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Does Hinge Show You The Same Person Twice? Why They Keep Showing

Does Hinge Show You The Same Person Twice? Why They Keep Showing

It can be pretty irritating to be scrolling through Hinge and find yourself confronted by a face you know well.

A face, in fact, that you’re sure you’ve repeatedly said no to!

So, is it just a glitch, or does Hinge show you the same person twice intentionally?

Well, it’s not a glitch. Hinge does show you the same people twice sometimes, on purpose. People you have disliked will come up again when you run out of new users in your area.

Hinge insists that this isn’t just a lazy way to fill up your feed!

Rather, they have evidence that people often change their minds about whether or not they like users when they see them again.

Hopefully, this means people are learning, growing, getting more comfortable with their desires, beginning to focus on what’s inside rather than outside… more likely, though, you were swiping too fast last time and even though Kirsty, a lawyer who lives three miles from you, looked absolutely lovely you sent her left in an x-tapping frenzy.

Or, the bottom of the barrel option – you know you’ve been through everyone in a forty-mile radius twice so, grudgingly, you hit like or Alexandra the reiki healer who has six pet rats and figure you can just go out for the date rather than over to hers, and you can probably keep the conversation away from reiki?

Does Hinge Show You The Same Person Twice - Your Matches

Who knows though. Maybe reiki will change your life. And actually, rats are almost as smart as dogs! You could teach them to fetch and stuff…

Or if you want to keep your standards sky high and reject rats and reiki (okay, I feel bad, it isn’t the rats’ fault! And I’m sure reiki has its plus points) you could just keep swiping – Hinge’s CEO is predicting a big summer spike in users this year.

So many more beautiful people to accidentally scroll past!

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Does Hinge Show You Someone You Already Liked?

Do you ever get Hinge deja-vu? Like, you’re sitting there swiping and you’re sure you’ve seen all these faces before. You’re sure you’ve read all these profiles before. In fact, you’ve liked these profiles before.

Oh no! Does Hinge show you people you have already liked, or are you in a time loop movie? Well, at least you’ll have years to get really good at the flute or whatever. Maybe learn Japanese…

Calm it! The truth is, after a while, almost everyone on a dating app starts to look familiar. But they probably aren’t! At least, you haven’t liked them before.

Once you like someone they won’t show up again unless they reciprocate the like and you two match. Hinge also won’t show you anyone you’ve matched with previously even if one of you has unmatched.

The only way to get around this is to make a new profile on Hinge, which is kind of a weird amount of effort to go to, but I guess we’ve all been on the ‘delete the apps, get bored, redownload the apps’ merry-go-round in our time.

Of course, if you think someone is making new profiles for nefarious reasons (like to contact you repeatedly, or pretend to be someone they aren’t) then you should absolutely report them.

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If I Dislike Someone On Hinge Will I See Them Again?

It can be really annoying when the same people keep popping up on dating apps. It’s like the damn thing won’t listen to you – Hinge, no means no!

Only, sometimes it doesn’t in the dating-app swiping world (in other worlds? No definitely means no!). Hinge shows you people you have disliked because the app has data to suggest that we often change our minds.

Does Hinge Show You The Same Person Twice - man thinking about something

Hmm, are you hungry? I’m hungry. I could really go for a hotdog right about now… wait, no, tacos! Yeah, I’m getting tacos after work.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. Hinge believes we change our minds, and that we sometimes get distracted and make swiping mistakes. I guess that must be true of some people. Not me though.

If I Dislike Someone On Hinge Will They See Me?

Usually, if you hit x on someone on Hinge they fly out of your brain before their picture is even off the screen.

Occasionally, though, you see someone on Hinge that you know or have interacted with before, and the question haunts you ‘If I dislike someone on Hinge, will they see me?’

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Well, the answer is yes. If you dislike someone on Hinge they will still see you. In fact, you will still see them, too, as discussed above.

The app bets on human beings being as soft-willed as we are soft-fleshed – yes, I am imagining the Hinge algorithm as a big scary dating robot here.

Does Hinge Show You The Same Person Twice - We Met Feature

You got a better idea for anthropomorphizing UX design? Here’s a bit about how the algorithm matches you, if you want to try and best me – believing that we often change our minds about users we have hit x on. And you know what? The algorithm is right, we often do.

Of course, if you want to permanently banish another user from your sight you can always ‘remove’ them.

This can be done on their profile, and is basically like blocking them – you can report them on the prompt screen after you hit remove, or choose ‘no reason’ if you simply don’t want your cousin’s/professor’s/ex’s dating profile popping up in your feed anymore.

Unfortunately, ‘imagining this person getting lucky on Hinge burned my brain’ is not an option you can pick, so you’ll just have to mutter that to yourself as you go through the removal process.

So, basically the only ways to permanently get rid of another user on Hinge (and make sure you don’t show up for them) is removing them, or, if you’re matched with them, unmatching them. On Hinge this works like a block.

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