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How Does Hinge Work? | What Is It And How To Use It 2024 Guide

How Does Hinge Work? | What Is It And How To Use It 2024 Guide

Hinge is a location-based dating app that puts a heavy focus on people finding the right partners for a serious relationship, rather than a casual fling like some other dating apps might produce. It’s owned by Match Group – the online dating behemoth responsible for Tinder, too.

Hinge uses a well-thought-out algorithm for better matches, which could be part of the reason that 3 out of 4 dates from Hinge will lead to a second.

Pretty good odds huh? But how exactly does this app work and how is it any different from what’s currently out there?

How Does Hinge Work?

How Does Hinge Work - hinge flowchart

Hinge works similarly to most of the popular dating apps out there like Tinder and Bumble. Hinge is a dating app that matches you with other people seeking dates using location services.

The basic mechanics of a lot of these dating apps – liking someone, waiting until they like you back, and only then being able to message – are consistent with Hinge.

So how does Hinge work? Well, it’s pretty similar to other apps – you build a profile, check out and like other users, and if there’s a match you can message each other. What makes Hinge different is that rather than liking another user’s profile, you’ll interact with specific prompts and images. Hinge hopes that this establishes a stronger connection – which leads to more dates, and more relationships.

The Hinge dating app works the same for guys as for girls and it gives members a lot of ways to interact. Rather than liking a profile, you can like one of the other user’s photos – and attach a comment too. Or you can reply to a ‘prompt’ like: “Two truths and a lie.” If that person likes them back, they can now start a conversation.

So, the big difference to other popular dating apps is starting off a conversation off the back of a photo, or an answer on their profile. This means that it is much more personalized and pinpointed.

Rather than just starting a “general” conversation with someone, Hinge gives you many more prompts to work with. You’ve broken the ice and are less likely to have the conversation fizzle out, probably why most dates lead to a second.

How To Set Up Your Hinge Profile

Putting your own Hinge profile together is fairly simple. There are a few things that are a must. On Hinge, you can’t do the sneaky like you can on Tinder by chucking up one photo of yourself with no bio.

On Hinge, you have to include 6 photos (or videos) and 3 prompt answers. You can also stack your profile with video prompts, polls, and other creative ways to encourage people to give you a like.

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Hinge is a location-based app, meaning that it will usually only match you with people in your area so you have to ensure your location is set accurately. Unlike apps like Bumble where adjusting location is a paid feature, Hinge lets you set your location to anywhere you like, right from the get-go. But if you’re here for a serious relationship, it’s best to look locally!

How Does Hinge Work - Profile Set Up

You can edit your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner and then hitting “Edit Profile”. From here, you can also toggle to view your profile the way it appears in other users’ Discover feeds.

Some other basic info and preferences are also required. Let’s take a look at exactly how you would go about setting up your profile.


How Does Hinge Work - Photos

On Hinge, you have to have  6 photos or videos. This is a big difference compared to other dating apps that will let you jump on with only one. This is in line with Hinge’s claims of being relationship-focused. You can import pictures from Instagram or your Facebook profile.

Requiring users to add more details about themselves helps give other users a better look at who they are as a person and therefore are more likely to know if they would be a good match.

And because other Hinge users can interact with any part of your profile, you can spice your pictures up by adding locations and captions. You can also attach a prompt, like “Caught in the act” or “Comment if you’ve been here”.

Once you’ve uploaded a picture, tap it to edit captions and prompts. Hinge offers a drop-down list of prompts, or tap the text icon on the top left corner of the image to add location and caption details. It’s definitely worth the effort – every extra piece of detail is a hook that might land your dream match.


How Does Hinge Work - Prompts

Hinge prompts are a series of questions and conversation starters that Hinge has provided for you to include on your profile. You can include three written prompts, as well as video and voice prompts (with recorded answers) and polls.

