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Tinder Bio | What To Put In Tinder Bio, Do’s & Dont’s and Expert Tips 2022

Tinder Bio | What To Put In Tinder Bio, Do’s & Dont’s and Expert Tips 2022

Should I Have A Tinder Bio?

Before we get into the do’s and don’ts, I feel that it’s definitely necessary to let you know that YOU NEED A BIO!

There are so many reasons as to why you need a bio. I’m not going to explain all of them, but instead will back up my claims with data.

A recent study took place that built 3 fake male profiles, two with a bio and one without. Then they collected matches over a 4 hour period.

The researchers then compared the number of matches the profiles received (they liked everyone). Here were the average results from the 3 profiles:

matches with a bio vs without a bio

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So yes, a simple bio can help you receive way more matches. With that being said, there are a lot of things you can do in your bio to attract even more matches.

On the flip side of the coin, there are also many things that can be major red flags and send the ladies running. Let’s take a look at them all so you can build the perfect Tinder bio.

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What NOT TO DO In Your Tinder Bio


The number one reason I hear that women will swipe right to attractive guys is when their profile screams that they are a cocky douchebag. Ask yourself if you have any aspects of your profile that make it seem as if you’re bragging.

Having big achievements or aspirations is a great thing, but not when you let them define who you are. If you are an awesome football player, don’t make your bio about all the awards you’ve won.

If you own a business that’s smashing it, don’t advertise it to girls on Tinder. These are things that when your match discovers organically, she will appreciate a hell of a lot more anyway.

bragging tinder bio

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Be A Sleazebag

I’m not a prude, I understand some of you are just looking for some fun, and that’s fine. What I will tell you though, is having sleazy or innuendo’s in your bio is a massive turn-off.

I have helped many guys who weren’t on Tinder just for some “fun”, who had a sleazy line in their bio. They thought that it’s funny and would spark women’s attention.

Whereas a lot of women would have purely thought they were a sleazebag, prowling Tinder for the hanky panky. These guys, did a lot better once they stopped being gross.

sleazy tinder bio

Be Demanding

I come across so many people on Tinder that are demanding as hell. I want this, I want that. Who the hell are you?

If you only date women that share a certain quality, for one, that’s a little strange, and two, why wouldn’t you just swipe until you find these types?

Don’t scare off potential suitors by explaining what kinds of girls you usually date, or how you don’t date women under 5’5”. Grow up.

What sort of picture do you think your match will paint when you are being a negative Nancy in your bio? It makes you look like a jerk-off who thinks they are better than everyone.

Be open to who you are going to meet on tinder, because one of those women that don’t meet your “demands” may end up being the love of your life.

demanding tinder bio

Use The Wrong Spelling Or Grammar

We aren’t in grade 7 anymore. I assume you are over 18 years of age, which means you are a man. Act like it.

You certainly don’t have to be a wordsmith, but just ensure you take a couple of seconds to read what you have written before hitting the old’ send button.

Be Unoriginal

Right now, there is so much inspiration online for what to write in your Tinder bio. For all the thousands of clever lines out there, I always see the same 20 or so floating around.

Talking about how you are just looking for someone to bring to family events so they stop thinking you’re weird, or the quotes and 5-star ratings from “random Tinder girl” are overused.

If you come across a witty bio or have come to me for some inspiration, rather than copying word for word, try to twist things in your own way. We want to try and stand out, not be the exact same as everyone else.

overused unoriginal tinder bios

Go Overboard

I hate to gross you out, but I guarantee that at least one of your matches liked your profile, whilst sitting on the toilet.

Understanding the user activity of people on tinder can help us decide how to create our profile. On Tinder, because of its ‘efficient’ nature, we have to get to the point and not write a damn essay. Make it simple!

Not Try Enough

Simple doesn’t mean easy. We’ve gone over the reason why you should definitely have a Tinder bio, but barely trying at all, is basically the same thing.

If your bio is something like: “I don’t know what to write in these things” or “ask and find out” then change it immediately.

It shows that you have barely put in any effort. Why would your match care if it seems like you don’t? It gives potential matches absolutely nothing to go off, and therefore makes it a lot less likely that you will make an actual connection.

tinder bio not trying

Be A Social Media Legend

If they want it, they will ask. Get rid of any and all social media handles in your profile. You’re not on Tinder for followers, you’re here to meet women.

Be Cynical

What I mean by this, is basically dissing Tinder and the fact that you are using it. Imagine if you went to a speed dating event, and the first thing you said to all of your dates was: “I wish I wasn’t here, my friends signed me up…”

Do you think the date would just ignore that, move on and be excited to get to know you? Chances are… no.

Being open to opportunity and having a more “go with the flow” attitude is attractive. The people looking at your profile have made the conscious decision to download Tinder as well. So who cares?

Stop caring about what people will think of you, especially people that have made the exact same decision as you.

What TO DO in your Tinder bio

Be Funny

Why do girls want a guy that shows humor in their bio? Well, having a witty/funny section to your bio allows your match to see your creative side.

If it’s something she finds funny too, you now have a shared perspective on something, without even talking yet. Something funny in your bio is a good foot to get started on. Making your match laugh, feel good and want to know more about you is a great way to initiate interest.

funny anchorman tinder bio

Be Creative

OK, so there are roughly 34 million men on Tinder, almost double the number of women. So, we need to do what we can, when we can, to stand out.

You don’t have to go overboard with creativity, but just showing that you have put in some effort will show that you do care, and therefore more women will too.

Capture Their Attention

Human beings generally have a short attention span. Basically, your Tinder profile is an advertisement for you.

Advertisements rely heavily on an eye-catching headline or first line, to convince the viewer to keep reading or absorb more of the ad.

This should be the same for Tinder! Your first line in your bio is the most important, and it needs to catch your match’s eye.

I had a client that had a great profile over-all, but the one big change we made was taking out one of his social media usernames.

I’ve obviously explained already why you should take this out, but in this instance, it was also the very first line of his profile. As soon as we took that out, he noticed he got a lot more matches.

The first line in your bio should be the most important. Take your time with it, and trial and error!

creative tinder bio

Show You’re Not Just Here For “FUN”

As I’m sure you are aware by now, there are a lot of women on Tinder, who assume you are just on safari for getting some action. In recent studies, it is shown that the amount of women looking for one-night stands is just under half the amount of men.

This means in simple terms that there are almost double the number of men than women, who are just wanting “fun”. This research and first-hand conversations with female Tinder users confirm this.

So, if you aren’t one of these people just looking for a one-night stand, pointing out something of that nature in your bio can do wonders. I certainly don’t mean blatantly coming right out and saying “don’t worry ladies, I’m not just trying to get in your pants.”

Definitely not. What I suggest is pointing out things that could be more important to you, or whatever it is you are searching for on Tinder.

This could definitely help your chances of finding a like-minded match, and preventing them from making any assumptions about you.

a genuine and nice tinder bio

That’s it, guys! There you have the basic principles to follow when writing your Tinder bio. But look, I get that it can be a little tough coming up with something.

So if you want some extra inspiration, check out these 16 Funny Tinder Bios For 2022. If you really want to learn even more about Tinder bios, check out Dude Hack’s Ultimate Tinder Bio Guide.

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