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The 7 Best Online Dating Coaches In The World Today (2023)

The 7 Best Online Dating Coaches In The World Today (2023)

Whatever you’re looking for in this stage of your life, be it marriage material, a one-night stand, or some kind of partnership you haven’t even identified yet, the digital world of dating is surely the modern version of the town dance, but bigger.

So big, it brings every local, filtered, suitable, option right to your phone screen. Though that in itself can be exhausting and frankly, overwhelming.

The digital age is impressive and the dating apps out there can be great initiators or introductory platforms, but if you don’t possess the skills or necessary confidence to use these tools properly, trust me, son, you aren’t getting very far.

Maybe you’ve been on a few dates already and aren’t finding any luck, maybe you can’t even get a response or match, and maybe when you do, the match is either a certified bore or a female Houdini.

Either way, don’t be too hard on yourself, a lot of men are in this same embarrassing and inconvenient boat.

Most of us strike out or have dry spells, maybe some more than others… though there’s no shame in admitting that you don’t actually have a flying clue what you’re doing. Dude, most of us don’t, and sometimes a little assistance is all it takes to get your mojo back on track.

With the right advice, you can turn this dull chapter of PlayStation marathons into steamy, hot, real, compatible dates.

She’s out there and your picture of companionship exists, though you’ll never find what you’re looking for if you lack the ability to stand out and come across as your genuine self.

In this era, this kind of unique guidance can be found in the form of an online dating coach. There are many out there, but the right coach can no doubt change your life or at the very least give it a boost in the right direction.

Many of today’s coaches are guys like you and me, who’ve likewise suffered the same disastrous or repetitive and stagnant dating patterns.

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7 Best Online Dating Coaches From Around The World

To help a fellow dude out, I’ve rounded up the 7 best online dating coaches in the world today and key information about each, so that you can start searching for the right advice and attract your special someone.

So, as your self-appointed virtual wingman, I suggest you pull yourself out of this lackluster single rut and start playing the game how it’s meant to be played. Here’s our top dating coach picks and why we’ve chosen them.

1. Damien Dieke – School Of Attraction

Best Online Dating Coaches - School Of Attraction

With arguably the best online dating course on the web being offered completely for free, due to the state of the world and more free time spent at home, School of Attraction is unquestionably a sincere dating coach option and in my opinion the best in the business.

With this current offering of the best online dating course I’ve personally ever seen, ‘School Of Online Dating’, and their distinctive coaching methods, they easily take my number one spot on the list.

Damien founded the School of Attraction in 2008 thanks to seamless strategies learned from his own experiences and failures. After honing his methods and helping other men for free, he turned these well-worked practices into a real business model.

With the help of his now partner and co-founder Dee, they’ve worked together to build a rather successful replacement to the old-fashioned pickup artist method – which in other words, can be seen as a little misogynistic these days.

School of Attraction has helped a range of men improve their confidence and learn how to meet beautiful women, without having to lie and manipulate their way through. All platforms of dating are their specialty, so if you’re looking for advice beyond just Tinder, they’re an excellent and well-rounded choice.

The best thing going for School of Attraction is their variety of courses on all things dating.

But what really sets them apart from everyone else on this list is that their ‘School of Online Dating’ course covers all different online dating app platforms including Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Zoosk, and many more.

Prices differ, but I suggest you take advantage of the current offer on School of Online Dating which gives you 30 days to complete the course for free. Though you have to throw the money down initially, following completion you get a full refund.

This also helps you take the course seriously and get the most out of it, rather than just signing up and not committing fully. Below are a few highlights on this specific course:

It’s been revamped for dating in 2022, so is super helpful considering times and dating methods have changed.

  • You gain comprehensive strategies from beginning to end
  • You learn about online conversation skills and how to write profile bios or select photos
  • Unlimited feedback on your dating profile is another huge bonus

If you struggle with any form of anxiety related to dating or socializing, Damien can bring first-hand experience on the subject, in fact, he built his business to help anyone in this same position.

Recognition from top publications spurred on their success and they’ve been acknowledged in Australia and around the world. Check out the School of Attraction and their ‘School of Online Dating’ course here. 

2. Marc Falzon – Zirby

Best Online Dating Coaches - Marc Falzon Zirby

Marc claims to have cracked the code to meet a beautiful woman on Tinder. His motivation to start Zirby is incredibly inspiring, and he’s received plenty of press. 

After suffering from severe depression and anxiety and experiencing a life-changing interaction with his distant and ill father, he made the bold move to positively change.

Ultimately, he pushed boundaries to become a better version of himself. Marc proposes to help you do the same by utilizing his valuable Tinder methods.

Marc brings the ability to completely relate to anyone who’s struggled to find fitting matches on Tinder or who doesn’t currently place themselves high on the looks scale.

As a guy who had low self-esteem and limited self-worth, he’s a prime example of someone who overcame those struggles and went on to succeed in both life and dating.

Marc and the team at Zirby mostly focus on Tinder and all the challenges that come along with it. You can check Zirby out here.

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3. David Wygant

Best Online Dating Coaches - David Wygant

David’s methods are less online dating focused and are actually more along the lines of a structured dating coach and social strategist. I just had to include him so high on this list as his methods will undoubtedly help you with online dating as well as other aspects of life.

