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Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up In 2023?

Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up In 2023?

It would be pretty cool if you could browse dating apps to see what the deal is before going through the whole signing up and creating a profile process, which can be a bit tedious or stressful no matter how many times you’ve done it.

What you write in that bio could help you meet your dream date! So being able to skip the Bumble sign-up until you’re sure you want in is definitely appealing.

I’m going to answer a few questions about Bumble browsing and privacy that might interest you if you’ve not quite decided to take the leap.

So, can you go on Bumble without an account? Just to get an idea of who’s out there? To try and see which of your friends are dating and how they’re going about it?

Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up - Bumble App

Nope. Pretty much the only way to see who’s on Bumble is to sign up yourself, you can’t see anything without an account.

If you download Bumble on your phone you’ll see a screen where you can ‘continue with Facebook’ or ‘use mobile number’ with no option to bypass those, and if you’re on the desktop version, Bumble web, you’ll be shown plenty of stuff on how good Bumble is and why you should join, but you won’t see any actual profiles or real people. 

The flip side of this is that only people who have Bumble themselves will be able to see that you’re on there if that kind of thing bothers you.

For a bit more on Bumble settings read can you control who sees you on Bumble?

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How Do I Browse Bumble Anonymously?

Since you do have to sign up to browse, anonymity is the next best thing. If you want to be on Bumble but fly under the radar, there is an incognito mode, which you can toggle on and off to hide your profile.

This is really the only true way to browse the app anonymously, as your profile won’t be shown to anyone until you swipe right on them. Only then will the chosen few be alerted of your existence. 

Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up - Bumble Snooze and Incognito

Considering how good this sounds you won’t be surprised to hear that incognito mode is a premium feature, only accessible if you upgrade to a paid account. If privacy is your priority though, it could be the way to go!

There’s also the fairly new Snooze Mode, which means you can temporarily stop appearing in people’s feeds while still chatting to your current matches. 

Can Someone Tell If You Look At Their Bumble Profile?

On some classic dating sites, you get a list of all the people who have viewed your profile recently, which can be cool even though looking doesn’t always mean much.

Bumble, like most swipe-based apps, doesn’t have a function that lets you know who has viewed your profile, so no one knows specifically who has seen your profile and vice versa.

Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up - Bumble profiles

But considering the whole point of the app is to match people who fit each other’s basic criteria, it’s pretty likely that anyone you see on Bumble will be shown your profile too.

Whether your profile pic grabbed their interest enough to scroll through the rest of your information, you won’t know unless you match.  

Can I Look Someone Up On Bumble?

Perhaps the reason you want to peruse the app without signing up is to find someone specific. I feel like we would all love to search for individuals on dating apps.

Met someone once at a party? Cute barista put a heart in your latte?

When I miss my chance IRL (or let’s be honest, don’t have the guts to ask someone out) I find myself wishing I could just look ‘em up.

At least if they’re on a dating app you know they’re single, which is a good start.

Alas, Bumble, like most similar dating apps, works on ‘who is near me now’ kind of basis, promoting new connections with new people. There’s no search function and the only possible way to find a specific someone is to swipe, swipe, and keep swiping and hope they’re nearby and you’re their type.

It’s slow going to search in this way, so if you’re that desperate to connect with a certain person you might have to go through other means.

Can You Browse Bumble Without Signing Up - Bumble Logo

Final Thoughts

While you do have to sign up to get anywhere on Bumble, it’s an app with plenty to offer as the second most popular dating app in America.

I’ve covered a few of the specifics of being on Bumble with regards to privacy and browsing, but then the rest is down to you!

If you want more on Bumble, I’ve written a guide to how Bumble works which you should check out.

Looking for other options? Take my quiz to find out which dating app is best for you.

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