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What Is Bumble BFF? | How Bumble BFF Works For Guys & Girls In 2023

What Is Bumble BFF? | How Bumble BFF Works For Guys & Girls In 2023

Bumble BFF was launched in 2016. It allows users to make connections for friendships rather than romance, so there is no ‘looking for something long-term or just a hookup’. It’s all about finding friendship.

Just like on a normal Bumble profile (which is still very popular), you include pictures, an about me, and a few interests. Of course, the pressure is kind of lower when you’re looking for a friend.

But also higher! We aren’t taught to do this. We assume friendships happen naturally. But the truth is, once we’re past our mid-twenties, opportunities to make good friends thin out!

If you have moved somewhere new, or maybe been through a breakup and found yourself on the losing side of the friends’ tug-o-war, Bumble BFFs may be the perfect solution.

Every message doesn’t have to be perfect, you aren’t looking for marriage, you just want to hang out and see if you get on! Chatting on BFFs can be really fun if you let it. 

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What Is Bumble BFFs For?

As I mentioned above, BFFs is for finding platonic friendships.

BFFS is a pretty innovative idea, built to combat millennial loneliness as more of us globe-trot and work from home. BFFs means you can try out chatting with someone new without committing to a whole evening with them, and you can see what you have in common outside of a crowded bar or an awkward restaurant experience.

Not that you have to be a millennial! BFFs have room for all ages over 18, just like the rest of Bumble’s offerings. 

Let’s be honest, we all have that one person at yoga/darts/the occasional work thing who we really want to get to know.

But there’s no way to do it that isn’t weird! All the options seem like a pickup line or a cry for help. So, that’s where BFFs step in.

When Was Bumble BFF Invented?

Bumble was invented by Whitney Wolfe in 2014 as a more female-focused, feminist alternative to Tinder. Over time, Wolfe realized that it wasn’t just dating that skewed male. Making friends was kinda hard for women too.

So, in 2016 Bumble launched BFFs. It is designed not only to encourage individual friendships but also meet-ups, book clubs, workout groups, soccer teams, improv troops… whatever you’re after (friendship-wise) BFFs have got it. 

Is Bumble BFF Still A Thing?

Yes! Actually, Bumble BFF has gone from strength to strength. There have even been travelers meeting in far-flung spots around the world, and groups created who have gone on to do great things (like win soccer tournaments, etc. But if you wanna do a pizza-eating contest you could probably suggest that too!). 

Bumble BFF is very much still going and is a great safe way to meet new people, with all the support of Bumble’s safety and wellbeing center backing it up. 

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Can Straight Guys Use Bumble BFF?

Are you seriously asking me this question? Like… are you afraid having friends is gay? This is toxic masculinity right here. 

Yes, although it is slightly less popular with men than with women, Bumble BFF can be used by all genders. Don’t worry, you can meet up and talk sports, the perfect Tinder fish-holding picture, or whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

After all, Bumble is a good way to meet guys… I’m sorry! I know you’re insecure about needing friends! I’ll dial it back!

Can You Make Friends Of Different Genders On Bumble BFF?

At the moment, Bumble restricts BFFs to users of the same gender. This is, according to them, to avoid predatory behavior and discomfort for users. 

Considering it ain’t just for straight people… double standard much?

Anyway, I am mixed on this – I have plenty of female friends, and I hope that most people can smell a creep coming, but it is not always the case. And if you’re going on a friend date and not abiding by the usual safe dating rules I can see how problems could occur.

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Final Thoughts

Bumble BFFs is like an experiment that didn’t catch on… but it’s a really good idea! I have moved cities before, and being able to find friends online easily would have made the process so much easier.

Let’s hope that the kinks get ironed out, and we embrace online friend-making in ten years in the same way we’ve gone from cringing at Plenty of Fish to being absolutely stuck to Hinge.

And if you’re up for something more romantic? You guessed it, check out my dating app quiz to find the perfect app for your needs. 

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