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What is Bumble’s New ‘Night In’ Feature? | How Does It Work In 2023

What is Bumble’s New ‘Night In’ Feature? | How Does It Work In 2023

Bumble has had a few new features for 2022, including Video Notes, 360 Video, and most excitingly, ‘Night In’. But what is Bumble’s new Night In Feature?

Basically, it’s the women-first swiping giants’ attempt at jumping on the ‘virtual dating’ bandwagon. And if we’re honest, pushing that wagon and getting it genuinely rolling.

Bumble launched video dates back in 2019, and has had modest success with the feature. A Night In builds on that; it’s basically a video date, with added trivia! 

You can invite any of your matches to a Night In, whether you’ve already met IRL, are testing the water before a ‘real’ date, or are on opposite sides of the world.

What Is Bumbles New Night In Feature - Bumble Night In

You know, like when you’re bored on a layover, swiping in a huge airport, and the next day you realize you have matches in Hawaii, Lisbon, and San Antonio. Well, now you can arrange a virtual date night with them!

It’s a concept that has been talked about a lot recently, but perhaps you’ve not been paying attention. If so, you might have a few questions.

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What Is A Virtual Date?

The most basic question here is – what is a virtual date?

Basically, it’s any kind of date that is conducted online, whether that’s a night gaming together, a Zoom call, cooking together on video… distance + good wifi = perfect virtual date situation! I actually wrote a piece on virtual date ideas recently, why not check it out?

What Is Bumbles New Night In Feature - Virtual Date

Bumble is just trying to make virtual dating easier, taking the choosing irritation away. You don’t have to do anything off-app, and you just invite a date and click a  button to start a Virtual Night In.

This means you don’t have to share any personal info if you haven’t met yet, and you can report any issues to Bumble if you run into them. 

What Is The Trivia On Bumble Night In?

The entertainment for a Bumble Night In is always trivia (at least, it is for now. We don’t know whether Bumble will be rolling out other game options). 

What kind of Trivia? Well, there’s a lot of it, as most people will probably go on more than one Night In if they enjoy their first.

I guess maybe some people might enjoy learning all the trivia on the app so they look smart on dates but, honestly, that’s super creepy and seems like it would take ages.

What Is Bumbles New Night In Feature - Night In Trivia

And a really good memory. Hopefully, though, there’s enough trivia you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a loop!

Think pub quiz-style questions that are designed to create a bit of debate, but hopefully not start any fights! Trivia can be a dangerous game on a date.

Specifically, it’s three rounds of five questions, and you are working together with your date to try and get as many right answers as possible. Conversation is, of course, encouraged.

How To Schedule A Night In On Bumble

In order to keep things spontaneous, you can only plan a Night In for that same evening or the next evening. And I say evening because the ‘Night’ in Night In is taken really seriously! Nights In only take place between 6 pm and midnight.

You start by sending your match an invite for a night in, and then the two of you decide on the exact time.

What Is Bumbles New Night In Feature - Schedule a Night In

There’s no limit to the number of Nights In you can go on, but they are always one on one. You can’t ‘The Bachelor’ it, but with Trivia. Well, that’s kinda a good idea, but you can’t do it through the Bumble app!

When you’ve finished your three rounds of Trivia, you can stay on the video call as long as you like. Maybe you’ll fall asleep to the sound of one another’s breathing? Or, you can hang up whenever you like, using, you guessed it, the hang-up button.

Is Bumble’s Night In Feature Safe?

I mean, really, is anything safe? 

Maybe let’s not go there. Instead, we’ll think about whether Bumble’s Night In Feature is as safe as it can be!

As I already mentioned, you don’t have to exchange any personal info to hop on a Bumble Night In. This makes it safer than most other virtual date options.

You can also (and should) report any inappropriate behavior or general creepiness to Bumble, either by using the report button in-app or by emailing the Bumble team.

What Is Bumbles New Night In Feature - Bumble App

Hopefully, Bumble’s Night In will get us through a long, cold winter without us all having to go outside too often. At least for first dates, we can stay wrapped up at home.

And if Bumble isn’t quite tickling your pickle? Then try out another dating site. I’ve even got a quiz to help you choose a site or app that’s perfect for you!

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