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Are There Fake Profiles On Hinge? | How To Spot Fake Profiles

Are There Fake Profiles On Hinge? | How To Spot Fake Profiles

Sometimes, dating profiles seem too good to be true. Sometimes, you’re scrolling away, happy as Larry, wearing a dressing gown and covered in chip crumbs, and you think… hang on… why are other people so put together?

Why are all these attractive human beings coming up on my feed? I mean, are there fake profiles on Hinge?

Firstly, let me just say, have a bit of confidence in yourself! You clean up great. Yeah, maybe it’s time to get a haircut and change out of the dressing gown, but we’ve all had a tough couple of years.

And you would hardly put dressing gown and chips crumbs selfies on your Hinge profile would you (would you?), whether you’re looking for a serious Hinge relationship or just some fun.

That said, some profiles on Hinge might be too good to be true. If you’re wondering about fake accounts, catfishing, and bots on Hinge then you’re in the right place.

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Are There Fake Profiles On Hinge?

Every dating app, from Hinge to Tinder, struggles with fake profiles to some extent.

So if you’re asking, are there fake profiles on Hinge? Yes, there are fake profiles on Hinge. Although the site tries its best to avoid fake users, some accounts slip through the cracks of verification.

Are There Fake Profiles On HInge - hinge app

In fact, Hinge introduced selfie verification in 2022 in an attempt to combat fake profiles. This brought them in line with other swiping sites. Hinge also verifies accounts through phone numbers and has real mods behind the scenes checking profiles. In fact, some Hinge users have even found fake versions of themselves on the site! That’s either some slippage between alternate universes, a scammer, or a bot!

Are There Fake Profiles On Hinge - Hinge App preview

So, if something seems a bit too good to be true on Hinge, it might be.

Keep your wits about you, and don’t give out personal information before you meet someone.

I mean, why would someone need to know your Mother’s maiden name and what bank your current account is with? That is not a good flirtation technique!

Can Verified Hinge Profiles Be Fake?

Hinge’s Selfie verification matches a short video with the images a user has uploaded. In theory, it should guarantee there’s a real person behind those pictures.

So can verified Hinge profiles be fake? Possibly. While Hinge’s video identification checks for digital manipulation, we’re seeing ever more sophisticated AI filters that can adjust video in real-time.

If you’ve ever used a Snapchat filter then this won’t surprise you too much. Keep your wits about you, even when talking to a verified profile.

One place you’re likely to be safe on Hinge is with your Standouts. These are hand-picked top profiles and whether verified or not they should be real people!

Are There Bots On Hinge?

Now that we know there are a few fake profiles on Hinge, you might be wondering what sort of fake profiles. Bots? Russians? Are there AI profiles on Hinge?!

So are there bots on Hinge? Let me level with you here okay, there are bots everywhere, especially on free dating apps.

Getting yourself on a dating site with a paywall and a solid dating pool, like Eharmony or Zoosk, lessens your chances of running into a bot but no site can totally get rid of them.

You’ll be glad to know, though, that these bots ain’t exactly Terminator. Bots are essentially chat algorithms according to

Are There Fake Profiles On HInge - bots on hinge

Yep, it’s pesky AI again. They’re trying to get personal info from you, but they’re not going to be great conversationalists!

You can tell a bot if the conversation happens too fast after a match (like, seconds after. Bots don’t play it cool.) or is… well… robotic. Ask an unexpected question and a bot is likely to get confused.

Whether or not someone is a bot, you probably shouldn’t be too casual with what you tell matches on dating sites.

And if Arnold Schwarzenegger with half his face off turns up on the date? Yeah… that’s a bot.

Which Dating App Has The Most Fake Profiles?

So, we know that all dating apps have both fake dating profiles and the odd bot. You’ll have to hone your bot-dar and swipe right.

Because of its sheer user base and popularity, Tinder has the most fake profiles across the web. As a percentage there are many other new and existing apps that have a large user base made up of fake profiles in an attempt to fabricate sign up numbers. This is because no one wants to be the first user on a dating app matching with no one. But in total, Tinder still wins as having the most fake profiles in 2023.

This info is all self-reported though and based on opinions about what looks fake, making it deeply unscientific.

Are There Fake Profiles On HInge - fake profile miss ireland

In my experience, Tinder has the most fake profiles out of all the apps. It makes sense that a very popular and free-to-use site like Tinder has a fair few fake profiles, so keep your eyes peeled!

You’re likely to find fewer fake profiles on paywalled sites. Especially, I’m afraid, on slightly more expensive paywalled sites!

Part of what you’re paying for is excellent moderation and a barrier for entry that puts off most scammers.

How To Tell If Someone Is Real On A Dating Site

Maybe all this has freaked you out. You’re doing up your dressing gown, brushing off those chips crumbs, and thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ and ‘Should I just give up?’ you’re wondering how to tell if someone is real on a dating site.

It’s really not too hard to tell if someone is real on a dating site. Firstly, if their photos look flawed and normal, well, they’re probably real.

You can also ask some open-ended questions it would be hard for a bot to follow, and, if you’re really suspicious, do a reverse image search on their profile picture. Before meeting someone, ask to video chat for final confirmation.

Are There Fake Profiles On HInge - Unique Conversation

I know, it seems a little mad, but how many episodes of Catfish could have been prevented before they started with a simple reverse image search?

8 Ways To Spot  A Fake Online Dating Profile

Fake profiles are out there. How do you tell if a Hinge match is a bot? Here are 8 tell-tale signs.

  1. All The Photos Are Professional Shots

If every photo is model quality, it’s likely the profile pictures have been scraped from another source. Great Hinge profile pictures will have interesting backgrounds and a variety of locations.

  1. Profile Is Incomplete

If the profile is particularly limited – just one or two photos and no prompt answers, then it could be a bot.

  1. No Verification Tag

Hinge introduced video identity verification in an attempt to reduce bots on the site. Not everyone wants to go through the verification process, but if your Hinge match lacks a verification tag you should tread carefully.

(Note: Hinge’s Selfie Verification is currently available in test markets only. If you can’t find it yet, it should appear soon.)

Are There Fake Profile On Hinge - verified badge
  1. Poorly Written Bio/Prompts

Low-effort dating profiles should be avoided anyway, but poorly written prompt answers are often the sign of a thrown-together bot account. 

  1. No Linked Instagram

Linked socials, like Instagram (and Spotify on other apps), can be a sign that your Hinge match is a real person. On its own, the absence of a linked Insta shouldn’t be a red flag – but if you’re seeing other signs the profile might be a bot then why not ask for their handle to see if they are real?

  1. The Conversation Doesn’t Flow Naturally

While ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, the AI used by your average dating app bot isn’t quite there yet. Throw in some curveball questions and if you’re not getting “human” answers, it’s time to unmatch and report.

  1. They Ask For Personal Information Too Soon

A good Hinge conversation should be building some intimacy through in-jokes and flirty banter. But nobody needs to know your bank details inside of the first five messages. If a match is trying to get personal information out of you, that’s a red flag.

  1. Trust Your Gut

Lastly, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Sure, by following my dating advice you’ll be getting matches you thought were way out of your league.

But if a 10/10 hottie is asking for dick pics from the word go, listen to your gut – or snap a screenshot and ask a friend for advice!

Final Thoughts

I hope you don’t run into many fake profiles on your dating journey, but you’re well prepared now if you do! And the best way to avoid them?

Take your matches offline, have great dates, and find the relationship you’re after! And the best way to do THAT is by leveling up your Hinge profile so check out my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. It works for all dating apps and offers a total profile overhaul. More hot matches, fewer bot matches.

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