Prompts are a fun way to break the ice and give you and your match something to talk about right off the bat. I find that a lot of conversations on Hinge will skip the boring small talk that so often comes with conversations on other apps.

Some examples of prompts are: ‘On a Saturday at 2 am you can find me…’, and ‘The secret to getting to know me is…’ while polls can be ‘Two truths and a lie’, ‘Choose our first date’, or ‘Would you rather…’. Hinge lets you get creative!

All this helps to once again give your match a better feel for who you are.

With more information, your potential match can now see your different layers and therefore hopefully you will be more likely to find the one.


How Does Hinge Work - My Vitals

This is your basic information like age, height, gender, and location, but does go a little bit deeper as well with your ‘family plans’. Once again you can keep some of it visible or hidden on your profile. Here’s a list of what you can include:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Pronouns
  • Sexuality
  • Age
  • Height
  • Location
  • Ethnicity
  • Children
  • Family Plans
  • Pets
  • Zodiac Sign


How Does Hinge Work - My Virtues

These are surface-level facts about yourself and touch on some beliefs. For example, your work, schooling, and education level are included but you can also express your religious and political leanings.

You can either answer, which will be displayed on your profile, or you can decide to keep them hidden. Here’s what you can include:

  • Work
  • Job Title
  • School
  • Education Level
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Hometown
  • Politics
  • Dating Intentions


How Does Hinge Work - My Vices

In an effort to help people to get to know each other even better, Hinge has included ‘My Vices’. These include:

  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Marijuana
  • Drugs

You have the option of “Yes”, “Sometimes” and “No” for all of these, as well as choosing “Prefer not to say”.

My Accounts

Like other dating apps, you can link an Instagram account with your Hinge profile. So if you think the grid shows your best side, add it here.


How Does Hinge Work - Dating Preferences

Preferences are all about what you are looking for. You can adjust your preferences from your profile or your Discover page – you’re looking for the “Filter” icon with three horizontal bars.

First, you have ‘basic preferences’ and ‘member preferences’ like gender, location, age, and religion.

So if you are out of town for the weekend, you can still select your hometown to swipe on – or if you’re planning a trip you can line up a date in advance!

Then you get to ‘Subscriber Preferences’. These are paid extra as part of the Hinge+ and HingeX subscription plans.

This means you can get even more pinpointed by essentially building a set of criteria that your match has to meet based on their virtues, vitals, and vices. Here’s everything you can adjust to your preferences:

Basic Preferences:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Maximum Distance
  • Age Range
How Does Hinge Work - Subscriber Preferences

Subscriber Preferences:

  • Politics
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Education
  • Children
  • Family Plans
  • Height

I personally believe you should avoid preferences as much as possible. The reason for this is that when you have set criteria of who your partner should be, you sometimes fail to see opportunities that might have been better for you.

What Are Hinge Dealbreakers?

How Does Hinge Work - Dealbreakers

When you set your preferences, Hinge won’t completely exclude those people that don’t meet your preferences.

Even though the algorithm most likely won’t present you with people who don’t match your preferences, you still may come across them, especially if you use the app a lot. Dealbreakers are a wat to ensure you are completely avoiding them.

Dealbreakers allow you to select any of your preferences as a dealbreaker, meaning that if a profile doesn’t meet your requirements, you strictly will not be shown their profile.

What Does Boost Do On Hinge?

At the top right of your profile page, you’ll notice a little lightning bolt on a blue icon. This is Boost.

It temporarily boosts your profile, making you more visible to other users for a one-hour period and Hinge advertises that you can get 11x more views in that hour. Superboosts give you that same bump for a 24-hour period. Other users won’t know you’ve boosted your profile – you’ll appear in their Discover feed in the normal way.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get more likes by being more visible, but it definitely increases your chances. And every match that’s a direct result of a boost will have a small lightning bolt on their profile pictures, so you can see if the boost has worked.

