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You know what a sugar daddy is, right? And a sugar mummy? If not, you’re in for a surprise, and maybe a little inspiration!

A sugar daddy is an older, richer man who provides financially and materially for the younger woman or women he dates. A sugar mummy is the same with the genders reversed.

The relationships range from romantic, through all shades of sexual to close to platonic.

Sugar daddy relationships get a lot of press, both good and bad, but the truth is they often work for both parties!

Young women on their way up to get some relief from financial stress, and older men get not only to parade around with a young, attractive date but also to feel the satisfaction of providing help for someone they often care about.

Money might not be able to buy love or happiness, but it can get you some great dates and it can alleviate a lot of worries!

Dude Hack Exclusive Offers is a platform for sugar babies to find sugar daddies, and sugar daddies to find sugar babies. It only caters to older men and younger women, and it’s simple, easy to use, and functions like most other dating sites, just with a clearer objective.

SugarDaddie was founded in 2002 and has over 5 million users from around the (mostly English-speaking) world. It’s one of the most successful sites of its kind.

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Does Work?

SugarDaddie doesn’t work for every user, but what dating site does? The site is skewed heavily males, so you do need to make sure to stand out if you’re a sugar daddy or sugar-daddy in waiting! The sugar baby experience is certainly easier to obtain, with women immediately contacted by men who want to look after them.

That being said, the site is an active community with message boards and many regularly updated profiles. is one of those sites where you get what you put in — if you create a wonderful, honest, funny profile with great pictures and information that’s chosen to insight excellent chat then you’re way more likely to find a match! user Overview

As I said before, SugarDaddies’ user base skews male. Specifically, about 70% of the site’s users are men, leaving 30% women. As you would expect, the women tend to be younger, most falling in the 18-25 and 25-34 age brackets.

The largest proportion of men is 45-54, as you might expect, but also 34-45 which is perhaps a surprise. It seems that some younger eligible bachelors use the site to find relationships that aren’t exactly May-December but still hold that element of providing for their date.

Presumably, this is something that makes even young, successful, attractive men feel good about themselves! And why would the women on the site complain about that?

Most SugarDaddie users are in the UK, Australia, and the USA. They tend (obviously) to be looking for casual dating. It may seem like there’s an imperative for women to be as glam and sexy as they can be on their profiles to encourage interest, but many girls also go for a more realistic vibe.

Remember, this is a site for both men and women to sell themselves as a good shout for a sugar daddy/baby relationship, and in some ways, the women hold many of the cards as there are fewer of them. Sign Up

Signing up at is free and easy and takes 3-5 minutes. You have to pick a username, and with 5 million members having already named themselves a lot of the best ones are already taken! This was the longest part of the sign-up for me because I hate having an overly complicated username.

You might be a little less neurotic about yours, though! All emails have to be verified, so do use a real address. You also have to provide personal information including your age, height, and financial status.

Finally, you’ll be asked for a bio, the type of relationship you’re after (do you only want an sd/sb relationship, or are you open to other things), and of course for a photo.

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Making Your Profile

Just like on pretty much all dating sites, a photo is encouraged and a profile with pics will get more engagement and interaction many times over.

Obviously, you might not want to make it super public that you’re looking for a sugar baby but many men manage to remain discrete while also showing that they’re real and attractive! 

Occupational and Financial Info

As you’re advertising your suitability as a sugar daddy, you are expected to provide both your occupation and some basic financial info.

This is pretty broad though, and you don’t have to give away anything that could identify you or anything totally specific. Financial information is just your yearly income bracket and estimated net worth.


Show some personality in your bio! Apart from your photo, this is the section most likely to draw people in and convince them that you’re worth getting to know.

Don’t write a novel, though, potential matches aren’t going to be after your life story. Just let everyone know who you are and what you’re looking for, and maybe inject a little humor or fun along the way!


This is the basic info section, and on it really is basic. It includes your height, body type, ethnicity, and age. The basic info is just there to allow other users to get broad strokes pictures of who they’re talking to.

Interests and Hobbies

You can choose as many interests and hobbies as apply to you from a list provided by SugarDaddie. These range from sports and leisure activities to appreciation of the arts or nature.

Users who are interested in you will use these, as well as your bio, as a jumping-off point for starting a conversation with you!

Other Users’ Profiles

The only thing that really differs between the sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles is that women don’t disclose any financial information, swapping it out for a little more about their habits.

On a potential sb’s profile, you will obviously be looking at their photos, getting a handle on their personality through their bio, and checking out whether or not the two of you share interests.

sugar daddies profiles review women smiling Matches

You can connect with matches from around the world on There are options to see all online users, newest users, or search users by location, age, and almost all physical features the site knows of, or even by name.

Finally, the site’s algorithm finds you matches and a selection of ‘users you may like’. Be aware that it takes a while to start getting matches, your profile must be verified first. 

Once you’ve found a user you like on SugarDaddie you can favorite them or, if you’re a premium member, choose between traditional messaging and an IM chat.

Meet My Match Mail allows you to test out messaging with one message that can be sent repeatedly to people you’re matched with, essentially dipping your toe in the sugar daddy dating pool before you commit to premium. Communication

 As mentioned above, there are two main types of communication on SugarDaddie. These are messaging, which is the email-style long-form messages you probably associate with dating sites, and IM. 

