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Is Hinge Better Than Bumble? | 2023 Comparison

Is Hinge Better Than Bumble? | 2023 Comparison

Dating can be exhausting, huh? If you’re not worried about being scammed or talking to a robot (read this if you think you might be), then you’re worrying about how to plan a good first date.

On top of all of that, you also have to worry about which of the thousands of dating apps is the one that your one true soulmate is hiding away in.

With so many options now, ranging from high-end dating sites like Elite Singles, to more specific ones like Christian Mingle it’s harder than ever to know which app you should bet your love life on.

Luckily, I’m here to help you try to make a bit of sense of this love maze. So, today, we’re going to be taking a look at two of the most popular dating apps out there and answering that age-old question, is Hinge better than Bumble?

Is Hinge Better Than Bumble - Hinge Designed to be Deleted

To give you a quick answer, in this humble love-seekers opinion, yes Hinge is better than Bumble… slightly.

Let me start by saying that, if you’re looking for more than a hook-up (or a teenager trying to sell you fake weed), both Hinge and Bumble are better than Tinder. So what is it that gives Hinge the edge in this game of love?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the little differences and features that give Hinge a slight edge.

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Is Hinge Better Than Bumble For Serious Relationships?

Let’s start off with the big question: is Hinge or Bumble better for landing you a serious partner?

Both claim to be the best, but both attempt to match you with a partner in very different ways. Bumble was created by a former member of the Tinder team.

She left and started her own app because she wanted to make something safer for women, and so was born Bumble’s unique selling point: the woman sends the first message.

This is a good concept and one that a lot of people like a lot, but other than this feature, Bumble isn’t much different from Tinder at all.

You’re still mindlessly swiping based on photos (and maybe some of the bio if you can be bothered).

If you match on Bumble, much like Tinder, it’s because you both find each other’s pics attractive that it’s worth starting a conversation.

Is Hinge Better Than Bumble - Hinge compatible match

The problem? Most people aren’t paying attention to personality. By using this basis, a lot of the time Bumble just feels like Tinder for women.

It might be a safer space for women, but it’s still, basically, just a meat market hook-up app. 

Hinge is a bit different though. It’s more like Instagram. You scroll through a feed until you find a picture or a post you want to comment on. If you comment and they like it… match made!

With Hinge, your match is down to your witty opening comment as well as your mirror selfies.

Not only that, like Instagram or Facebook, what you see is based on what you click.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, this doesn’t mean their algorithm works to make you rage-click on more memes about dead gorillas, but instead, it shows you more people that you’re likely to have a genuine connection with.

The difference in algorithms means that you’re more likely to meet someone you have actual interests in common with on Hinge than you are on Bumble.

Why Is Hinge Better Than Bumble?

Hinge is famous for its slogan: “designed to be deleted”.

Most people looking for true love on a dating app are going to want to delete the app as soon as they find a partner, so this slogan is a great piece of marketing, but is it true?

Wouldn’t it work out better for them as a company if you keep the app for as long as possible? Well, yes and no.

Obviously, there is a short-term benefit to keeping customers for as long as possible.

But, when there are so many apps on the market, being the one that makes the most long-lasting relationships is a great way to sell yourself.

And Hinge has been very successful in the past, even going so far as to give out free gifts for relationship milestones such as first “sleepover”, and honeymoons.

Is Hinge Premium Better Than Bumble Premium?

You can of course, just use both of these apps for free and still get results. But, these days, more and more people are deciding to invest actual money into their dating lives. But which premium version is better?

Hinge+ and HingeX Membership

Hinge’s subscriber membership works a little differently from Bumble and Tinder. Hinge recently turned Preferred Membership into a two-tier system.

Hinge+ and HingeX members get just about everything you can get for a fee (there are a few things that are not included, but personally I don’t see them as particularly worthwhile anyway).

This includes more preference filters, notifications of everyone who likes you, and, of course, unlimited likes.

Additionally, HingeX members get enhanced recommendations from the algorithm, and a profile boost in other users’ Discover feeds.

Is Hinge Better Than Bumble - Hinge Premium

Hinge claims that subscribers get around double the amount of dates as free users.

But it’s pretty darn pricey. A single-month subscription of HingeX will set you back almost $50!

Bumble Boost

Compared to HingeX, Bumble Boost doesn’t offer a whole lot. You get unlimited swipes and your matches are extended to 48 hours.

You also have the ability to reopen expired matches. If you want to do more than that, you’re going to have to fork out even more on Bumble Premium which gives you incognito mode and you can see everyone who right-swipes you.

It’s quite a bit cheaper than Hinge’s top tier, but it doesn’t offer the algorithm boost of HingeX.

Does Bumble Have A Higher Success Rate Than Hinge?

Good question… but a complicated one. If we say that success is a match that results in a date, then Bumble has a success rate of 80% and Hinge has a success rate of 90%.

Both of these are impressively high percentages, but 90% is mind-blowing. What’s even more impressive is that 72% of Hinge dates result in a second date.

So why is this a complicated question? Simply, because Bumble has butt-load more users.

Is Hinge Better Than Bumble - Hinge Success Couple

While you might go on a date with 90% of the people you match with on Hinge, you’re going to match with a lot fewer people.

90% of 10, is much less than 80% 100. But do you want quantity or quality?

So there we have it. If you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship, Hinge is better than Bumble. They might even send you a vibrator if you get married…

And whichever app you choose, check out my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a complete profile overhaul. I guarantee you’ll get more matches with my photo and bio tips!

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