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What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder?

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder?

So, you’ve swiped left on Anna, who works in HR and lives approximately two miles from you. No shade to Anna, she looks fine, but do you really want to talk about HR all night? Left swipe.

I mean, maybe she hates HR. But then why would she talk about it in her Tinder bio? She was quite hot, maybe you made a mistake…

Wow, this is too much thought! She’s gone now! Or is she? A few swipes later, Anna from HR shows up again. It’s like Tinder knows you’re perfect for one another under the HR stuff.

Or maybe Anna knows. After all, human resources is all about matching people in a way, isn’t it? I mean, if you ignore all the firing they do…

There are actually a few reasons someone might come up repeatedly after you’ve swiped left on them on Tinder and it’s not because Anna is some kind of HR dating psychic using voodoo to get into your swipe deck.

Let’s find out.

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder - Tinder App

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What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder?

It feels like every chick on Tinder has a septum piercing and a wonky fringe. How are you supposed to tell these people apart? But fashion trends aside sometimes the same profile pops up over and over.

So what does it mean if someone keeps coming up on Tinder? They may have swiped right on you and Tinder really wants a match to happen. Flattering. Or maybe you’ve swiped through everyone near you, so the algorithm is showing old profiles again in a desperate attempt to get you a date.

Less flattering.

Or the Tinder user could have paid for Boost. This paid feature is designed to get you more Likes and Matches by showing you to more people for 30 minutes.

And lastly, a bad connection could have stopped Tinder from recognizing a left swipe, so they pop back up.

5 Reasons Why The Same Person Keeps Appearing On Tinder

It’s not déjà vu. Let’s break it down with 5 reasons why the same person keeps appearing on Tinder.

1. They Swiped Right On You

Tinder wants you to get matches, and whenever you swipe left on someone that liked you, you miss out on a match.

That’s bad for Tinder because without matches you’re going to quit the app. So if someone keeps coming up, it’s a little nudge from Tinder like a playground whisper: I heard that so-and-so likes you.

If the same person keeps appearing in a bigger city or a large search distance, then they probably swiped right on you.

They clearly like you, so you can swipe right with confidence if you see promise in their profile.

2. You’re Running Out Of People In Your Area

If you’re in a small town, you’re likely to see many of the same faces flashing up on your Tinder feed repeatedly.

That’s just because there aren’t all that many fish in the sea, unfortunately. It’s really more of a pond. Or a puddle.

If Tinder’s becoming a revolving door with the same old faces, try expanding your search distance so they can bring you some new profiles.

3. They Created A New Profile

If someone’s account got deleted they might have gone ahead and used my handy hacks for resetting their Tinder account. Voilà – same user, new account, appearing in your swipe deck. Sorry about that.

4. They Used Tinder Boost

Tinder Boost is a paid feature that promises up to 10x more views. Tinder has to make good on their promise, so they might show that profile to people that have already swiped left in an effort to bag a like.
And although we don’t yet know the full details of Tinder Vault you can bet it’ll include some fancy features that might make these users more prominent on Tinder.

5. Tinder Didn’t Register Your Left Swipe

Sometimes bad data or a Tinder glitch stops the app from registering a left swipe. From Tinder’s perspective, it’ll be like you never saw them at all – so they turn back up in your match deck.

If this happens more than once with the same profile though, it’s likely to be another option. Maybe, just maybe, they liked you.

It’s not just Tinder. Bumble will show you the same person twice to give you a second chance to match. It’s the MO of online dating apps to help you make connections.

How Do You Know If Someone Swiped Right On Tinder?

Okay, before I answer this question, we need to have a chat about your self-confidence.

Look at you, sitting there asking me, ‘How do you know if someone swiped right on Tinder?’ like you need reassurance before doing any right swiping yourself!

You’re hot, okay, you have something to offer, you… what do you mean I asked the question?

What do you mean I’m sitting in my home office imagining this conversation? Okay, that got too real! Back to Tinder.

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder - Tinder match screen

How do you know if someone swiped right on Tinder? Use Tinder Gold to unlock “See Who Likes You” and see all your Likes. And if someone repeatedly appears in the swipe deck then they probably swiped right on you. Tinder’s algorithm shows you them again to encourage a match.

But Tinder will show you people who have already swiped left or right. So the most reliable way to know that someone liked you is to swipe right and see if there’s a match!

Unlocking the See Who Likes You Feature will also help. If you want to know more about what you get for your money, check out my Tinder Gold guide here.

Or check out Tinder Platinum if you’re feeling bougie and you want the ability to send a message to the other person before matching, kind of like a sneak peek of what’s in store for you when you swipe right.

