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What Is Bumble’s Compliments Feature? How Many Do You Get Per Day?

What Is Bumble’s Compliments Feature? How Many Do You Get Per Day?

Left, left, right, left, right. Sometimes swiping feels like entering a video game cheat code.

But lazy swiping can be interrupted when something catches your eye. She’s got a cat that’s the twin of your own, or she’s wearing the t-shirt of your favorite ‘80s hard rock band. Surely that’s a match made in heaven?

When the stars align, you don’t want to have to cross your fingers and wait for a match back. If only you could compliment her on her perfectly formed feline, or exquisitely obscure music taste. Well, thanks to Bumble’s new Compliments feature you can.

Bumble’s main USP has been restricting that all-important first message to the women only, but now guys can boost their chances of a match.

If you thought you knew how Bumble works, think again. Bumble Compliments is a big deal, especially for men. You’ll be able to stand out and get the conversation started before you even match.

So let’s find out how it works.

What Is Bumbles Compliment Feature - compliment icon bumble

What Is Bumble’s Compliments Feature?

Some Bumble users have had access to Bumble Compliments for a while, but it’s only just been rolled out to everyone.

So what’s this new Bumble feature that has got the online dating world abuzz? Compliments is a new Bumble feature that lets you attach a 150-character comment to a Bumble user’s photo or profile prompt. When you send a Compliment it’s an automatic right swipe and the other user will see the Compliment when they come across your Bumble profile.

Men and women can send Bumble Compliments when they like a Bumble User. But this new feature is a game changer for the guys most of all. If you can’t see the option to give Compliments on Bumble, try updating the app.

How Many Compliments Can You Send On Bumble?

According to Bumble, sending a Compliment increases your chances of matching. It’s an instant conversation starter, so it makes sense to send a Compliment any time you’ve got something to say.

So how many Compliments can you send on Bumble? Bumble users can send one free Compliment every 24 hours. At the moment, Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium users don’t get any extra Compliments to send. You can buy more Compliments any time you run out.

If you buy additional Compliments then you can send an unlimited amount each day. It could be worth splashing out on some extra Compliments if you see someone who strikes your fancy and a simple swipe won’t cut it.

How Much Do Compliments Cost?

For now, extra Compliments aren’t packaged into Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium. So if you’ve blown your free Compliment telling someone they have beautiful eyes (oops) you’re going to need to buy some more.

What Is Bumbles Compliment Feature - bumble compliments price

So how much do Compliments cost? Compliments cost around $2.50 each. Bumble uses dynamic pricing so Compliments could cost a little more or less depending on where you’re located. Buying Compliments in batches of 5, 15, or 30 will make them cheaper, and they never expire.

So while it’s a good rule for life that giving compliments won’t cost you anything, when it comes to Bumble, Compliments aren’t free.

Don’t waste your words (and cash) when you’ve got nothing to say. But a thoughtful Compliment might be the difference between a left swipe and a match.

How To Send A Compliment On Bumble

Not everyone’s got the hang of this new feature. Beat your Bumble competition to the jump by getting those Compliments out today.

Here’s how to send a Compliment on Bumble:

  1. Open the Bumble Swipe Deck by tapping the Bumble icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. To Compliment a picture, tap on the yellow heart in a speech bubble
  3. Or scroll the user’s profile and tap the speech bubble icon on a prompt.
  4. Write your Compliment in the text box and hit the “Send” icon on the right.

Once you tap the Compliments icon, you can also scroll through the Bumble user’s pictures and prompts, and choose which one you want your Compliment to be attached to.

What Is Bumbles Compliment Feature - giving compliments

Your potential match will see your Compliment when your card comes up in their swipe deck. That Bumble user will have the chance to match with you by swiping right if your Compliment tickles their funny bone.

From the guy’s side, if your Compliment leads to a match then it will kickstart the conversation. They’ll skip the Match Queue and go straight into your conversations, (but you’ll still have to wait for her to message first).

For women, a Compliment also counts as your first message. So if you match with the guy he’ll be able to reply immediately.

How To See Compliments On Bumble

So you’ve heard everyone’s getting Compliments on Bumble and you want in on the action? A confidence boost wouldn’t hurt. So where are they?

So how do you see Compliments on Bumble? If someone has sent you a Compliment then it will appear when you find their profile in your potential matches feed, also called the swipe deck. You’ll also be able to see Compliments in your Bumble Beeline.

The Bumble Beeline is usually locked behind Premium – free Bumble users see blurred profile images and a prompt to sign up for paid Bumble.

But if someone compliments you, you can reveal them in the Beeline to see a condensed version of their profile and the attached Compliment. Free Bumble lets you reveal up to five Compliments from your Beeline every day. To reveal your whole Beeline, you’ll have to splash out on Bumble Premium.

What Is Bumbles Compliment Feature - receiving compliments

How To Give Good Compliments On Bumble

If you’re a Hinge old hand, Bumble Compliments might come easy.

If not, you’ll be wondering how to give good compliments on Bumble. Personalize your Compliments with specific observations about your potential match’s photo or prompt. Be creative to stand out – if you can spot something other Bumble users might miss, you’re more likely to get a response.

As always, personalization, humor, and creativity are the keys to success and good Bumble Compliments will follow many of the rules of a killer Tinder opener. The people at Bumble themselves have thrown together some top tips for giving Compliments.

What Is Bumbles Compliment Feature - couple talking

Don’t let the name of this new feature limit you. A Bumble Compliment doesn’t have to be a compliment in the traditional sense. In fact, if all you’re doing is praising someone’s outfit or choice in literature, you might not get the best response. Use Compliments to surprise your potential match with an offbeat observation.

Whatever you do, don’t use Bumble’s new Compliments feature as a virtual wolf whistle. Bumble’s whole MO is to restrict guys from making the first move – Bumble Compliments gives you a newfound power to kickstart the conversation. Use it wisely.

Wrapping Up

Most dating apps keep the ability to message without matching locked up behind the paywall.  As Bumble rolls out this new feature across the world, you can get a head start with your potential matches by giving great Compliments.

And if you’re serious about getting ahead in online dating, then check out my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a total profile do-over. It may say Tinder, but it’s designed for all online dating apps and it’s totally free.

You’ll learn how to build the perfect dating profile, with pictures and a bio that are designed to attract the right kind of matches, no matter what, or who, you’re looking for.

And when it comes to Compliments, remember the old phrase: you catch more flies with honey. And probably bees, too?

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