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How Does Bumble Bizz Work | What It Is & How To Use It

How Does Bumble Bizz Work | What It Is & How To Use It

Bumble Bizz was launched in 2017, a couple of years after the equally innovative Bumble BFFs. It allows users to look for either the perfect employee to fill a role at their business, a business to work with, or collaboration options. Essentially, Bumble Bizz is the networking app you didn’t even know you needed. 

Just like on a normal Bumble profile (which is still very popular), you include pictures, an about me, and a few interests. Of course, the pressure is kind of lower when you’re looking for a business connection.

But our jobs are really meaningful, especially right now when there is such upheaval in the professional lives of many post-Covid. In fact, Bumble Bizz was very aware of their role during the pandemic, even publishing advice on working from home

What Is Bumble Bizz - Bumble Bizz

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What Is Bumble Bizz For?

As I said, Bumble Bizz is for making work and/or business connections. 

It is designed to be like an online networking event. If you’re looking for a job somewhere new, or a new job in the same old place, it could be really helpful. Just like all of Bumble’s offerings, Bizz accepts users ages over 18

A Bumble Bizz profile is a little like a dating profile mixed with a resume. You get 100 characters for an ‘elevator pitch’ bio, space for listing experience from four recent jobs, and of course a selection of photos. 

Is Bumble Bizz Still A Thing?

Yes! Actually, Bumble Bizz is doing well. As IRL networking events faded to a distant memory in 2020 and 2021, online options took up the reigns. This included Bumble Bizz.

Many people appreciated the site’s casual nature and quick results. 

Can Guys Use Bumble Bizz?

Yes! Of course, men can use Bumble Bizz. Although Bumble has a feminist center, they are well aware that men and women can work together. And should!

But women do have to make the first move. Sorry, but we have a lot of proof that ‘a work thing’ does not make men less creepy if they wanna be that way. 

To ensure safety for everyone, Bumble Bizz uses the same safety features and photo verification as the rest of Bumble’s modes. 

Can You Make Connections Of Different Genders On Bumble Bizz?

As mentioned, you can make connections across all genders on Bumble Bizz. Women do have to send the first message if there is a woman in the match, however. 

Just as with Bumble for romance, same-sex matches work differently

Of course, even when you’re meeting for a business-based coffee, remember the normal safety measures like meeting in a public space and telling people where you’re going! A business catfish seems unlikely, but definitely possible. 

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Final Thoughts

Bumble Bizz may not be the main arm of the brand, but it is certainly still going strong. And was probably helped along by the last few years! Especially for Millennials and Gen Z professionals, real-life networking can be, frankly, awks, so it’s great there’s an option.

And if you’re bored of business at this point and want some romance? You guessed it, check out my dating app quiz to find the perfect app for your needs. 

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