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Is Hinge For Serious Dating? Or Only Hookups?

Is Hinge For Serious Dating? Or Only Hookups?

Everyone reaches a point when the hookups and the revolving door of dates get boring. Well, most people do anyway.

And the pandemic has pushed more people than ever out of the ‘just looking for some fun’ stage, to the ‘oh my gosh I need someone to talk to on the daily… and maybe someone whose hand I can hold’ stage.

What I mean by that is, during the pandemic daters have got way more serious! So, many of you have probably been asking questions like, is Hinge for serious dating?

The answer? Sort of. Hinge sells itself as ‘the app that’s designed to be deleted’ (they mean because you found the one, not because it’s rubbish) so it’s aiming at being serious.

But that isn’t how Hinge is always used. Certainly, it’s somewhat more serious than Tinder, for example. 

Is Hinge for Serious Dating - Hinge App

Hinge isn’t a hookup app. But if you really want to be serious, you’ll need to move from swiping apps to real, paywalled dating sites.

Of course, to an extent how serious a dating app depends on what you really want, and how much effort you put in.

If you aren’t sure what your dating goals are, have a go at my quiz to work out exactly where you should be looking for love. Otherwise, think about what you want.

If you’re on the fence, or still kinda wanna play the field but with one eye on seriousness, Hinge is fine!

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Is Hinge For Hookups Or Relationships?

I have to say if you listened you would know this already! But I get it, you aren’t sure what you want, right? How serious you’re ready to be?

So, you’re wondering, ‘Is Hinge for hookups, or for relationships?’ Well, my answer is going to be super unhelpful, because…

Hinge is for both hookups and relationships! The app’s CEO claims it’s all about serious dating, but that is not borne out by the rest of the evidence.

All swiping, location-based apps (you know, Tinder’s spiritual siblings) are by definition more casual than paywalled, traditional dating sites.

Is Hinge for Serious Dating - designed to be deleted

That’s because they’re like being on a night out, all the time. You’re literally swiping based almost entirely on looks! So, hookups are going to happen.

Of course, Hinge tried to change that somewhat with more in-depth profiles, a six-picture minimum and prompts and icebreakers (if you want more Hinge info, check out my full rundown here).

But you know what? Swiping is still swiping! It’s free, and it’s like playing a game. It’s always going to feel more casual than traditional, paywalled dating sites.

I mean, if I’m paying for something I’m going to get the most I possibly can out of it! Like finding the one. Duh.

What Type Of Dating App Is Hinge?

Okay, we’re getting there. You’re starting to think about these differences I’m pointing out, right?

Like, how one dating app is not the same as another dating app. And yet, so many of them are similar… I promise I’m not high, I’ve just been inside a lot this year.

Anyway, you’re probably asking a question along the lines of ‘What type of dating app is Hinge?’

As I mentioned earlier, Hinge is a location-based swiping app. It’s a generation after Tinder, so it learned some lessons from its big brother.

Hinge tries to be a little more serious than Tinder, asking for more info about users and claiming it uses a more advanced matching algorithm. In the end though?

Well, they’re both location-based swiping apps with most features available for free.

This answer might be leading you to ask what else is out there. It’s a good question and one that Gen Z readers, in particular, can be forgiven for not knowing the answer to. I mean, you guys came of age in Tinder’s world.

But let Grandad tell you about a time before Tinder… not really, obviously. But sort of?

Dating apps weren’t always about swiping. In fact, some of them still aren’t!

A bunch of dating sites, the serious ones you have to pay for, use tech like personality matching and present only a few carefully selected options for you to chat with and date. These are the serious sites!

What Is The Most Serious Type Of Dating Site?

I know, that was a little mysterious. I’ve no doubt got your heads spinning. You’re staring at your phone, feeling betrayed, thinking, “There’s more out there?!”

Well, yes, there is. So let’s investigate. What is the most serious type of dating site?

In my humble expert opinion, the most serious and most trustworthy type of site is a traditional, paywalled site with a decently long history, based on more person-focused dating principles.

You should look for sites that promote the idea of serious matchmaking. I like eharmony and Elite Singles personally. Why not have a go, if you really want to find a relationship that is.

Is Hinge for Serious Dating - eHarmony

Aw, they grow up so fast! Gen Z is on the big dating sites. And millennials in fact. Everybody is welcome! If you want to read about eharmony, check out my article on it here, and one on Elite Singles here. You should do your research before you commit!
But at least now you know, Hinge can be for serious dating, but if you really want to knuckle down and find someone, then move on to traditional paywalled sites.

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