For a while, you could look at the blurred images in your ‘Likes’ list, which is usually a Tinder Gold feature, using developer tools like ‘inspect element’. You had to use desktop Tinder for this as it didn’t work on the Tinder app. This was known as the unblur hack.

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder - tinder likes blurred

This semi-unblurred the images, so you could make out faces. This bug has been patched by Tinder now, but even if it did still work it seems like an awful lot of work to go to in order to avoid taking a punt on a right swipe!

If you’re really worried about not hitting it off with potential matches, Tinder’s newest updates might make things easier for you.

They’re bringing in a new Tinder ‘Vibes’ feature in order to make more informed match suggestions, so maybe in the future finding someone you click with will be easier.

Or else using Tinder will just be more complicated, who can really say for sure!

How Do You Know If You’re Popular On Tinder?

First of all, it’s not high school anymore. That popularity contest has ended, so whether you’re a jock or one of the freaks and geeks, it’s time to let it go.

But Tinder’s Top Picks feature has got some people wondering, am I a top pick on Tinder?

How do you know if you’re popular on Tinder? Tinder won’t notify you if you’re in someone’s Top Picks but if you’re getting more Likes or Super Likes than usual then you might have been picked by Tinder as a top user.

The best way to be popular on Tinder? Take great Tinder profile pictures and come up with a witty and creative bio. Enjoy the swipes rolling in.

If You Swipe Left On Tinder Are They Gone Forever?

We all sometimes get into a swiping groove and send someone who looks extremely charming, funny, smart, good with kids and dogs, basically marriage material, into the left-swipe abyss.

Look, don’t come at me, I know you can’t ‘look’ good with dogs and kids, but after an accidental left swipe, I get a bit carried away! What if she was the one?

The question is, if you swipe left on Tinder are they gone forever? The Rewind feature lets you undo a left swipe, but you have to pay for it. Otherwise, sometimes people reappear after you swipe them left if they’ve Liked you, or if you’ve run out of people in your area. 

To Rewind a left swipe, tap the little gold arrow at the bottom left of the screen. This will prompt a payment screen for Tinder Plus and you can ask yourself, was she worth it?

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder - Tinder swipe left

If, perhaps, they were someone you know in real life, then maybe you can find them again with some of my tricks to check if someone is on Tinder.

Otherwise, my advice would be to keep swiping for a little while to see if the user you are now definitely in love with shows up again. If they don’t appear again?

Forget about them! We’re heading into a ‘summer of love’ according to Tinder’s owner, so there’ll be plenty of eager Tinder users to choose from.

Does Tinder Show The Same Person Twice?

So, you want to know if Tinder shows you the same person twice? I feel like we have sort of covered this, but there is more to the story.

So does Tinder show the same person twice? Yes, Tinder will show you someone multiple times if you swipe left on them, but after a few attempts, the algorithm will give up on that match.

The app will not usually show you someone you have swiped right on again unless you had a bad connection while swiping.

If it seems like someone is showing up again and again, they may well have multiple profiles or be deleting and remaking their profile repeatedly.

This is, obviously, a super annoying thing to do. So if someone keeps popping up with new profiles, I would definitely stay away from them!

What Does It Mean If Someone Keeps Coming Up On Tinder - Tinder logo

Overall, though, if someone comes up a couple of times on Tinder it’s probably a safe bet to assume they liked you (unless you’re in a tiny college town and you get the same few profiles up daily).

If you’re even a little bit interested, you should swipe right and see where things go. Alternatively, if you’re tearing your hair out and sick of Tinder, maybe it’s time to move on.

What Determines Who Shows Up On Your Tinder?

Algorithms are increasingly in control of our lives, from the next song we hear on Spotify to whether we get into college or not. And on Tinder, an algorithm can determine who you date.

So what determines who shows up on your Tinder? Tinder’s algorithm assigns every user a “score” called an Elo based on activity on the app. It’s basically a ranking of how attractive you are, and it determines who appears in your swipe deck.

Understanding your Tinder Elo is more important than you might think. It’s easy to destroy your Elo and end up with a swipe deck full of low-value profiles.

Even things like not having great conversations with your matches can hurt your Elo. Make sure you have a high-quality profile and be a bit picky with your swipes to boost your score and get matched with better users.

Wrapping Up

If the same person keeps coming up on Tinder, it might be a sign from the universe (aka the Tinder algorithm) that you should swipe right.

Most of the time on Tinder, if someone swipes left then you’re gone for good.

You have one chance to make a good impression, so maybe it’s time to level up your Tinder profile.

Check out my completely free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a Tinder profile redo. From tailoring your bio to improving your pictures, with the Tune-Up you won’t be relying on second chances for a match.

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