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What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge?

What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge?

It’s your crush. You’ve found them! On Hinge, of all places. The app that’s designed to be deleted. The app for probably-hopefully-more-than-a-hookup.

You’ve been using Hinge now for a few weeks and (with the help of our comprehensive guide) you think you’ve got a handle on exactly how the system works. And you’ve dished out your eight likes each day, to the undeniably great matches Hinge’s algorithm offers, but this one stops you in your tracks.

This is the person you have been crushing on for years. And, with a single tap, you could send them a like and set something in motion that could change their life. And more importantly, your life. 

But what actually happens when you like a photo on Hinge? Once you hit like, what will happen on the other side of the app?

What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge - hinge app

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How Do Likes On Hinge Work?

Once you hit like on a picture, your profile will appear in the other person’s Likes You tab. This will include a link to your profile, your profile picture, and a note to say how you engaged/what you engaged with. 

Once they’ve had a chance to look through your profile – so get it looking its best – they can decide whether to ignore your likes or to engage with you too, at which point it’ll move from Likes You to Matches, and the two of you will have the opportunity to chat. 

From there, it’s hard to say what will happen. Perhaps when your face appears on that Likes You tab they’ll light up just like you did when you discovered their profile. Maybe it’ll be the start of something beautiful. You’ve got to believe, right? 

How To Like A Photo On Hinge?

Alright, perhaps dreaming of the relationship that could be just one like away was getting a little ahead of ourselves if you don’t actually know how to like a photo. No one said love was easy, so let’s start with the basics.

So, how do you like a photo on Hinge? 

When you scroll through a person’s profile in the discovery tab you’ll encounter 6 pictures, as well as a series of different prompts and responses.

Simply pick the picture that most stands out for you, whether that’s them looking at their absolute best, something funny, or a great picture of their dog, and tap the red heart. Once you’ve tapped the red heart, you’ll need to confirm by clicking Send Like.

It’s as simple as that, and once you confirm you’ll immediately appear in their Likes You tab, waiting for your story of true love to begin. Maybe. Hopefully. We’ll see.

What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge - hinge likes you list

Should I Like a Photo on Hinge?

I mean, at this point you really might be overthinking things. The simple answer to a question like that is, ummmm, yes? If you want to. It’s easy when confronted with something that feels like a huge opportunity to overthink it, when really you should just follow your heart. 

However, there are a couple of things you could consider when asking ‘Should I Like a Photo on Hinge?’

While you shouldn’t overthink the decision, it is worth bearing in mind that you only have 8 likes each day. This is fine when confronted with someone that seems like the perfect match for you but, thanks to Hinge’s award-winning algorithm, a lot of those matches might feel that way.

So if you’re looking for an instant connection, be sparing in how you dish out those likes. You don’t want to have to stare at a profile for 24 hours wishing you could say something. 

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Of course, paying for Hinge’s premium service is always an option. This earns you unlimited likes. In fact, in total with Hinge Plus, you get:

  • Unlimited Likes daily
  • Option to see everyone who Likes you at the same time – so that ‘Likes You’ tab is way more useful
  • Fine-tune advanced preferences and dealbreakers
  • Advanced filtering in Discover

And with HingeX, you get all this and some algorithm-boosting features that will get you seen more often and garner more likes:

  • Skip the line and get recommended sooner in Discover
  • Priority Likes – Appear at the top of other users’ Likes list
  • Enhanced recommendations for better matches

The other factor to consider is whether liking a photo is, in fact, the best way to engage with someone else. Hinge’s internal data suggests that leaving a comment is 3x more likely to start a conversation than just sending a like.

So when you’re asking yourself “should I like this person?” I hope it’s not because you’re thinking about ignoring them entirely and simply getting on with your life. Instead, I hope you’re thinking about what would be the best possible way to catch their eye. 

What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge - who likes you on hinge

How to Like Someone On Hinge

One of the biggest differences between Hinge and Tinder is that it gives you a number of ways to try and engage potential matches. So when that crush appears on your Discover feed, you can choose the perfect way to make that first move. 

There are a number of ways to like someone on Hinge:

  •  Like a picture: As we’ve discussed throughout this article, one of the clearest ways to interact with someone else’s profile is to leave that picture a like. Just click the red heart, and you’ll appear in their Likes You tab. 
  • Like a prompt: Just like with a picture, you can like your potential match’s response to one of Hinge’s prompts. So, if your favorite food is pizza too (no way!!!) click that red heart. 
  • Comment on a picture or prompt: As well as liking a picture, you can send a comment alongside your like to start the chat immediately. Hinge says this gets the best results, and that makes absolute sense. By starting the conversation you take the pressure off your potential match to make that first move, and you can instead really start getting to know one another. 
  • Send a rose: The rose is the Hinge equivalent of a super like. You’ll get one of these for free each week, but if you’d like to send more you’ll have to pay for additional roses. These are obviously very attention-grabbing, but sometimes it could be in the wrong way. 
What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge - hinge roses

Can I See Who I Have Liked On Hinge?

While we’re talking about putting a ton of thought into every like, we have to admit that sometimes we can be a little bit careless. When sitting in front of the TV, watching something that’s only half engaging us, it’s pretty easy to like and comment without really thinking about it. We’ve all done it.

But once you are back fully conscious, how can you tell who you swiped through on your Discover feed? What if your crush was one of them and you didn’t give them all of the consideration they deserved? Can you see who you have liked on Hinge? 

The short answer is no. Hinge doesn’t allow you to check who you have liked until they like you back, at which point they’ll appear in your matches. There’s no way to check on those likes that haven’t been responded to, even on Hinge’s premium service.  

What Happens When You Like A Photo On Hinge - hinge preferred

Final Thoughts: 

So, if you’ve made it through this article and still haven’t hit like on your crush, then I worry you may be overthinking it. This is your chance, like, comment, send them a rose if you want to. You’ll never know if you just close the app.

But before you dive in, maybe give your Hinge profile a once-over. Ditch those dodgy selfies. Remove those red flags. And for god’s sake, check out my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up to make your profile as good as it can be!

It may say Tinder on the tin, but it works for every online dating app and I’ve designed it to take your profile to the next level. That means more matches!

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