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How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble: How To Use Beeline in 2023

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble: How To Use Beeline in 2023

Everyone loves a shortcut. 

And dating app swiping has provided us with the biggest shortcut the world of romance has ever seen. No more hanging around bars making eyes. Chatting all evening, asking for a number, finding out she’s got a boyfriend. That’s the long way around.

But while dating apps bring us matches at the swoosh of a thumb, swipe fatigue is real. If Bumble is starting to feel like a chore, maybe you need another shortcut.

That’s where the Bumble Beeline comes in – it’s a shortcut on a shortcut. The Beeline shows you everyone who likes you, so you can match instantly.

The Beeline is one of Bumble’s key paid-for features. We’ll take a deep dive into the Bumble Beeline here. What is it? How to use it? And importantly, is it worth it?

What Is The Beeline On Bumble?

If you’re a busy bee then you might not have time for tons of swiping. Or maybe you just want an ego boost by having your matches brought on a plate. Then you’ll want to check out the Bumble Beeline.

So what is the Beeline on Bumble? It’s a Bumble Premium feature that shows you all the profiles who have liked you, that have not appeared in your swipe deck yet. Bumble calls these people your Admirers and since you know they already like you, you can match instantly.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Bumble Beeline

Nowadays every dating app is trying to pivot into profitability and they’ve all realized there’s one thing we’re willing to pay for: matches. Tinder Gold has “See Who Likes You”, Hinge has “Likes You” and Bumble has its Beeline. On all three apps, you’ll have to scale the paywall to access these features.

While free users of Bumble can open their Beeline, their Admirers will be blurred out. To unblur your Admirers and swipe on them, you have to pay up for Premium.

Even Bumble Boost subscribers don’t have access to the unblurred Beeline – this is a top-tier premium service only.

How To Use Bumble Beeline

If you’re a Bumble Premium subscriber, then the Beeline is one of the better features you have access to. Who wouldn’t want to see all their Admirers lined up in one place?

If you’re new to Bumble you’re probably wondering how to use Bumble Beeline. You can find your Beeline in the Liked You tab, by clicking the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, tap the Chat icon and click on the pixelated faces to the left of your Match Queue. If you’re not a Bumble Premium user, clicking on your Beeline will prompt you to sign up for Premium.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Beeline on Bumble unless you’re a paid user.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Bumble Boost Beeline Feature

But if you’ve paid up, then it’s easy to use. From the Liked You tab, you’ll see a list of profiles that have swiped right on you. You can view their profile, and choose whether to swipe left or right.

You can also find your Beeline from your Chats tab. Your Admirers are on the left-hand side of the Match Queue – on earlier versions of the app they were in a green circle, but now it’s a pixelated square. For Premium users, your Beeline will only be populated by Admirers that match your preferences.

Left swipes reject them, while right swipes lead to an instant match. Because, you know, they already liked you.

Once you match, you’ll have 24 hours to make a connection. Guys will have to wait for the girl to message first, as per Bumble’s female-oriented mechanics.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - First Move

How Long Does A Bumble Beeline Last? Do Bumble Likes Ever Expire?

Bumble injected a little urgency into online dating when they introduced the 24-hour countdown for a chat. Matches expire after just a day, encouraging conversation.

So how long does a Bumble Beeline last? Unlike your Match Queue on Bumble, where your matches expire after 24 hours, nobody expires in Beeline. They’ll be there until you swipe left or right, or until they delete their Bumble account. 

It’s a nice Beeline feature that Admirers won’t expire but that doesn’t mean nobody disappears from your Beeline. The Bumble Beeline only shows profiles that are in the same country as you, so if you go abroad then your likes will vanish.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Beeline Match Queue

That’s probably healthy – don’t go Bumbling when you’re at the beach. You can relax and enjoy your vacay, without worrying about who Liked you back home.

But while Bumble Likes won’t expire like Bumble Matches, there’s no reason to leave someone in your Beeline. Every time a new profile appears in your Beeline you know they’re active on the app. Swipe back right away and you’re more likely to make an instant connection.

How Does Bumble Work For Men?