How Does Hinge Work - Boost

Boosts aren’t cheap – it’s around $ 9.99 USD (above is Australian Dollars) for a one-hour boost and $19.99 for 24 hours, although you can bring the price down by bulk buying. And since the mechanics of Hinge require users to like or comment on a particular part of your profile, simply being more visible doesn’t necessarily encourage the high-effort interaction required for a match.

But still, a tactical boost at the right time – like Sunday evenings, when the app is at its busiest – could be worth splashing out on.

How Hinge Discover Works

How Does Hinge Work - Discover

Discover is just like swiping on other dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. The difference is that with Hinge, you only like a part of the user’s profile, rather than the whole thing.

Click the ‘H’ symbol at the bottom left of the screen to see your feed of potential matches. If you like someone, you respond to a picture, prompt, or poll – you can do this by clicking the heart or the rose icon that appears next to the user’s pictures or prompt answers. If you don’t like the user, hit the X to skip.

To increase your chances of a match by 300% (according to Hinge) you can attach a comment to the like. This helps you stand out and in essence, it’s the ability to send a message without matching first, which is a premium feature on other apps like Bumble.

But be warned – you are given only up to 8 likes a day (and sometimes less) unless you upgrade to become a Hinge subscriber. These likes reset every day at 4 am local time – don’t use them all up before breakfast.

And you only get one free rose each week. According to Hinge, a rose is twice as likely to lead to a date so use it wisely, friend.

Meanwhile, you can undo a skip by hitting the back arrow that appears when you pass on another profile – since you’re unlikely to see someone twice, you better use that undo!

What Are Standouts On Hinge?

How Does Hinge Work - Standouts

Hinge is all about finding you the best possible matches – it’s designed to be deleted after all. So on the tab beside Discover, behind the star icon, are your Standouts. This is another feed of profiles, especially hand-picked for you.

These profiles have been chosen for your Standouts based on two criteria – one, they’re popular with users on Hinge, and two, they closely match your criteria from preferences. Hinge refreshes your Standouts every day.

You can’t send a like to your Standouts: you can only send a rose. So if you like your Standouts, you’ll inevitably need to buy more roses. And because Standout profiles are popular already, you’ll need to work extra hard to stand out if you like them.

Lastly, Standouts can appear in your Discover feed, but it’s no guarantee. Don’t let the one slip away, because you can’t search for someone on Hinge.

What Is Most Compatible On Hinge?

The other feature you’ll find in the Discover feed is Most Compatible. Your Standouts were selected from your criteria, so who are these folks?

Your Most Compatible users are profiles that Hinge’s sophisticated machine learning algorithm thinks you’re most likely to match with – Hinge thinks that you’ll like them and they’ll like you too.

In testing phases, Hinge found that “Most Compatible” matches were 8x more likely to actually go on a date. So there are some seriously good odds in there. Hinge says they aim to bring you one Most Compatible profile every day, but results may vary.

How Does Hinge Work - most compatible alert

What’s The Difference Between Standouts and Most Compatible?

Since the Hinge app highlights different users as Standouts and Most Compatible, you’re going to have a ton of options on the app.

So what’s the difference between Standouts and Most Compatible? Well, “Most Compatible” users have been picked because of mutual compatibility whereas Standouts are simply popular profiles that Hinge thinks you might like.

That means you’re more likely to match with, and eventually meet, someone picked as Most Compatible. Hinge thinks you’ll like your Standouts, but more importantly, it’s sure your Most Compatible profiles will like you back.

What Is Last Active On Hinge?

With Tinder and Bumble, swipes are low effort. But on Hinge, you’re encouraged to put some thought into it and attach a flirty, witty, or surprising comment.

There can be something intimidating about sending a high-effort message into the abyss. How do you know if and when they’ll see it? That’s where Last Active comes in.

Last Active is a little hint from Hinge about when the profile you’re looking at was last online and it will tell you if they are “active now” or were “active today”. If you don’t see either of these statuses, they probably haven’t been online that day, or they’ve chosen to hide their online status in settings.

