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Does Hinge Notify Screenshots? Will Your Match Get Notifications/Alerts?

Does Hinge Notify Screenshots? Will Your Match Get Notifications/Alerts?

Hinge might be the app that’s designed to be deleted, with its focus on actual connections and meaningful relationships (that’s what the developers want it to be, anyway!), but let’s be real, all dating apps are also kind of designed to be screenshotted! Or at least it’s hard to resist snapping a screenshot every now and again.

If you’re sharing screenshots to get some advice, you’re not alone. Thirty percent of women and sixteen percent of men enlist the help of friends with online dating.

Does Hinge Notify Screenshots - Hinge Dating App

Of course, there’s always that moment after you’ve clicked your two phone buttons and taken a screenshot of a match’s profile or picture when you think “oh crap”!

Does this dating app notify users when screenshots are taken? I’d hazard a guess that the sinking feeling that follows is what led you here after frantically Googling ‘Does Hinge alert screenshots?’ and wondering if you’re going to be thrown in creep jail for taking three pictures of that girl’s prompt answers.

Let’s get to it and find out what to know about Hinge screenshots.

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Does Hinge Notify Screenshots?

Two taps and a panic attack! You screenshotted your Hinge match’s reply and now you’re worried she thinks you’re a weirdo.

So does Hinge notify screenshots? Hinge does not alert other users when you screenshot their profile or photos. You can screenshot anything on Hinge without worrying that the user will get a notification

If the Hinge app did notify about screenshots, it would have to include that information in its data privacy statement.  Unlike Snapchat, you can screenshot away on Hinge.

So you’re free to snap another day! But remember, others can do the same, so be careful about what personal information you share.

Does Hinge Notify Screenshots On Chat?

Obviously, it’s pretty tempting to take screenshots of conversations as well as Hinge profiles and pictures.

Whether your Hinge chat is going exceptionally well, hilariously badly, or just very very confusingly, there’s a strong urge to share our dating ups and downs with our nearest and dearest.

So does Hinge notify of screenshots on chat? No, Hinge doesn’t notify its users when you screenshot a chat. You can screenshot Hinge conversations without the other person knowing.

The people who make dating sites are pretty clued in and they know that app users want to get help and advice from their pals. And maybe occasionally laugh with them about dating misadventures.

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For that reason, there’s no notification of screenshots for anyone on Hinge, where all information is pretty much public anyway.

But there’s some argument for chats staying on Hinge, especially when they contain private information.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can take liberties – try to respect the privacy of others online, even if they are acting unhinged and/or happen to be very hot.

That being said, there are a whole bunch of reasons that people might be screenshotting Hinge.

Why Do People Screenshot Dating Apps?

There are a few main reasons that people snap screenshots of dating apps. Some of the time, sure, it’s just to share amusement at a really odd profile or how unexpectedly attractive a weird boy from your old school has become.

Sometimes, though, sharing screenshots can serve a higher purpose. Here are a few reasons people might share screenshots.

4 Reasons Why People Screenshot On Hinge

Funny prompt? An old face from the past? Here are four reasons why people are screenshotting Hinge like there’s no tomorrow.

1. To Help With A Conversation

Okay, this one might seem frivolous, but especially if someone is new to dating or just getting back on the horse they may need help knowing how to get a conversation rolling. They might screenshot what has been said so far to look for pointers from a friend or dating expert.

Or maybe this is an older user and they have to send their kids a screenshot to ask what the eggplants and peaches mean… but that doesn’t bear thinking about really does it? Ugh. Can I go to counseling to sort out the trauma from imagining seeing my mom’s sexts??

Tip for Moms: don’t go into the family group chat for dating advice. Please.

Does Hinge Alert Screenshots - Message Screenshot

2. To Verify Another User’s Identity

Okay, so this one ranges from silly to more serious. You might want to check with a friend to see if a match is someone you guys vaguely know, or you might want to check if Mike’s girlfriend is active on Bumble because is that a thing that’s allowed in their relationship?

There are myriad ways this could manifest, from laughing about someone’s younger sibling being on a dating app to checking that an abuser isn’t actively trying to get in contact with a victim through a friend.

Whatever you’re using a screenshot for identification-wise, it’s legit as long as it’s private. Don’t go plastering posters up or anything, that’s definitely not kosher!

3. To Record Abuse

This reason and the next are tightly interlinked. Of course, if you or anyone you know is experiencing abuse or harassment on a dating app it’s important that it is recorded and reported.

Screenshots can help with this process, and especially in the case of dating profiles (which can be updated or deleted) by the user screenshots may outlast other evidence.

This isn’t something that happens often, but Hinge and other platforms take it very seriously when it does.

Does Hinge Alert Screenshots - Abusive Message

4. To Get Advice on A Potentially Sticky Situation

Sometimes things aren’t as serious as needing to report another user immediately, but a profile might look fishy (like, are all these pictures actually of the same person?) or too good to be true.

A friend might send you screenshots of someone who looks fishy, or a conversation that seems to be heading in a weird direction.

This could be fake profiles, scams to make money, or maybe just a match wanting to meet somewhere weird and/or unsafe.

We share this sort of thing with one another partially to receive support – if a trusted friend agrees that things look odd then we feel confident shutting a situation down.

On the other hand, maybe sometimes we just need reassurance that things are actually a-okay and this is just a genuinely nice guy.

Either way, sharing this information is good and encourages openness around online dating. It’s part of always letting your friends or family know that you’re dating, as well as where you’re going, when you’ll be home, what time to call you in case you need a sitcom-style escape excuse from your dinner date, etc.

Hinge Screenshots Explained: How To Screenshot Hinge on iPhone/Android

Now you’re safe to screenshot you might be wondering how to! Here’s how to screengrab whenever it takes your fancy.

How To Screenshot Hinge On iPhones

Apple devices differ depending on whether there’s a Home button.  Follow these steps to screenshot on your iPad or iPhone.

1. If your iPhone has a Home button, take a screenshot by tapping the Home button and the Side button (on the right-hand side of your phone) at the same time.

2. If your iPhone doesn’t have a Home button, you take a screenshot by squeezing the Side button with the volume-up button on the left-hand side of your phone.

Does Hinge Notify Screenshots - How To Take A Screenshot on iPhone

How To Screenshot Hinge On Android

Android phone users can take a screenshot by tapping the power button and volume-down button together.

If that doesn’t work, try holding down the power button and selecting “Screenshot” from the pop-up menu.

There’s also the secret screengrab shortcut: If you’ve set it up, try double-tapping the back of your phone for a quick snap

Does Hinge Notify Screenshots - How To Take A Screenshot on Android

Final Thoughts

So, on Hinge, you’re safe to screenshot your potential match’s profile if you need some help from your funniest friend (ie, me) in answering a prompt.

If you’re wondering whether other dating apps allow screenshots, most apps these days will let you screenshot profiles and conversations. Tinder and Bumble won’t notify the other user either. Feeld – with its kinkier client list – is an outlier and won’t let you take screenshots of conversations.

Of course, all the Hinge screenshotting means your profile is equally up for grabs – always remember when you’re visible on Hinge.

So make sure she’s screengrabbing to show her friends your hilarious prompt answer, or your smooth and sophisticated Hinge pictures. Time to overhaul your Hinge: grab my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up to do so, it’s the ultimate free guide to upgrading ANY dating app profile.

I guarantee you more matches – and more screenshots!

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