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Can You Screenshot On Feeld? Feeld Screenshot Protection Explained 2024

Can You Screenshot On Feeld? Feeld Screenshot Protection Explained 2024

Building your online dating profile can often be an uncomfortable process. You’re putting yourself out there after all, by choosing six pictures to define you as a person, and sometimes revealing intimate details about yourself.

On most dating apps, this usually means admitting that you call yourself a doggy daddy and that you snuggle with your pooch every night. It’s sure to be a hit with potential matches, but you’d cringe if it was discovered by your colleagues on the construction site!

But Feeld is an increasingly popular dating app catering to all gender identities and even open-minded couples. That open-minded vibe encourages you to reveal even more, including your deepest desires: privacy is important when it comes to online dating, but it can feel especially important on an open-minded app like Feeld.

So what can your connections share on Feeld, and can you screenshot?

So let’s take a look and find out how it works, and see if what happens on Feeld stays on Feeld!

Can You Screenshot On Feeld - Feeld Dating App

Can You Screenshot on Feeld?

If your Feeld profile reveals a certain flexibility when it comes to the number of people involved in the bedroom, you might suddenly wonder what sort of screenshots might make it into the lads’ group chat!

So can you screenshot on Feeld? Yes and no: Feeld’s screenshot protection blocks screenshots in the chat, but it doesn’t prevent users from taking screenshots of profiles in Discover.

And in fact, it’s a little more complicated than that, because of the way that Android and iOS allow app developers to control screenshotting. For most people, the important question is “can connections take screenshots of chats?” So let’s take a look.

On Android, Feeld’s Screenshot Protection blocks all screenshots of Feeld chats. If you, or your connection, takes a screenshot of a chat on an Android device it will appear as a black screen.

Can You Screenshot On Feeld - Feeld Screenshot Protection Screen

But on iOS, Screenshot Protection for chats only blurs shared photos in a screenshot of a Feeld chat. So if you, or your connection, screenshots the Feeld chat on an Apple device, the conversation will be visible, including all messages. But any pictures shared in the chat will be blanked out in the screenshot.

Obviously, you don’t know whether your match is using an iPhone or an Android device, so you should assume that any messages you share in the Feeld chat could be screenshotted.

But if you send a photo on Feeld, your connection can’t share that with a simple screenshot.

Even though Feeld is an open-minded app with a friendly community, you should still be cautious with your matches. Don’t share any personal details too soon, and I really wouldn’t recommend sharing intimate images until you’ve met that person in real life and verified they are who they say they are.

Even though most people don’t screenshot with any bad intentions, you never know what might get shared. Most people on Feeld are open and honest, but there are fake profiles too so bear that in mind when you’re chatting on Feeld.

Can You Screenshot A Profile On Feeld?

So Feeld has done its best to support users’ privacy and block screenshots, but there’s still plenty that can be captured and shared. And your profile, which asks for pictures and a list of desires, could provide an intimate portrait that you might not want to share with the wider world.

So can you screenshot a profile on Feeld? Yes: any user can screenshot Feeld profiles in Discover. That means you can screenshot Feeld profiles, and anyone who sees you in their feed can screenshot, and share, your profile.

You should assume that any information in your Feeld bio is in the public domain. While it’s unlikely, anyone could ultimately see that profile, from your grandmother to the high school students you teach.

A quick scroll through the Feeld feed will show you how users get around this. Unlike most other dating apps that require your real name, Feeld allows its users to provide an imaginary name, and you can upload photos where your face is obscured to protect your identity.

Can You Screenshot On Feeld - use imaginary name Feeld

If you’re worried about privacy, upgrading to Majestic Membership gives you more filtering options and access to incognito mode. You can also use the  Feeld feature Private Photos: these are profile pictures that only your Connections can see.

Use private photos to add some great Feeld profile pictures that you wouldn’t want to share with the wider world.

Does Feeld Notify Screenshots?

So Feeld blocks screenshots in the chat, but not in Discover. Maybe you’ve seen the perfect potential match, but you need your best friend and dating expert/guru (aka me) to help you come up with an opening line. Can you screenshot her profile without her knowing?

So does Feeld notify screenshots? No. You can screenshot anyone’s profile on Feeld, and anyone can screenshot your profile on Feeld, without being notified. Feeld does not show screenshot notifications.

There’s always an awkward moment when you screenshot on a dating app and suddenly wonder if you’ve blown your chances. It’s not creepy! It’s a compliment!

But while Snapchat popularised the dreaded screenshot notification, there aren’t any dating apps that have followed suit. Snap away without fear – but don’t share those screenshots anywhere your match wouldn’t approve of.

What Dating Apps Don’t Allow Screenshots?

Privacy is an important consideration when you’re using online dating apps. When it comes to both the data you share with the app, and the data you share with other users, it’s all up for grabs.

So if you want to feel at least a little more secure that your super adorable dog pictures aren’t going to make it out into public circulation, you’ll need to know which dating apps don’t allow screenshots.

Here are the dating apps that block screenshots:

Most apps, however, from Tinder to Bumble, still allow users to screenshot profiles and conversations taking place on the app.

And even if you’re on an app where screenshots are blocked, you should still assume your information could be shared. There’s always a way to get around a screenshot block, and your match could even take a photo of the screen with a second phone.

Wrapping Up

So the only thing you can guarantee that users can’t screenshot on Feeld is photos you send in Feeld chats. Whether you’re worried about being screenshotted or just want to share your successful Feeld conversation with your pals, there are limitations to what you can screenshot on Feeld.

But of course, you don’t really want what happens on Feeld to stay on Feeld. Presumably, you’re hoping what happens on Feeld turns into a date in real life!

If you’re going to do that, you need the best possible Feeld profile. The kind that people are screenshotting and sending to their friends!

So check out my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. Even though it says Tinder in the title, it works for every app, Feeld included. Level up your profile today and start getting more matches.

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