How Does Hinge Work - Last Active

Unfortunately, you can only see this status for profiles in your Discover feed. Once you match, you can’t see when your match was last online. It’s also possible to turn off Last Active, so you can’t be sure someone wasn’t online even if you don’t see it.

Here’s how to turn off Last Active:

  1. Open up the app and tap your photo icon.
  2. Hit Settings 
  3. Scroll down to the “Show Last Active Status” section
  4. Toggle Last Active Status to off – the toggle bar will turn gray.
  5. Hit X to save your changes.

How Hinge Matching Works

How Does Hinge Work - Matching & Liking

You didn’t come here to dance – you came to match. Matching is where the magic happens, so you’re probably wondering how it works.

There are two ways to match. The first is when someone likes you (by liking and commenting on your prompts or pictures). When this happens you’ll find them in the Likes You section and you can agree to match. The other way is that someone that you’ve sent a Like to will match back. If they do this, they’ll appear in your chat tab. Geddit?

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a small heart icon. This is the Likes You section.

This is where you can see a list of the users that have liked you and therefore be able to decide if the feeling is reciprocated. If they have left a comment, you will be able to see this as well. To match, tap their profile and click on the conversation icon. You can reply with a comment, or simply match and let them make the first move in the chat.

A free member will only be able to see the latest person and every other profile that has liked you will be blurred. You can see all the profiles that have liked you by upgrading to become a subscriber.

If you decide to like one of these profiles as well, their profile will be moved to the ‘Matches’ section where you will be able to send unlimited messages. So that’s how Hinge works with likes – congratulations, you now have a match!

You can also like or pass on people that may not have seen your profile yet, just by going to the Discover section of the app. If one of these profiles likes you back, this new match will appear in the ‘Matches’ section as well.

What Are Roses On Hinge?

How Does Hinge Work - Rose

Hinge offers loads of ways to interact – liking or commenting on pictures, prompts, and polls. If you get creative you can see a great response rate. And now they’ve introduced Roses.

Roses are like an upgraded like. Think Super Likes on Tinder. You only get one free rose a week, and wherever you send a rose you’ll appear at the top of the member’s Likes You screen – helping you stand out. You can purchase additional roses, starting at $3.99 each.

Hinge+ or Hinge X members don’t get any additional roses compared to the free version, so they level the playing field a bit.

According to Hinge, Roses are twice as likely to lead to a date, and by bumping you to the top of the Likes You page they make you impossible to miss. But still, remember to attach a comment too. It’s the only way to stand out on Hinge. 

Can You See Who Likes You On Hinge?

Because you can attach a comment alongside every like you send, Hinge can be harder work than simple swiping apps. Fortunately, that’s not the only way to match.

Yes – everyone who has liked you will appear in the Likes You section, accessed by the heart icon. With free Hinge, you’ll only be able to see your most recent like and other profiles will be blurred out.

To match with someone who likes you, tap their profile and hit the conversation icon. Hinge will let you match and wait, or make the first move by replying with a comment of your own.

How Hinge Messaging Works

How Does Hinge Work - Messaging

Gone are the days when a chat was a chat. It feels like every app is trying to spice up its messaging features with GIFs and games and some apps, like Bumble, restrict who can message first.

So how does Hinge messaging work? Hinge is very straightforward in that once you match with someone, anyone can send a message, as many times as they want.

You can also send voice notes, and video calls in-app, and to discourage ghosting whenever your match has messaged you, Hinge will prompt you to reply with a “Your Turn” note on the conversation.

But the big difference between Hinge and other dating apps is it allows you to at least send some sort of message before even matching.

I’m talking about the fact that you can leave a comment with your like, essentially starting the conversation already. Starting the conversation before a match is a premium feature on many other apps but Hinge gives you that power for free.

