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Is Hinge Free? Or Do You Have To Pay To Get Matches In 2023?

Is Hinge Free? Or Do You Have To Pay To Get Matches In 2023?

Hinge is taking over. Slowly but surely Hinge has built massive popularity over the last few years, and throughout 2023 it looks like it will continue to establish itself as one of the best dating apps in the world.

You might be new to the whole online dating game, or perhaps you’ve checked out other dating apps and are yet to jump on the Hinge bandwagon.

Well, whatever reason you’re here, the question still remains: Is Hinge free?

If you are completely new to Hinge, I suggest you read my article on exactly how Hinge works.

Hinge is free to download and use. You are able to view profiles, send likes, match with users and message them with the free version of Hinge. But there is a paid subscription model that unlocks extra features.

App store screens of Hinge app. This image is used for an article about if Hinge is free or costs money

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Do I Have To Pay For Hinge?

No, you definitely don’t have to pay for Hinge. It’s certainly not a requirement, nor is using the free version a “trial.” You can use Hinge as much as you would like without spending a cent. But, there are limitations.

Dating apps have all made big bucks by offering paid upgrades. The reason these work so well is the limitations you face while using the app.

For example, on Hinge, you only have a minimal number of profiles you can like per day. Enough times of facing that frustrating message that you’re out of likes can push people to pay.

So the question isn’t whether you have to pay or not, it’s whether you want to. So, let’s break down exactly what you get in the paid version of Hinge and you can decide for yourself.

What Do I Get If I Pay For Hinge?

If you have used other paid dating app upgrades before like Tinder Plus/Gold/Platinum or Bumble Boost, the Preferred membership isn’t anything too unique.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of these dating apps will have similar features that unlock with a paid version, the reason for this is that they work.

Also, as far as paid features are concerned, even my most creative side can’t come up with too many other features that could convince me to spend money.

So let’s take a look at what those features are that come along with Hinge+ and HingeX (formerly known as Hinge Preferred).

Is Hinge Free Image

Hinge+ Features

See Who Likes You

If you’ve used Tinder Gold or the Bumble Beeline, you would know how this works. On Hinge, you are limited to only seeing the most recent person who has liked your profile. All the other profiles will be blurred.

In order to reveal these profiles, you will have to purchase the Preferred membership. With the membership, you will be able to view and like/dislike every single profile that has already liked you.

Preferred Preferences

Hinge includes different filters of profiles you can match with based on your own preferences. With the paid preferred membership you can unlock some preferences that are a little more in-depth. You will be able to filter people based on their height or based on how many children they want.

Is HInge Free - Preferences

Unlimited Likes

As I mentioned earlier, on Hinge you only have 10 likes a day to play with, but if you upgrade to the paid membership you will have unlimited likes. The more likes, the more matches, right? 

Browse by location, activity, and more

Hinge+ will also let you filter your Discover feed to browse based on recently active profiles, or those closer to your area. It’s a pretty useful way to explore

HingeX Features

Additionally, HingeX, the top tier of paid Hinge, has some feisty features that boost your profile and make sure you’re seen more often by potential matches. You get everything that’s included in Hinge+, and:

Enhanced recommendations

Enhanced recommendations has the algorithm working overtime to bring you the best possible matches. This uses your recent behavior of Likes and Skips to prioritize matches it thinks you’ll like in your Discover feed.

Skip the line and get recommended sooner

Hinge sell individual Boosts to bump your profile for 24 hours, but HingeX members get a continuous mini-boost. Your profile will appear higher in other users’ Discover feeds, so you’ll be seen more often and, hopefully, get more likes.

Priority likes — stay at the top of their list

Free Hinge users can only see their most recent like, meaning you often end up at the bottom of the pack. Not HingeX members though, whose likes shoot to the top of the list of potential matches. This is another feature that should get you more matches, and ultimately more dates.

How To Set Up Preferred Membership

Towards the bottom of your settings page within the app, you will see a small box advertising the preferred membership, if you click on this you will be able to see your current pricing in your location.

Alternatively, if you run out of your daily limit of 10 likes, you will see a box appear a the top of your screen asking you to upgrade, this will also work.

Below the prices are shown in US Dollars, so check out your own app store to see pricing in your location.

Hinge+ PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
1 Month$29.99$29.99
3 Months$59.99$19.99
6 Months$89.99$14.99
HingeX PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
1 Month$49.99$49.99
3 Months$99.99$33.33
6 Months$149.99$24.99

Can You Get Matches On Hinge Without Paying?

Yes, you definitely can. I have been using Hinge myself for the last year and can honestly say, that I have really enjoyed using it, and have seen great engagement with users, without paying a cent.

I think Hinge has a massive future and will continue to dominate other dating apps. 

Although with any other dating app out there, Hinge obviously wants to make money, so the point is that you will see some sort of improvements once you pay for Hinge.

Maybe just the fact that you can like more profiles really makes a difference to you, or perhaps you have incredibly strict preferences and that’s the main drawing card.

Hinge Free Trial

You may even be able to get yourself on a free trial. I have heard from some users that they have been offered a 3-month free trial to become a preferred member, it depends on your location and timing.

Check out the links below for your respective device and see if you are offered a trial upon downloading.

App store image linking to Hinge
Is Hinge Free Image?

Whatever the reason, paying money on any dating app has to be right for you. If you’ve got some spare money to throw around and are exceptionally serious about finding a serious partner, go for it.

But if you are just starting out on Hinge, I would test the waters before diving right in.

If you want to take your whole online dating game to the next level, check out my free profile upgrader – the 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up.

Even if it is focused on Tinder, many of the lessons will translate to Hinge. Give it a go if you are just starting your journey, or frustrated with how you’ve gone in the past.

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