After 20 years of coaching, not only on dating but also life in general, he believes he’s identified the golden ticket to changing your life for the better.

Focusing on dating, relationships love, health and wellness, and social strategy, David’s services are a lot like personal healing or confidence-boosting ideologies.

He currently offers 15% off your first program. His coaching sessions range significantly, though include a one-hour transformation session, email coaching, online dating profile revamp, and one or six-month transformation packages.

You can also browse his blog on various dating subjects or listen to his podcast featuring a variety of intriguing guests.

David surprisingly has a blog titled “There’s no such thing as a dating expert”, so if you’re leaning on the side of the fence that doesn’t necessarily believe in this kind of service or the role of a dating guru, I suggest you give this one a go.

4. Vidaselect

Best Online Dating Coaches - Vidaselect

Rather than just one, Vidaselect gives you immediate access to their acclaimed dream team of dating experts and they use a data system with a combination of math, science, and psychology to get you dates with compatible women.

They pride themselves on helping men find desirable matches, without having to lower their standards. In fact, they say your standards should be high!

If you’re struggling to find a match in this big old world who actually ticks all of your boxes, search no further than Vidaselect.

It sounds a bit creepy, but it’s kind of cool… they can also predict the women you’re attracted to and the messages that are going to initiate a response.

A considerable array of press and testimonials speak very highly of their matchmaking service. 

It’s a simple process and their team use 3 developed steps:

  • They get to know you
  • They design a profile for you
  • They arrange dates with women you want to meet

To sign up or learn more about their service and the costs associated, visit their website.

5. Text God

Best Online Dating Coaches Text God Louis

The Text God crew and founder Louis have proclaimed to help hundreds of men around the globe meet their gorgeous match. Though Louis is naturally a shy, gamer type, he eventually grew out of his loner phase.

With dedication and resourcefulness, he discovered unique dating techniques and grew a distinct talent for meeting women. His designed approach towards dating promises to help transform your love life too.

Text of God offers personal advice via their blog, which covers a lot of basic dating faux pas or simple suggestions, such as, ways to keep a conversation going over text, subtle ways to tell someone you like them and most relevant in this decade, how to respond to ghosting.

Text courses, mentoring programs, and private coaching are all available through Text God as well. Costs vary per session or course, though there are certainly enough options in there to help get you where you’re going.

6. Tinder Mentor

Best Online Dating Coaches Tinder Mentor

For those looking for help with Tinder specifically or solely success on dating apps, this one’s likely an ideal fit for you.

There’s not much detail on their website, though consultations are free if you want to learn more and their “one-to-one mentoring on Tinder” is their main offering.

They help you on your complete journey, from creating your profile to texting strategies and finally date coaching, so you can get advice throughout. Although the rest will of course be up to you.

  • For more details on TinderMentor, check them out here.

7. Steve Morley – Dude Hack

Dude Hack Score Review

Last but not least, the grand finale and greatest on the list… me, your main boy Steve at Dude Hack. Well, I had to add myself on here, would be rude not to and you visited the site didn’t you?!

As you probably know (or don’t, no offense taken), I pride myself and this site on helping regular guys get the girl they’ve always dreamt of, without having to be a devious, scheming jerk. So, don’t hesitate to browse the rest of Dude Hack for some free and honest assistance as well.

I highly recommend all of the above experts and School of Attraction’s free course is an especially good offer right now that you should most certainly look into, but, if it’s simplicity you’re after or just a quick and straight to the point guide to Tinder, check out my e-book Tinder Hacked.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this list of the best online dating coaches useful and have come to realize that your dating life isn’t ever really lost or doomed to fail. No matter what dating support you need, it’s important to understand that the opportunity for professional guidance is indeed available and you are not alone in seeking it.

I hate to be a sop, but everyone deserves love, and you too can find it. Sure us men don’t spend our childhood daydreaming about our wedding day wearing a crisp black tuxedo and crying over vows, though we do ache for the closeness of another, and over time it’s natural to realize that a life shared with a great partner can be a particularly noble pursuit.

The old methods of dating are obsolete, so halt before you take your Father or Grandfathers well worded archaic advice. Cheesy pickup lines and ignoring tactics aren’t going to cut it anymore, so it’s imperative you adapt to the times and adjust your approach too.

The main point from all of our suggested dating experts is that you don’t need to change who you are or what you can offer to attract beautiful women. We all have something positive to sell about ourselves, it’s only a matter of how well you’re selling the best parts of YOU.

And, if you don’t identify those inner selling points or recognize how to portray them online, it’s a vital lesson to be learned.

So, if you’re struggling to meet the right women or uplift your self-confidence, these clever dating coaches will provide you with essential tools and useful strategies.

Dating doesn’t really have to be arduous or disappointing either, though trust me I know it can be… it can also prove entertaining and exceptionally rewarding if your mindset is focused on the right game. Learn how to play it properly before you debunk the whole idea and miss out on something great.

Just take the leap mate and try something different, because chances are, you literally have nothing to lose.

If you feel like a deer in headlights, go ahead and get started on Damien’s ‘School Of Online Dating’ course and get your money back after 30 days once completed. In my opinion, that’s your best place to get started on anything online dating. 

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