First, men were from Mars and women were from Venus, and then we were just all swiping away on Tinder. Lately, Bumble has switched up the dating game by adding some gender imbalances to the dating app world which leaves a lot of people asking how it works for guys.

So how does Bumble work for men? Bumble works the same for men and women except that guys can’t message first. Once a match has been made, female users have 24 hours to send the first message while guys have to sit and wait. Otherwise, Bumble works the same for everyone: build a profile, swipe, and match.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - How Does Bumble Work For Guys

Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolf Herd set out to empower women by letting them make the first move but this works for everyone (guys: no more scratching your head for the perfect openers).

And Bumble’s female-first mechanics has helped it grow into one of the most popular dating apps in America. It’s now a great place for guys to find everything from hookups to long-term relationships.

Is Bumble Beeline Worth It?

To unlock your Bumble Beeline, you will have to pay for Premium which means a monthly subscription fee. While the Beeline is one of the most appealing features of paid Bumble, you’ll wonder if it’s worth splashing out on.

So is Bumble Beeline worth it? If you’re sick of doing a lot of swiping or you’re in a busy urban area with a lot of users on the app, then the Beeline is great for bringing you matches without a lot of effort. But only Premium Subscribers can access it and it doesn’t come cheap.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Upgrade to Premium

Bumble Premium starts at around $39.99 for a month but gets cheaper with longer subscription periods. For the Beeline alone it probably isn’t worth it, but there are plenty of other additional features you get with Premium that might make it a good buy.

Bumble Premium Users get to change their location with Travel Mode, they get unlimited swipes, unlimited Rewinds to undo accidental swipes, and unlimited Extends to give matches more time to chat. Premium users even get a second chance with an expired match.

Premium Users also get Incognito Mode for secret swiping, although bear in mind that this basically cancels out your Beeline. With Incognito Mode, only profiles you’ve swiped right on can see you – so nobody can Like you first!

What Are the Benefits of Bumble Beeline?

Seeing who likes you is an obvious benefit of the Beeline, but having access to your Beeline can reduce your time on the app and help with dating app burnout. If your thumb needs a break from swiping, then the Beeline brings you instant matches and a few other benefits to boot:

  • Boost your confidence by seeing everyone who likes you.
  • Improve your mental well-being by reducing the amount of time you’re swiping on the app.
  • Instant matches mean you can chat and match faster.
  • See who likes you and take the guessing game out of online swiping.
How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Couple By The River

Is Bumble Beeline Useful?

The Beeline is one of Bumble’s stand-out Premium features. They hide your likes behind a paywall precisely because they want to tempt you into splashing out.

So if you’re thinking of splurging on Bumble Premium, you’re wondering: is Bumble Beeline useful? Yes – it’s a great feature if you want to see who likes you, have instant matches, and take the guesswork out of swiping.

The bigger question, of course, is if it’s worth it. A Bumble Premium account is a big investment.

If you’re curious about whether the Bumble Beeline will be useful for you, then you can pay for a single week of Bumble Premium to dip your toes in.

How Do You See Who Liked You On Bumble Without Paying?

If you’re not up for splashing out for Premium on a dating app like Bumble, I don’t blame you. While there are some decent extra features, it’s still completely functional for free users.

So how do you see who liked you on Bumble without paying? Tap the speech bubble icon to go to your Conversations tab. All your matches will be in the Match Queue at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, you can’t see everyone who liked you before you swipe on them without upgrading to Bumble Premium.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - See Who Liked You

The Bumble Beeline is a shortcut to your matches, but they’ll all turn up in your swipe deck eventually.

Bumble will even tell you that you’ve “Missed A Match” when you swipe left on someone who had already swiped right on you. You’ll have to pay for Bumble Boost or Premium to get a Backtrack to undo your swipe, though!

Does The Blur Hack Work On Bumble?

The Tinder blur hack allowed coding geniuses to unblur their potential matches without coughing up for paid Tinder. It works by messing with the code in your browser, so can you unblur your Admirers with Bumble desktop mode?

So does the Blur Hack work on Bumble? Unfortunately not – there are no gaps in Bumble’s coding for you to take advantage of. If you want to see who’s in your Bumble Beeline you’ll have to pay for Premium.

