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Tinder Plus Features | How To Use Them And If They’re Worth It In 2023

Tinder Plus Features | How To Use Them And If They’re Worth It In 2023

Tinder Plus Features And How You Can Use Them

With Tinder’s burst of popularity in the last few years, Tinder Plus, a paid subscriptions model has been offered, to maximize its profits, and extend more features to its users.

The real question for someone getting started on Tinder is:

Should I pay, and if so, what for?

We all know the latest paid version of Tinder is Tinder Gold. But remember, Tinder Gold includes everything that comes with Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus - Tinder Screen

So today, let’s break down all of the features that have been included in Tinder Plus (and subsequently Gold and Platinum) so you can make up your mind if Tinder Plus is worth it.

Keep in mind that these features are constantly being tested with, and throughout 2023 and forward, they will continue to change. Any changes will be covered in the blog.

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Rewind allows you to undo your latest swipe. It’s mainly used for two reasons: You accidentally were going too fast, and swiped left on someone who tickles your fancy.

So instead of losing them to the dark abyss that is a left swipe, you will be able to rewind, and swipe appropriately.

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Alternatively, rewind can be used, when the last person you accidentally swiped right on, might not be your cup of tea.

If you’re not rapidly swiping through profiles like a madman, you shouldn’t have to use rewind much!

rewind tinder plus and gold settings

Unlimited Swipes

In a nutshell, having unlimited swipes simply means you will never again see that annoying “you’re out of likes” and have to wait another 12 hours for more.

Like everything fun in life, unlimited swipes come at a cost. In the free version, Tinder has limited how much you can swipe. Before we kick up a storm about this, trust me, it’s a good thing for everyone overall.

The reason being is that if every single one of those guys who swiped right on everyone, had unlimited right swipes, it would ruin it for everyone else.

Since Tinder introduced the limit on swipes, its results actually showed more matches and more engagement.

That tells me that people aren’t so gun-ho when it comes to swiping, and will take their time choosing someone they are way more likely to have a connection with, and eventually meet up.

The better news? If you are someone that still wants to have unlimited swipes, you can fork out a little bit of cash each month for Tinder Plus (or Gold) and swipe till you can’t swipe anymore.

unlimited swipes tinder plus gold settings

5 Super Likes A Day

A Super Like is a different breed of liking. It immediately makes you stand out from the pack and shows your potential suitor that you are very interested before they have had the choice of swiping left or right on you.

Basically, it’s just a step above a normal like, and it shows your potential match that you are really interested. With Tinder Plus you will be given five free Super Likes every 12 hours.

Super Likes can be a really fun way to help yourself stand out from the pack, and sort of poke your head above the crowd when in front of a woman that is just your type.

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I would strongly advise you to look at Super Likes to aid you finding a match that is your type, rather than just the most attractive. I believe you should wait until you find someone that captures your attention for a reason special to you.

She might have a unique feature that you like or she might share a common interest with you.

Whatever it is, it’s with these women that you will get the most out of your super likes. The reason for that is that they might not get as many Super Likes as the top-swiped users, so the true nature of what a Super Like is meant for has been fulfilled.

If your potential match is someone who swipes a little faster than most, a super like can be the thing that helps you stand out, so she slows down and takes the time to look at your profile. Instead of swiping left in 0.003 seconds.

5 superlikes a day tinder plus gold settings

No Ads

Your swiping won’t get interrupted by annoying ads constantly popping up. That’s pretty much it.

no ads settings tinder

Hide Distance

For whatever reason, you can hide your distance from your potential match.

Tinder shows anyone who comes across your profile, how far away you are. Don’t worry, it won’t show your exact location; it will just give a rough indication of how far that person is.

Even if your match lives next door, it will usually say 1 mile or 2 kilometers away. So don’t stress about being stalked.

Personally, I don’t see why you would hide your distance anyway, it raises more questions from your match than anything.

I suggest you leave your distance visible, otherwise, your potential match might think you aren’t in her location and swipe left.

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Hide Age

Leaving out your age raises way more questions than hiding your distance. Leaving out either should be a no-no.

I have helped dudes as young as 18, and guys well into their 40’s. Don’t be ashamed of your age! There are women on Tinder that will like you, regardless of your age.

age and distance tinder plus gold settings

Control Who You See

This option allows you to change up the way in which profile cards will appear when you are swiping. There are two options, and I definitely recommend one.

Balanced Recommendations

Balanced is exactly what it says it is. I like to look at it as the “original” and it works on the same algorithm as always.

Recently Active

Selecting ‘Recently Active’ will show you all the latest users on tinder. Nothing to do with who has matched you, how many likes they are getting etc. Simply just who opened the app last.