IM is more like a messaging app, for quickfire conversation, flirting, and real-time interaction. Both features are only available to premium members, but if you want to try the messaging service out you can send one intro message repeatedly to various matches. SugarDaddie is also home to message boards.

While this may seem a little old-school to some, they’re a lively place full of discussion and a chance for users to get to know one another in a group setting before moving to a more private chat arena.

There are boards for all sorts of interests, so you can connect with a potential date over anything from hiking to books to science. When you’re ready to ask her out, make sure to do this one thing. 

Starting out talking about shared interests is a great way to connect, and it means you aren’t just thinking about the potential romantic relationship. 

Sugar Daddie Review - Messaging App

Unusually, SugarDaddie doesn’t have an app. The site does work well on mobile devices though, so you can use it on the go. Anyway, you probably aren’t at your most suave and charming on the commute, so maybe it’s a good idea to sit down at your laptop and really think about the messages you’re sending to online cuties! free

As with many dating sites, the free version of SugarDaddie is basically a taster for the premium service. Basically, with a free membership, you can look but you can’t touch! Or more accurately, you can look but you can’t message.

Use your free membership to see who you are interested in and maybe make a favorites list, and then make contact when you’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for premium. That way you won’t waste a moment of your paid membership. Premium

SugarDaddie Premium allows you to connect with matches, using all the site’s messaging services to get to know one another and hopefully get a date. This isn’t a site with a whole bunch of extra, surprising features. does what it says on the tin… or, what it says in the URL… providing an arena for matching sugar daddies with sugar babies and facilitating conversations between them. Cost

PackagePrice per MonthTotal Price
1 Month33.99 USD33.99 USD
3 Months26.66 USD79.99 USD
6 Months23.33 USD139.99 USD
12 Months20.00 USD239.99 USD Value for Money

As you would expect on a dating site, all memberships are charged in full when you sign up for them rather than month to month.

The three-month option is the site’s most popular, as it combines value for money with a commitment that isn’t too extended and a lump sum that won’t break the bank (though I suppose if you’re selling yourself as a sugar daddy none of them should be an issue!).

Sugar Daddie comes in at a lower-medium price point for specialist dating sites, and costs are probably kept reasonably low because the site is simple.

It’s also a little dated looking, which may be a turnoff for some or lead you to believe you’re not getting value for money, though actually once you look past the aesthetics the site works really well.

Sugar is decent value for money assuming an sd/sb relationship is what you’re looking for. Real-Life Success and Reviews

It’s not always easy to find reviews from sugar daddies and sugar babies, but I scoured the internet and found both for! First up, a 55-year-old businessman who had a great experience meeting a younger woman:

I’m a divorcee for almost three years now, my children are all grown-ups, and they already started making their own lives. I can say that I have all the time in the world. Money is not a problem for me at this point in my life; I’m glad that my business is doing great for the last five years. I’m already 55 years old now, and I want for something or someone that could spice up my life.

One day, my business colleagues and I went to a meeting. One of my partners arrived at the hotel, accompanied by a beautiful and young sexy lady. The lady was quite seductive and flirtatious. She kept on hugging him even we were sitting on one table. I was impressed and a bit jealous of that old man. After our meeting, I asked my other business partners if where and how did he get that chic. They told me that he met that girl online, and that was his sugar baby.

So, I went back home and search online about sugar daddy dating; then, I encountered this site. However, I’m still not competent at using the internet or web navigation, a good thing is that the site is not difficult to use. It only took me less than 5 minutes to enter the site. I was welcomed with gorgeously hot lady profiles, I tried to message one of them, but it needs me to purchase a premium account, so I gave my credit card details, finished the process, then I’m already able to send unlimited messages to all the girls who caught my attention.

Eventually, I got the chance to meet this 21-year-old lovely lady; she’s very charming, sweet, and sexy—a total head-turner. Right now, we have not discussed anything about money yet, but she seems worth spending on. I must say that the site was the one that spiced up my everyday life.

And here’s a young woman who enjoyed being pampered by her sugar daddy:

I have been on this site for about 5 months. Within a month I found an amazing sugar daddy. We have an arrangement and he always surprises me with extra cash and gifts and getaway.

There are lots of guys on this site that have no clue what a sugar daddy/sugar baby is. Like yes of course we want money and gifts. That’s what a sugar baby is. And I’m not talking only $200 dollars. You want sex. We want money, gifts, etc. If you aren’t OK with that then you really need to get off these types of sites. Final Thoughts is a simple, easy-to-use site to find a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. It isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done. There are certainly other sites out there with a little more chutzpa, but part of’s charm is its slightly old-fashioned looks and usability.

I mean, most of the sugar daddies out there would be mystified by a modern app, right? is also pretty good value for money, which means it may be a good first port of call for those nervous about entering the arena of sb/sd dating. There are profiles worldwide, so wherever you are you should be able to find a match.

If you like to keep things simple but still want to find a sugar daddy relationship that works for you, then give a try

Dude Hack Exclusive Offers

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