I highly recommend doing this as Hinge’s own website claims it will increase your chances of a match by 3 times and putting some effort in always reaps rewards in the online dating game

When you have a like in the “Likes You” section there’s no time limit to respond, so you can take your time and craft the perfect reply. Your match won’t get read receipts when you’re messaging either. 

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How Does The Hinge Algorithm Work?

As we saw, Hinge recently launched something called ‘Most Compatible’. Every single day Hinge will present you with one profile that its algorithm has worked out to be well, most compatible. But how does the algorithm know what you would like?

Based on your answers, preferences and then activity while using the app, Hinge determines profiles that you would like, and that would like you back. Remember, the goal with this app is a real connection.

Elite Daily sat down with Jean-Marie Mcgrath, The Director of Communications at Hinge and she said, “Considering everything we know about you so far, your ‘Most Compatible’ is the person we think you would be most interested in dating, who would be most interested in dating you.”

How Does Hinge Work - Most Compatible

Hinge uses the Gale–Shapley algorithm which basically takes information from your profile and information from another profile and matches them together. The algorithm attempts to solve the Stable Marriage Problem by balancing preferences and eliminating anyone with “Dealbreaker” characteristics. It even knows how attractive you are.

Hinge even goes so far as to ask its users privately if they have in fact met and if they want to go on another date, through the “We Met” feature. The constant inputs around the world are helping Hinge’s machine learning and algorithms to improve daily.

How Hinge Subscriber’s Paid Model Works

How Does Hinge Work - Paid Perks

Basic Hinge is free and the app is pretty functional for a free member, but if you do want to upgrade to get all the features, you will have to pay.

They have two tiers: Hinge+ and HingeX. Formerly, this was known as Hinge Preferred Membership.

Once you download Hinge it will prompt you to sign up by either connecting your Facebook account or your phone number. Allow access to all required permissions and then you are good to get started!

Just like every other dating app out there that includes a paid upgrade, Hinge has also joined the party. Subscribers can pay monthly, quarterly, or every six months.

Purchasing the upgrade allows users to access features that aren’t available to non-paying users. These features range from those we have seen in other apps to the somewhat radical. But regardless, let’s break down what exactly your money will get you if you decide to upgrade.

Hinge + Features

How Does Hinge Work - Hinge Plus

According to Hinge, subscribers get twice as many dates as regular members. Of course, that might be because they’re trying twice as hard to get their money’s worth but there are some fancy features that will help you meet your match.

  • See everyone who likes you
  • Adjust advanced preferences
  • Unlimited daily Likes
  • Filtering your Likes
  • Browse by location, activity, and more.

See Who Likes You: Just like Tinder Gold or Bumble Boost, Hinge also gives you the option to check out all of the profiles that have already liked your profile. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to always see the latest profile that has liked you, but all the other ones will be blurred. With this feature, all the profiles that have liked you will be shown, and you can also filter by location and recently active.

Advanced Preferences: As mentioned earlier, these are preferences digging way deeper than the standard ‘age range’ and ‘maximum distance’. These will allow you to exclude people from matching with you by setting a series of criteria that your match has to meet. For example, you can use Subscriber Preferences’ to exclude people based on their height, family plans, or drug use.

Unlimited Likes: Hinge only gives you around 8 likes a day, which according to a lot of people, isn’t enough! If you want to find the right one quicker, maybe upgrading to get past this restriction is worth it.

Browse By Location, Activity, And More: As well as filtering the Discover feed by your particular preferences, you can also filter by location as activity status, enabling you to see only the people you’re most interested in.

Hinge X Features

How Does Hinge Work - Hinge X

This is where it starts to get interesting. As well as everything included in Hinge+, Hinge X subscribers get some serious profile-boosting features.

Enhanced Recommendations: This feature has Hinge’s algorithm working extra hard to bring the best possible users to your Discover feed. It’s a bit like getting Standouts, all the time – and as a bonus you don’t need to purchase Roses to Like them, since they’re in your regular feed.

