Two of the absolute top qualities you should aim for in your Tinder profile is creative and funny. For the regular guy, it’s the best possible way for us to stand out from the crowd and win over more matches than the competition.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you would know that any average guy can take his profile from one of the many to one of a kind. For example, check out the post I did on how to give your profile a creative makeover using something I like to call ‘Flip Photos.’

This guy has absolutely nailed the balance between creative and funny. Have a look at the photos below and just imagine the reactions. Regardless of whether or not the photos got him more dates, it would have definitely caused his potential matches to slow their rapid swiping down and appreciate his originality.

Compared to a normal profile, I’m very confident Jake would receive more matches. Even just the fact it’s a change up from the 100’s of selfies that Tinder girls would usually swipe through, would work in his favor.

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What’s even better than his amazing use of his photoshop skills, is the bio that accompanies the hilarious photos. Comic genius.

According to Jake “some have a much better success rate than others. Anything with Trump in the photo leads to girls un-matching.” So if you are thinking of trying this out, take that into consideration!

Although, it might create a few talking points or jokes for your match to work with. I give Jake an A+ for his Tinder profile. It’s refreshing to see something new!

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