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What Is Bumble Boost? | Features, How To Use It And If It’s Worth It 2023

What Is Bumble Boost? | Features, How To Use It And If It’s Worth It 2023

What Is Bumble Boost?

With Bumble’s ever-growing popularity, it decided to launch its own paid subscription. The fact that Bumble grossed $903M in the year 2022 proves that a lot of people are upgrading from the free version.

Bumble Boost is the premium version of Bumble. It’s a paid subscription that unlocks certain features that aren’t available to non-paying users. 


Bumble Boost Features

The Bumble Boost model adds four new features to help users maximize their time on Bumble. But what are the main benefits?

Bumble Boost Features and Benefits

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What Is Busy Bee?

If you’ve never used Bumble before, first of all, go read this article which breaks down exactly how Bumble works. But if you want the sped-up version, basically when a guy matches with a girl, she has 24 hours to message him. If she doesn’t, the match will expire and disappear.

This is essentially a big tease. You match, your endorphins are running high and then the damn 24-hour countdown gets closer and closer to zero, much like your level of hope.

The thing is, much like the name of this feature suggests, people get busy. If your match happened to not open the app in the last 24 hours, she might not even know that you matched in the first place.

What Is Bumble Boost? Busy Bee

So, Busy Bee is a way around this. It allows you to extend your match a further 24 hours. Not only will this give you a chance to get a message so you can start the conversation, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your match will be notified that you extended the match and hopefully, she will find that endearing.

Unfortunately, if your match doesn’t message you within that second 24-hour period, it’s all over red rover. But keep in mind, when you have Bumble Boost you will have unlimited extends to use on different matches.

What Is Beeline?

If you are already using the free version of Bumble, you would notice that where it shows your ‘match queue’ there is a circle with an image that’s blurred.

That blurred photo is just one of the (hopefully many) people that have liked you already.

On the free version of Bumble, the only way to find these people is to get swiping.

But, Beeline allows you to overcome this and make the most of your time as you can now scroll through a list of all the people that have already liked you.

What is Bumble Boost? Beeline

What Is Rematch?

Another feature within Bumble that you might be unaware of is Rematch. It means that if your match writes you a message but then you don’t reply within 24 hours, the match will expire, but now, you can rematch.

Like I mentioned earlier, life gets in the way and you might not have even noticed you had a match, let alone a message.

Instead of kicking yourself on the missed opportunity, you can just use the Rematch feature to give yourself a second shot to actually reply to her message. 

The match will regenerate back to before it had expired and you can now message. Hopefully, she understands you were just busy and you can now make a good connection.

Unlimited Filters

Last, but also least, in my opinion, are the unlimited filters. These are basically preferences or a set of criteria that your match has to meet in order to match with you.

They are mostly based around views on things like religion, politics, or stance on having children.

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I guess I understand if someone has some fairly strict preferences around cultural things like religion, but I strongly urge all of you to leave these out.

When you have an exact blueprint of what your partner should be, you are blind to the opportunities that may have been better for you in the first place.

Have an open mind, get to know someone before you decide whether their views and beliefs are similar enough to yours to consider a serious relationship. 

What Are Bumble Coins?

Where Bumble Boost is a subscription model, Bumble Coins are the in-app currency you can buy for one-time purchases.

These features are not included in Bumble Boost and will require you to keep spending money if you want to use them ongoing. Features you can purchase one time include:

SuperSwipe: Much like a Super Like on Tinder, SuperSwipe allows you to show a potential match that you are really interested in, hopefully helping you stand out and increasing your chances of matching. 

Spotlight: This is very similar to Tinder’s Boost function. It allows you to be at the front of the line of people swiping for 30 minutes, which means more eyes on your profile and therefore more likes. 

What is Bumble Boost? Spotlight

Bumble coins can be a good way for you to test the waters in regards to spending money on an online dating app without purchasing an ongoing subscription.

You can purchase 5, 15, or 30 at a time, with the price being different on each.

Does Bumble Boost Help You Get More Matches?

The simple answer is: not really. Bumble Boost is mostly about efficiency and maximizing your existing matches.

Spotlight and SuperSwipe in theory should get you more matches, but I personally don’t believe they are as effective as the Tinder counterparts: Boost and Super Like.

The real question is: Is Bumble Boost worth it? For me, Bumble Boost is worth it, because I can justify spending a little bit of money if it means I definitely won’t miss out on a potentially awesome match, just because I or my match was a little busy that day.  But I can’t answer this question for you.

It really comes down to your goals and your financial situation. My general advice for anyone just starting out is to give the free version of the app a go first before diving into spending money.

But, if you still are tossing up whether the subscription will be worth it for you or not, it really comes down to the price. So let’s take a look…

Bumble Boost And Bumble Coins Pricing

Unfortunately, depending on your location and when you end up reading this, the pricing for Bumble Boost and Coins will be completely different.

So that about does it. If your mind is not made up on whether you want to fork out for Bumble Boost or not, perhaps take my quiz to find out which dating app will work best for you.

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