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Is Hinge For Over 50 Year Olds? | Tips For Men And Women 50+

Is Hinge For Over 50 Year Olds? | Tips For Men And Women 50+

Since you’ve found your way to this article I can only imagine that you’re over 50 and likely new to dating apps. Welcome!

They can be a little daunting for any age group, so it’s only natural to want a bit of background info. Maybe you’ve recently come out of a long-term relationship, or perhaps you’ve just never been tempted by the world of online dating before.

So, is Hinge for over 50’s? Dating apps can seem like a young person’s game but I’m here to announce that Hinge is for everyone and anyone! As long as they’re over the minimum age of 18 of course.

Online dating is full of peaks and troughs for people of any age, but can still be a great way to connect with people, including once you’ve passed 50.

Most over the fifties that I’ve spoken to about online dating hit a real learning curve in the beginning, it’s just a totally different world to what most people are used to offline.

Is Hinge For Over 50s - Hinge app

Younger generations have grown up with the swipe frenzy that is app dating and have been ghosted, unmatched and booty called more times than they can remember.

But for people coming to online dating a bit later in life, it can seem difficult to wrap your head around and generally overwhelming.

All it takes is a bit of dedication and to learn not to take things too seriously.

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What Age Group Is Hinge For?

One answer to this question is everyone. There is no limit on age for Hinge users and there are many 50+ people on the app.

But is Hinge good for 50-year-olds? it’s just a fact that there are way more young people on Hinge. The majority of Hinge users are between 24 and 32, which is a good bit younger than 50. And you may be happy to know that your age will be updated automatically.

But keep in mind, given that Hinge has over 5 million users worldwide, even quite a small percentage of over 50 Hinge users means a high number of people.

On Hinge, like with many dating apps, you set your own age preference which gives you a lot of control over who you see in your feed. This means that luckily you won’t have to swipe through thousands of 20-year-olds to find someone a bit closer to your age!

Of course, if you are interested in younger people you can set your filters to include them, but remember that your profile won’t often be shown to them unless their age preferences include you.

Hinge is probably slightly better than an app like Tinder, but if you’re feeling like Hinge’s user base is still too young for you, you could try Silver Singles, one of the better 50 and over dating sites.

Absolutely not! Like I said earlier, Hinge is open to anyone over the age of 18, and so if you think the app is right for you, then it is.

There are many older people who use Hinge and have a great time, whether they’re looking for casual dating or a more serious relationship.

The thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve never used dating apps before it can be a bit of a baptism by fire. Viewing and judging an endless reel of people, managing your matches and messages, can be overwhelming.

Is Hinge For Over 50s - older gentleman

So one of my main bits of advice would be to stick with it even when you want to throw your phone across the room and see what happens.

Hinge is an app that has more personal info than some others, rather than just photos, so I think that makes it a great place to start as you get a bit of personality from your potential matches.

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Tips For Over 50’s Using Hinge

1. Have a positive outlook

Getting on the dating scene is not always the easiest thing, especially when you have a few more years on your side and probably a lot more romantic experiences to boot. Try and have fun with dating, and be optimistic about the people you speak to.

Being real, dating apps definitely come with cons as well as pros, and you’ll probably have some pretty rubbish conversations or dates, but that’s just part of the deal, and you will hopefully come across somebody worth your time before too long!

Dating on Hinge is what you make it, and you’ll find you get so much more out of it if you put the effort in and stay positive.

2. Have realistic expectations

Now I want to be clear that this doesn’t mean lowering your standards! But it’s really important to take people at face value and not have too many expectations of how someone should be, act or treat you.

If you meet somebody who you’re not sure about, don’t wait for them to change, move on to the next!

Is Hinge For Over 50s - mature couple dating

This can be especially vital with dating apps, because even after a few amazing conversations you don’t really know a person, and they can seem very different in real life.

If someone doesn’t seem like a great fit, they probably aren’t, and there are plenty more fish in the sea!

3. Listen to yourself, not others!

Dating apps can still feel a bit taboo for the older generations, while for people under 30 it’s weirder not to be on the apps!

Don’t feel pressured to tell friends and family that you’re on Hinge if you think they might judge you, after all, it’s your business and not theirs.

Their first reaction, like yours, may be that Hinge is for young people, which is incorrect.

What Is The Best Dating Site For Over 50?

Hinge is definitely up there for being a good app for over 50’s, because Hinge profiles include so much more information and personality than some other popular apps.

The fact that Hinge isn’t only focused on the physical is usually a big draw for older folk, who tend to be looking for connections slightly deeper than youngsters. Then again it’s also full of pictures if that isn’t the case!

Another option is Silver Singles, which as I mentioned earlier is specifically targeted to singles over 50, so you know from the get-go that age isn’t going to be an issue.

Is Hinge For Over 50s - silver singles

Final thoughts

The fact that you’re over 50 shouldn’t stop you from exploring any dating app, and Hinge is a hugely popular app, so go for it!

If you’re still searching you can check out my other articles on the best dating apps of 2023, or the best dating app for serious relationships.

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