A really budget option might be screwing up your eyes… yes, I think she has brown hair. And definitely human-shaped. Just my type.

But unfortunately, your Bumble Beeline will stay blurred with free accounts, until you upgrade to Premium.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Beeline Blur Hack

Why Can’t I See Who Liked Me On Bumble?

As if we haven’t been teased enough on dating apps, Bumble blurs out your Admirers’ profile pictures until you pay for Premium. It’s pretty annoying being told someone has swiped right on you, only to discover they’re a blurry mess.

So you’re wondering: why can’t I see who liked me on Bumble? Only Bumble Premium subscribers can see who has liked them before they swipe. Regular users will only find out if someone likes them when they match.

But I’ve also heard quite a few users complaining that nobody appears in their Beeline – even when they pay for Bumble Premium. All apps can be a little buggy, so it’s no surprise Bumble has issues.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - No Likes

6 Ways to Fix Beeline Not Working On Bumble

Even free Bumble users should have Admirers turning up in their Bumble Beeline. So if there’s nobody there, you might suspect the Beeline isn’t working. Fortunately, we’ve got a few fixes.

  1. See If Bumble’s Down

Occasionally, Bumble’s servers might be down, either by accident or for maintenance. Check something like to see if there’s an issue. There’s not much you can do if Bumble is down on the server side, but at least you know the issue isn’t with your app. 

  1. Check Your Premium Subscription

Bumble Beeline is a Premium-only feature so if your Premium subscription expired, you’ll lose access to the Beeline and your Admirers will get blurred out again.

You sign up for Bumble Premium with recurring payments, but if your payment card is declined, your Premium can run out without you realizing it. To check if your Premium subscription is still valid, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Bumble app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom left.
  3. Hit “My pay plan” to find out if your Premium subscription is still running.
How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Payment Plan
  1. Log Out and Log Back In

It’s the classic fix – the ol’ reboot. If your app is glitching, try logging out and logging back to reset things.

To log out, open up your profile, hit settings, and scroll to the bottom. Bumble will remind you of your login methods here (such as Facebook and phone number). Remember these so you can log back in.

  1. Update Bumble

If you’re like me, you ignore those annoying system update notifications 24/7. But sometimes app updates will fix glitches like your Beeline not working.

Open up the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) and find the Bumble app. If you’re still running an old version of the app, you can update it here.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Bumble on Apple and Android
  1. Widen Your Advanced Preferences

If you’ve just paid for Premium, you might find that the number of people in your Beeline drops – potentially even to zero. Where’d they go?

Well, it turns out that free users’ Beeline isn’t filtered by preferences. But your Advanced Preferences are applied to the Beeline once you upgrade to Premium. That means anyone outside your preferences disappears.

But you can bring them back by simply widening your Advanced Preferences. To adjust this follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Bumble app.
  2. Tap the Honeycomb icon to open the swipe deck.
  3. Hit the “Preferences” icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Tap “Set advanced filters”
  5. Remove Bumble filters or widen ranges.

I’m not a big fan of strict filtering. You never know who you’ll hit it off with. Plus, if people import their details from Facebook then things like age can be way off.

How Does The Beeline Work On Bumble - Advanced Filters
  1. Report The Issue To Bumble

If you’ve tried all the fixes and your Beeline still isn’t working on Bumble, then you can report the problem to Bumble themselves. Take it up with the big dogs.

To report a technical issue to Bumble, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Bumble app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom left.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open up settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and hit “Contact & FAQ”.
  5. Select “Contact Us” from the options.
  6. Select “Report a technical issue.”
  7. Type your message and hit the “Send” icon at the top right corner.

Wrapping Up

The Bumble Beeline is a pretty handy feature if you’re willing to pay for it, showing you exactly who likes you on the app.

But if you don’t want to pay for Bumble, you’d better get used to seeing those blurred-out profile pictures. You’ll swipe on them eventually, anyway.

And the Beeline isn’t a feature that’s unique to Bumble – both Hinge and Tinder will show you who has liked you if you’re willing to pay. So check out my dating app quiz to find out which app you should be swiping on.