Skip The Line: This top-tier feature bumps you up the Discover feed of other users and means you get recommended sooner. You’re more visible on Hinge, and most probably getting more Likes.

Priority Likes: Free Hinge members can only see their most recent like, meaning that new Likes get buried at the bottom. But Hinge X subscribers go straight to the top of the list. So come up with a killer prompt reply, because you know your potential match will see you.

Unlimited likes, double Standouts, and the ability to filter out (or in?) heavy smokers might sound appealing, but of course, you have to pay for it. Is it worth it?

So how much does Hinge cost? While prices vary by region, Hinge+ starts at around $29.99/month and Hinge X is around $49.99.

As with many subscription-based services, it’s cheaper the longer you pay for. Three months cost $19.99/month while a six-month subscription works out to $14.99/month for Hinge +, and Hinge X comes in at $33.33/month and $24.99/month if you pay for longer.

Hinge + Vs Hinge X Cost

CostHinge+Hinge X
1 month$29.99$49.99
3 months$59.99 ($19.99/month)$99.99 ($33.33/month)
6 months$89.99 ($14.99/month)$149.99 ($24.99/month)

How To Set Up Hinge +/Hinge X – Step By Step

If you feel like upgrading to become a Hinge subscriber, here’s how you do it:

  1. Open up the Hinge app
  2. Tap your profile picture on the bottom right of the screen
  3. Tap the Upgrade icon at the top right of the screen
  4. Tap the subscription option you want, and then hit the price tag at the bottom of the screen
  5. Choose how long you want to subscribe for and hit Continue
  6. Check your credit card details and hit “Subscribe”

How To Cancel Hinge + and Hinge X– iPhone

You might want to cancel your Hinge subscription – Hinge was designed to be deleted, after all! Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Select iTunes and App Store
  3. Click on Apple ID
  4. Click on view Apple ID
  5. Click on Subscriptions
  6. Tap Hinge
  7. Tap Cancel Subscription

How To Cancel Hinge + and Hinge X – Android

  1. Open up the Google Play Store
  2. Tap on your profile picture (or the circle with the first initial of your name in the top right corner)
  3. Click Payments and Subscriptions from the menu
  4. Click Subscriptions
  5. Tap on Hinge
  6. Hit Cancel subscription

How To Download Hinge – Step By Step

Anyone can sign up to Hinge as a free member. Then you can browse, match and message. So there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a try.

Hinge is available in the Google Play store on App Store. You can download it by either searching Hinge in either store or clicking one of the previous links. Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Open up the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users)
  2. Search Hinge in the search bar
  3. Tap “Install”. Voila!

Hinge Help Center

Apps these days are taking better care than ever of their customer’s well-being. Hinge’s Help Center is their version of Bumble’s Safety & Wellbeing Center: your one-stop shop for online security, privacy, and support. There are a few handy features in here that you need to know about.

How Does Hinge Work - hinge nfaq

Not-So-FAQ: The NFAQ is a place where Hinge has answered your burning questions about online dating, covering things that you may not find elsewhere. They’re centered around LGBTQIA+ dating, and help any queer or non-binary daters navigate the world of online dating.

What Works: What Works is Hinge’s very own expert dating guide and to be fair, they know a thing or two about what works. They’ve amassed the data of millions of users and built a solid algorithm so I highly recommend you take a look in here. It covers picking your best pics, responding to prompts as well as conversational tips to help you convert a match to a date.

Reporting on Hinge

How Does Hinge Work - Report

Hinge is committed to keeping users safe, so if someone on Hinge behaves in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you can report them through the app. Hinge has strict user guidelines for behavior (including an AI that filters the app’s messaging) and they make it easy to remove someone from your feed. If you suspect someone has a fake profile you can report them for that too. 

