! Eharmony is the clear best option if that’s what you want. But undeniably, eharmony isn’t cheap. So, is it worth paying for eharmony?

In my honest opinion, if you’re the target audience then yes paying for eharmony is absolutely worth it. Of course, if you’re just looking for some fun then eharmony probably isn’t for you. And why would you fork up for their monthly costs if that was the case?

Likewise, if you’re looking for a very niche partner (a specific religion, for example, that’s important to you) then there may be sites that suit your needs better.

Overall, though, eharmony’s price reflects the site’s quality and the clarity of its mission to help singles find ‘real love of the most compatible kind’.

There are cheaper sites out there, sure, but if it’s a long-term partner you’re looking for then you’ll be making compromises on most other sites.

Eharmony is the best of the best. I mean, we all know of people who met their spouse through Tinder and lived happily ever after, but it’s not the norm is it?

You can take your chances out there, and have fun while you’re taking them, but if you’re someone who wants to get things done the easiest and quickest way possible then you can rely on eharmony’s scientific matching technology.

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How Much Does Eharmony Cost?

When you join eharmony you will be asked to complete a personality quiz as well as fill out your profile and tell the dating site a little about the sort of partner you’re looking for. At this point, whether you’re planning to spring for a premium membership or not, you will be introduced to your matches.

Matches are assigned a matching score, which tells you how compatible they are to you based on eharmony’s proprietary matching technology.

At this stage, while still a basic member, you can view profiles and add users to your favorites list for later, send up to five pre-generated questions or unlimited winks to anyone who catches your attention, and browse matches outside your preferences if you want a broader view of your options.

But you can’t just silently wink at hotties, or ask them robot-question, forever. Eventually, you will need to take the plunge and pay for eharmony if you think it’s the site for you (which, by the way, it is if you’re looking for a real connection and you find that there are a decent number of users in your area).

So how much does eharmony cost? It’s certainly one of the more expensive dating sites out there, with prices starting at $69.90 per month for the six-month Premium Lite plan when you pay in a lump sum of $419.70.

You can also pay in three installments, once every two months, though this works out more expensive overall. There are two other plans available, one for a year of membership and the other for two.

These are often heavily discounted – with up to 50% off the first 3 to 6 months – but as they’re longer plans the lump sum taken upfront will still be significant. Two years work out at $17.95 per month or $421 upfront.

As with many serious dating sites, you will need to remember to turn off auto-renew if you don’t want your subscription to be repeated when it runs out. This is especially important if you got a promotional price, as it will renew at full price and you will be automatically charged.

Why Is Eharmony So Expensive?

Eharmony is expensive, that much is undeniable, but you have to remember that this is a reliable dating site with a great track record of success and twenty years of matchmaking behind it.

The price really reflects the quality of the service, as well as making sure that eharmony is a dating site with an incredibly low instance of fake profiles, scammers, and chancers. I mean, a chancer isn’t going to pay $60 a month to access a premium dating site when they could just as easily run their schemes on a free site or app.

On the flip side, if someone is paying for a dating site then they’re pretty likely to be serious about finding love, And I mean really serious, not ‘oh yeah, I mean I want to find a partner but one day fate will put her in my path.

Screw fate, you’ve got eharmony! And most serious daters know that you get out what you put in, meaning that premium eharmony users are likely to really work on their profiles, their chat, and their dating etiquette… basically if it’s compatibility and romance you’re after, you have to pay for it.

Or at least pay to access it quickly and easily, rather than trawling through a million inappropriate profiles before you find a maybe!

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What Is The Success Rate Of Eharmony?

Eharmony’s fantastic success rate is, of course, part of why it’s a more expensive site than many. In fact, the dating site has been voted the most trusted dating app, and users reckon eharmony also has the highest quality dating pool out there. With around 10 million active users to choose from.

Eharmony’s dating pool is high quality and certainly deep enough to go fishing in, though not as huge as some less serious-minded apps.

Eharmony claims to have based its site features on empirical studies of human behavior, with the site founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s, background in clinical psychology often cited as a factor in the eharmony’s design and success. And what success!

Every day an average of 438 people marry as a result of eharmony in the USA alone, which is 4% of new marriages.

And though the site does promote marriage and hopes to get many of its couples to that stage (something I go into further in my piece comparing eharmony and Christian Mingle), there are also thousands of eharmony users finding love and stability through the site but not getting married (or not getting married right away).

In fact, every 14 minutes someone finds a date on eharmony.

Over 2020 eharmony saw new registration numbers rise sharply as many people made important life decisions, including taking their love life into their own hands and getting serious about finding a partner.

That means that the site will be more chockablock than ever with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, and who knows, maybe one of next year’s eharmony marriages could be yours!

Or if that feels like a little much, then you can at least have a few of those dates that happen every 14 minutes and – fingers crossed – not need to renew that expensive membership after it lapses!

To give eharmony a go, follow this link. And if you feel you need to read more about the site before committing then here is my full guide.

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