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Does‌ ‌Zoosk‌ ‌Show‌ ‌Screenshots?‌ ‌Will Your Match Be Notified?

Does‌ ‌Zoosk‌ ‌Show‌ ‌Screenshots?‌ ‌Will Your Match Be Notified?

It’s a moment we all know. Well, everyone who has explored the jungle that is online dating does anyway. A match just sent a message that defies belief. So you snap a screenshot and then…

Your stomach drops into your sneakers.

Does this app show screenshot notifications?

Okay, it doesn’t matter so much with the cat weirdo. But you took a screenshot of the girl you’re going on a date with on Thursday, and you two have a real connection. Does she think you’re a creep?

Let me help you out. If you’re on Zoosk, you should be a-okay. Zoosk doesn’t send notifications of screenshots on conversations.

Dating app engineers aren’t idiots (I mean, they’re engineers, of course, they aren’t), they know that users love to share pictures of profiles they’re interested in.

And they probably know that users like to share screenshots of the most insane stuff to their friends too, though they might not say that publicly.

The only place you will usually find screenshot notifications is when content is designed to disappear. Think Snapchat and Insta stories.

Nothing on Zoosk is designed to disappear, not even your profile, so there’s no need to send a notifying screenshot when someone snaps a picture of a profile or messages.

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Does Zoosk Notify Screenshots On Profiles?

So, Zoosk doesn’t notify users of screenshots on messages but does the site tell other users when you take a sneaky picture of a perfect (or deeply imperfect) profile?

Zoosk profiles are full of information, from the user’s basic stats to the way more in-depth ‘My Story’, ‘Perfect Match’ and ‘Ideal Date’.

These are sections that require long-form answers that will often reveal an awful lot about a potential date, and may need some serious decoding over a glass of wine with your friends!

Or, you know, separate glasses of wine in separate apartments as everyone stares at your multiple screenshots of this dude’s lengthy profile.

Whether you’re taking a screenshot to gossip, laugh or retain crucial information for your upcoming date, you’ll be desperate to know about those screenshot notifications. Well, here we go…

As I write this article, in February 2023, the answer is no, Zoosk doesn’t notify of screenshots on profiles. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, you can sign up here

What Apps Notify Screenshots?

As I mentioned above, Snapchat has been the main culprit over the last few years for sending screenshot notifications to the person who owns the snap you’re taking a picture of.

This was something that caught a few sexy snappers out a few years ago, so try and stay aware when you’re snap chatting! It’s all too easy to click those two buttons without thinking.

More recently, Instagram has brought in screenshot notifications for stories (which were modeled on Snapchat anyway) because that content is not supposed to last more than 24 hours. Viber also sends screenshot notifications.

If you aren’t sure whether or not an app sends screenshot notifications and you really need to know, you can look at their privacy policy and look at the security info, or you can search in their FAQs.

Is It Legal To Send Zoosk Screenshots?

It is only illegal to send screenshots if they contain sexual content or information that it would otherwise be illegal to share.

That means that you should be careful sharing screenshots, especially if they might contain anything private whether sexual or otherwise, but that you can absolutely share screenshots from Zoosk in most cases.

All the info that users post on Zoosk is in the public domain anyway, so that should all be totally legal to share. Of course, legal and moral are not the same thing so use your initiative!
Sending screenshots can be really useful when you’re online dating. You can get advice from friends about what to say to date, sure, but also about if they’re right for you.

In other cases, you might want to check in with someone you trust about a message that feels suspicious or like a potential catfish.

Then, of course, there’s giggling about other users’ dating fails which, while not exactly kind-hearted, is sometimes needed when you’re trying to survive the trials of online dating!

Does Zoosk Send Fake Views?

Another rumor that has been floating around recently is that some sites, Zoosk included, generate fake views to lure users into paying to make contact. While this could be the case on some sites it certainly doesn’t seem to be on Zoosk. Zoosk doesn’t send fake views.

The free version of Zoosk’s site doesn’t allow you to message other users, so you really can’t do a lot without paying for a premium! A few people have checked out the views feature on Zoosk, looking at one another’s profiles and checking if the views match up, and they always seem to.

The issue is the prompt you get when you try to look at your view.

If you get a view, then you are prompted to upgrade to send a message. This might be frustrating, but there’s certainly no game-playing going on from the site.

Well, apart from trying to get you to sign up to premium by limiting features for all basic members.

But that’s pretty standard in the dating site game! So, overall Zoosk can feel a little pushy or spammy, but it’s all above board.

In fact, Zoosk is a really unique dating site and was one of the first to use behavioral matchmaking way back when in 2015. That means that Zoosk might know more about you than you do about yourself!

But it could certainly work on its payment model and spammy nature, as there is surely the potential to slim things down on the site and make the Zoosk experience way more streamlined with minimal changes.

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What Triggers A View On Zoosk?

On Zoosk, you can see your views in the aptly named ‘Views’ tab. This is where you’ll be informed if anyone looks at your profile, pictures, or any of the questions you’ve answered (perfect match, ideal date, etc) on your profile.

The idea behind seeing your views is that you can then interact with those users, replying with a flirty wink, message, or like to let them know that you’re interested too.

Of course, that’s a problem for free members as you can’t see who viewed you or send messages unless you pay for premium and views can therefore feel like a tease.

If you want to know more about the ins and outs of Zoosk, then check out my full review here or try it for free yourself!

Who Bought Zoosk In 2019?

There has been a lot of chat recently about recent changes at Zoosk and their acquisition by a new parent company. Spark Media, owners of Christian Mingle, J-Date, and Silver Singles bought Zoosk for a whopping 285 million dollars in 2019, and have been working to increase the site’s profile worldwide.

With a track record of decent profits, and over 40 million US dollars in 2019, Zoosk will hopefully prove a strong investment for Spark Media.

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