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How To Turn On Tinder Notifications For iOS 11| Should They Be On?

How To Turn On Tinder Notifications For iOS 11| Should They Be On?

Turning On And Off Tinder Notifications For iOS 11

Should you leave your Tinder notifications on, or off? That’s the age-old question that’s got everyone up in arms.

Of course, like most decisions, there are both reasons for wanting that crisp ‘new match’ tone, and against. This article is here to take a look at Tinder notifications from all different angles.

For iOS 11, specifically 11.2.2, there are exactly two options for turning your Tinder notifications on and off. You can either turn them on through the Tinder app or through your iPhone’s settings.

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Through Tinder App

1. Open Tinder Settings

2. Scroll until you find ‘notifications’

3. For no notifications, flip every tab to the left so that it is white

4. For notifications on, flip every tab to the right so that it is red

5. If you don’t like sounds, but like banners, mix and match

Through iPhone

1. Open iPhone ‘Settings’

2. Scroll to ‘Notifications’

3. Keep scrolling until you find ‘Tinder’

4. To turn all notifications off, flip ‘Allow Notifications’ tab

5. Turn off

Here you can decide if you would prefer a temporary banner (the alert notification will only appear on your home screen for a few seconds) or if you would like it ‘persistent’ which will leave the notification on your home screen until you take an action.

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Why You Want To Leave Tinder Notifications On

Missing out

Let’s just say you’re sitting on your couch one night, basically wasting your night. Then, the next day you open up Tinder and see that you have completely missed a message last night from your Tinder crush asking if you want to get drinks. You would feel pretty shitty my man…


You could look at the FOMO side of things (fear of missing out), but in my opinion, keeping up the momentum is why you want notifications on.

Over the years I am almost certain at some point, someone would have told you about how long you should take to text a girl back. Am I right? Of course. The majority of guys have weird rules or barely end up messaging back because they don’t want to seem “needy”.

On tinder, this way of thinking couldn’t be more wrong. I used to be embarrassed by having Tinder notifications on. But when I turned them on, things changed quickly.

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So you want to be the guy to take a few hours to message back? I’m telling you right now that some other dude is just going to take your place.

Your match will expect a long wait time between messages, and when she has new conversations starting all the time, she won’t keep waiting for you.

Having your notifications on is what helps you actually get into a meaningful conversation with someone as well. Imagine sitting there absolutely hitting it off with an amazing girl and having a long, deep conversation.

It happens! Without notifications it will be like sending letters back and forth to each other, not having a conversation.

Why You Don’t Want To Leave Tinder Notifications On

So there are really only two reasons you shouldn’t have notifications on. One reason, I will be very happy with you, the other, not so much.


First of all, I get it, you’re at your job or you’re with an acquaintance and your phone sets off a big tone telling the world you have a new match. You don’t want your friends and colleagues to make assumptions that you are trawling Tinder to find sex.

My question for you is who cares? If those people are going to give you shit about using Tinder, let them. When you’re meeting someone amazing, you won’t give a crap about what they think.

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On a Date

The second and only acceptable reason to not have your notifications on is if you are actually going on a date!

There is no more awkward feeling than having a really nice night with someone and DING, you both look down at your phone to see that you have a new match.

It’s best to keep your match not imagining you with other Tinder girls, so best turn them off.

And do you want to know a little bonus reason for why you should have your Tinder notifications on? It feels amazing when you start hearing those push notifications going off all the time!

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