I definitely recommend staying with balanced recommendations only as Tinder’s algorithm is doing everything it can to serve you the people you are most likely to match with. I’ve always seen users have better luck with ‘recently active.’

Control Who Sees You

This option should really only be used if you have some serious issues with privacy. A while back I took onboard a client who came to me looking desperate and confused by the fact he wasn’t getting matches.

Judging from this guy’s hopeless energy, I was getting prepared to have to pull out some of my best coaching. When he told me he had been swiping hard for months, and only had about 12 matches, this confirmed that something was wrong.

But there wasn’t really anything wrong with his profile… The few girls he had matched with actually seemed to naturally like him and with some tweaking, he could do really well.

And then I found it… the reason he wasn’t getting any matches was very clear. Let’s take a look at the following options to choose from and guess which of these two he had selected.


Everyone can see you, like normal.

Only people I’ve liked

Only people you have once upon a time swiped right on will be able to see you. I highly recommend against this, for obvious reasons.

There is nothing special about it and it’s quite close-minded. This is where my client had screwed up, all because he accidentally selected this option. Double-check your Tinder Plus settings and stay away!

control who sees you tinder plus gold settings


With Passport, you can set your location to another area, city or country. It works well if you travel a lot, and can even be used to help set up dates ahead of time.

When I used Passport the last time I was traveling, I set it a couple of times to the next city I would be going to.

It definitely allowed me to start talking to some awesome people in the next city I was going to, but at the same time I was met with a bit more skepticism and therefore had fewer matches than if I just waited until I arrived there.

This is because the people viewing your profile might question whether or not you are actually coming to their area. Sometimes people “window shop” different locations with no intention of coming.

If your potential match has witnessed anything like this before, it might ruin your chances of getting a match.

If you do decide to use Passport ahead of time, I would suggest explaining in your bio, when you are planning on coming to the city.

passport tinder plus gold settings

Paid Super Likes

Like I mentioned above your Tinder Plus subscription allows you 5 free Super Likes every 12 hours after using your previous 5. But Tinder Plus also gives you the option to purchase more Super Likes.

So right now, it works on a tiered type model, which drops the individual price the more you buy.

From what I explained before, Super Likes sound pretty good, right? Well, the truth is, they definitely aren’t the best add-on feature about Tinder. So I wouldn’t suggest spending extra money on them. Five a day is more than enough.

paid super likes tinder plus and gold

1 Free Boost And Paid Boosts

If you are going to spend extra money, on top of a subscription, it should be towards Tinder Boost. Tinder Plus gives you one free Boost every month, or you can purchase one, 5 or 10 at a time.

Basically what Boost does is allow you to skip the line and be right at the front of the queue of Tinder for 30 minutes.

This means that if any female is active within that 30 minutes and decides to swipe through even a couple of people, they will most likely see you. There are times where I will go to a new city and every single match I have is from Boost.

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Besides the obvious fact that skipping to the front of the line is a massive benefit, there are other reasons why Boost work so well. You’ve heard me talk about Tinder’s algorithm in slight detail.

The truth is, no matter what anyone else may say, Tinder rewards its paying users. So when you set off a boost, Tinder is doing everything in its power, to ensure it really does improve your reach, and the overall amount of matches, so you keep spending money.

Please note though, when you do decide to use a Boost, a message will pop up on your screen saying: keep swiping for the best results. I disagree. I believe the best way to use a boost is to set and forget.

1 free boost a month tinder plus and gold settings

Tinder Plus Cost

Is Tinder ageist? Well, for whatever reason Tinder has decided to change the cost depending on your age. If you are below 28 years old you will pay a little less, if you’re over 28, you’ll pay a little more. See the current Tinder Plus pricing in the U.S. below.

Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

Now that you know all the features, the question still remains, is it worth it? It really does depend on you personally.

But in my opinion, it definitely is.

Of course, there are all the above features that you can utilize, but for me, the biggest reason is that because you are now a paying user of Tinder, it will reward you.

I have seen firsthand a lift in the number of matches someone gets purely from upgrading to Tinder Plus and Gold. This is because the Tinder algorithm is trying to work in your favor, mainly so you keep spending money.

So for all the above reasons and this lift in matches, I personally believe Tinder Plus to be worth it.

Check the current pricing in your country and ask yourself if you think dishing out that much per month is worth it. When choosing, remember that it might help you meet the girl of your dreams. 

If you are maybe looking for a dating app that can help you find a relationship don’t waste your time with Tinder. Go ahead and read my list of 9 Best Dating Apps in 2023 For A Relationship.

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