To report a user on Hinge, click on the three dots at the top right of their profile. If you’re in the chat, the three dots are on the top right of the screen. If you report someone, or if someone reports you, they won’t be notified. But they’ll disappear from your Discover feed or messages.

Hinge users aren’t automatically banned when they’re reported. Hinge looks to see if the behavior violation was unacceptable (in which case the Hinge account will be deleted) or provides a teachable moment where they can warn the user and encourage reflection.

Pausing Hinge

How Does Hinge Work - Pause Profile

Hinge is famously designed to be deleted. But if you haven’t gotten that far yet, you might need a break. It’s also designed to be paused.

To pause your Hinge account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your profile photo to open your profile page.
  2. Navigate to your settings through the gear icon.
  3. Scroll down to the Pause switch.
  4. Toggle it on – it will turn purple when you’re paused.

When paused, you can still access the app and message your existing matches. But you’ll be hidden in Discover, and won’t receive any new likes. Since you can’t really go invisible on Hinge this is the best way to take a break.

Hinge User Demographic

How Does Hinge Work - hinge user demographic

Knowing your Hinge statistics helps you figure out if it’s the app for you. It’s geared towards serious relationships, so is everyone on Hinge over 30 and looking to get married?? Let’s find out.

  • Hinge is the third-most popular dating app in America after Tinder and Bumble.
  • And there are 20 million Hinge users worldwide.
  • 800,000 Hinge members are paying subscribers. That’s one in 25.
  • 75% of Hinge users have been active in the last three days.
  • A whopping 90% of Hinge users are aged between 23 and 36.
  • 49.3% of users are aged 18-29.
  • 48.7% of users are aged 30 – 49.
  • And just 2% of Hinge users are over 50.
  • 64% of Hinge users are male and 36% are female, so the guys outnumber the girls 2 to 1.
  • 83% of Hinge users are looking for a partner who has political views.
  • 99% of Hinge users have a college education.
  • 200,000 dates are arranged on Hinge every week!
  • 72% of first dates from Hinge lead to a second date.

Is Hinge For Dating Or Hookups?

Hinge markets itself to people looking for meaningful connections and long-term relationships. And I know not everyone here is looking to get serious!

So is Hinge for dating or hookups? Hinge’s algorithm is designed to bring matches that you can form a lasting connection with and the app’s mechanics are built to encourage meaningful contact. That makes it geared more toward dating. But with 20 million users and a userbase of people in their 20s, you can bet some of those folks are looking for something more casual.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to find hookups on Hinge as well as serious relationships. If you’re looking for something casual, Hinge’s system of prompts and responses makes it quick and easy to start a flirtatious affair.

Hinge FAQs

So this article has opened the door to the world of Hinge, but if you’ve still got questions you’re in the right place.

What Is Hinge For?

Hinge markets itself as an app for serious people looking for serious relationships, so what is Hinge for? Well, with 20 million users who are mostly in their 20s, it’s for everything and everyone. From casual encounters to long-term relationships, Hinge is for anyone looking to match and meet.

How Do You Get Matches On Hinge?

There are two ways to get matches on Hinge: by looking at who “Likes You” and by liking other members and waiting for a response. But maybe you knew that already, and you’re still struggling to get matches on Hinge. My advice is to put the effort in.

Build a quality profile with six great pictures and three creative and personalized prompts. And when you send a like to someone else, make it meaningful. Attach a comment about what it makes you think or feel, otherwise, it might be a waste of time.

Does Hinge Tell You When Someone Looks At Your Profile?

The app shows you everyone who likes you in the “Likes You” section, but does Hinge tell you when someone looks at your profile? Nope – unless they like you by interacting with a picture or prompt, you’ll have no way of knowing who has seen your profile.

Final Thoughts

Hinge is here to stay. It’s a wildly popular app already in the US and is starting to take over the rest of the world. It might just even be better than Bumble. So jump on the bandwagon now if you haven’t already.

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