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Can You Search For Someone On Hinge?

Can You Search For Someone On Hinge?

Dating apps are all well and good, but sometimes you find yourself suffering from a good old-fashioned crush. The IRL kind!

Butterflies, sweaty hands, trying to make actual words to talk to an actual person without the time and space your smartphone gives you to develop a suave persona. Nightmare!

So, whether you want to swipe right on a friend as a haha so funny joke and then casually propose a date as like, an extension of the comedy, or track down an acquaintance you’ve never quite had the balls to talk to in person, it’s only natural that at some point in your IRL crush, you start wondering, ‘can you search for someone on Hinge?’

The answer is blunt: sorry, no. You can’t search for people on Hinge. Hinge themselves say that the feature isn’t available yet, but given how long the app has been around I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Can You Search for Someone on Hinge - searching online

I mean, Hinge dates from 2016 and the fact that they rolled out a big update in 2020, including adding Hinge standouts and roses, it doesn’t seem particularly likely that another big change like a searchable swiping app is coming any time soon.

Honestly, plenty of people are still reeling from the last update. If you’re one of them, check out my guide to Hinge Standouts or my explanation of what the heck a rose is on Hinge for a bit of help.

Okay, ‘heck’ isn’t in the title of that one, but the roses were a real sideways move from the app that’s designed to be deleted.

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How To Find Someone On Hinge Again?

Okay, so you can’t search for someone you know on Hinge. How about if you accidentally clicked no? Or accidentally unmatch someone?

How exactly do you find someone again on Hinge? I don’t know, butterfingers! How do you accidentally unmatch someone?

Were you playing chicken with the unmatch button? And then the second screen, after the unmatch button, where it asks you, ‘why you’re unmatching?’

Sorry, I’m just passionate about online dating! Maybe you dropped your phone on your face and your cheek did it. I know smartphones can be temperamental things.

Unfortunately, though, you’re out of luck. An unmatch on Hinge is a permanent action that is, for practical purposes, the same thing as blocking them.

The only way you might find them again is if they remake their profile. And if they did that just for you, it would be a love story for the ages!

If you hit no accidentally, though, the other user is likely to appear again. This might happen quicker if they hit yes, so keep your eyes peeled.

It will also happen quicker if you’re in a small town where there aren’t many people on Hinge.

Can You Search for Someone on Hinge - unmatching on Hinge

Overall, though, I would advise paying attention while you’re swiping. You never know who you might let pass by if you don’t!

And if they’re that much of a catch they might be married by the time they come up on your feed again.

Well, if they’re very impulsive or secretly already engaged they might. But then maybe they’re not such a catch? Conundrum.

How To Find Someone’s Instagram From Hinge?

Ah, the other kind of crush. The online crush. In 2023, let’s be real, it’s the normal kind.

So, you matched with someone great on Hinge, and you’re getting along wonderfully, and from her pictures, she seems to be hot and into the same things as you and…

And it’s all too good to be true! You must know more! So you wonder, ‘How do you find someone’s Instagram from Hinge’? Insta will have all her secrets!

Well sorry, you’re out of luck. And you’re being creepy! You can link your Instagram to your Hinge profile.

If she’s done that, you can click through to the rest of her feed, but that’s obvious.

If an Instagram isn’t linked, there’s no easy way of finding it from Hinge except… you know… asking… like a normal person.

There are rumors of reverse image searches being possible but, unless you suspect a terrible crime has been committed and you’re the only person who can solve it, don’t reverse image search anyone’s Hinge profile pictures and track them to Instagram.

I promise she won’t want to date you if she finds out!

How To Find Someone From Hinge On Facebook

Okay, this is a similar question to the last one, and could definitely be the end goal of a big Hinge crush.

But it makes a little more sense to ask how to find someone from Hinge on Facebook than on Instagram, as the two sites were closely linked until 2016.

Unfortunately, though, you’re out of luck. Short of a very bunny-boiler reverse image search, you can’t find someone’s Facebook from their Hinge profile.

You might get lucky if you know their name and where they live, though, because Facebook is pretty easy to search.

Can You Search for Someone on Hinge - hinge log in via facebook

If thinking about Myspace has made you want to get your shit together and settle down (you know, because if you remember it you’re… ehem… older than Gen Z) then you should take my dating sites quiz and see what your best bet is for finding the one.

Hell, take it if you just want fun too! It works no matter what your dating goals are.

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