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Which Dating App Is Worth Paying For? Picking The Right Dating Site

Which Dating App Is Worth Paying For? Picking The Right Dating Site

Ah, I see. You’re tired of Tinder, bored with Bumble, and feeling half-hearted about Hinge. You’re thinking about making the big leap to paid dating apps. But you don’t want to get fleeced. So, which dating app is actually worth paying for?

Actually, many dating apps are worth paying for. The one you choose, though, is all about what you want. So, before making a decision, why not ask yourself what your dating goals are? In my opinion (expert opinion, I might add), eharmony is best for finding love, and Adult Friend Finder is best for finding fun.

If you’re somewhere in between, you might like Zoosk. It’s kind of a transitional dating app that has some of the swiping and fun features you’ll recognize from Tinder and the apps that followed the location-based, swiping model.

Which Dating App Is Worth Paying For - couple using paid dating site

So, it’s perfect for the Tinder generation as they come of age! If that all sounds a bit much (I mean, I am easing you in!) you can also just sign up for a premium membership on your favorite swiping app.

But remember, the biggest thing you get is more right swipes. There won’t magically be a bunch more attractive, interesting people on the app because you signed up to pay a monthly direct debit!

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What is the Best Paid Dating App?

Okay, okay, you’re very insistent, has anyone ever told you that? You’re really holding me to account here trying to work out what is the best-paid dating app. The best of the best, even.

Like I said, the best app and the best app for you are not the same things. However, pound for pound, I think eHarmony weighs up as the best-paid dating app out there.

It’s clear in its goals and audience, and you simply cannot argue with the stats: the best dating pool in North America, and a new couple formed every 14 minutes! Get a piece of the action by signing up here.

Again, that doesn’t mean you’re going to meet the one in your first month. eharmony has a high success rate, sure, but you still need to do all the usual things like, being present for messaging, taking good photos, not being creepy, hopefully, having a job or at least ambitions, being capable of doing your own laundry… you know, the dating 101s. The adulthood 101s, even.

Which Dating App Is Worth Paying For - eHarmony

And if you aren’t looking for anything serious, give eharmony a miss. Not only are you unlikely to find hookups on the site, but it’s also a weirdly expensive way to do so!

Adult Friend Finder is not only more appropriate for your needs, it’s also cheaper. And has tons of online content, too, so even if you don’t find a date right away you won’t be bored. I mean, eharmony involves a personality quiz.

Do you want your personality dissected just so you can find someone you like for casual encounters? I mean, maybe it’s a kink for some people, but it’s not my cup of tea…

Are Paid Dating Sites Better Than Free?

We all hit the point in our very committed swiping careers when we begin to wonder about our choices. And what we want. And how best to get it.

This kind of thinking is probably what has led you to the question, ‘Are paid dating sites better than free?’ Well, let’s just get right into it before you hurt your head with all the wondering.

The thing is, it really depends. You can get a lot out of free dating sites and apps, but you do need time and patience.

If you choose the right paid dating site, however, you get unlimited access to a pool of users who are looking for the same thing as you. Is that, ‘better’? In most people’s eyes, probably.

Which Dating App Is Worth Paying For - Tinder Out of Swipes

Some apps also offer both free and paid options. Swiping, location-based apps like Hinge and Bumble have swipe limits for free users, and so does Tinder although they’re so high, many never reach it!

All three paid services get you unlimited swipes amongst other things (to learn more, you can check out my articles on Bumble Boost, Tinder Gold and Hinge Preferred), but realistically, that’s just more of the same.

It might speed things up but you’re still essentially at the same party, with the same people. If you really want something better, you should move to a site more suited to you!

Are Dating Apps Worth It?

Wow! Getting intense. We started with working out which dating app is worth paying for, so you must have some intention of keeping going with them! Do you mean are dating apps worth it financially?

‘Cos, as I said, some dating apps are worth paying for, while others aren’t. It all depends on your goals. If you’re looking for something serious, then you might need to pay.

If you’re happy to spend a lot of time searching for some fun, then you don’t need to bother.

Or did you mean are dating apps worth it, like, in general? Because that sounds like quitting talk. You just need to find the right dating app for your needs!

As we’ve discussed today, many dating apps are worth paying for if you have the ready cash, but you need to find one that matches your dating goals. Luckily, I have a quiz that can help.

Go on, give it a go, it only takes a few minutes and it might revolutionize your dating life.

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